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Friday, March 22nd 2013, 1:02pm

Event getting bugged ?

What is going on with the event ?

First day, almost everything seemed normal with the event, except by red/green frogs and the ship event, that I couldn't do it at all.

Second day, I've notice that some crows are gone and the faulty space ball at varanas where only at channel 3. Someone also messed up the race but after some minutes I could do it.

Third day, We don't have more crows and faulty space balls, they aren't in any channel. The race is completely messed and the npc don't let you start a new one ( I tried on the 3 channels ). And I still can't find red/green frogs ( I tried all channels already ) and couldn't do the ship event also.
And I notice that the star fragment quest event, is going the same way, since only channel 3 have some now, and it's just a single blue near the ground, and a single yellow star high on the sky, almost unreachable, greens are completely gone :(

Also I'm using the Frog Charm potion, getting the buff, but the 3 npcs just don't talk to me, to give the piecemeal herbs.

Well, it seems that the piecemeal was because my potions were from yesterday. I got new potions and just worked out.
----- Edit ----

Each day the event goes, it's getting even worst those bugs :(

May someone from staff that knows what is going on, answer me please ?


Friday, March 22nd 2013, 1:45pm

What's going on is bad encoding and lack of programmers. Period.
One man's lies are another man's truth


Friday, March 22nd 2013, 4:09pm

You can use potions from the day before, you just have to make sure to get at least one new one before they'll talk.

But yeah, almost everything's broken on the US side now too.


Saturday, March 23rd 2013, 7:21am

If there's one thing you can count on it's that events don't work as they should. RoM is very reliable in that regard.


Saturday, March 23rd 2013, 11:51am

I've logged in this morning, and the frog mania buff for event certs has reset to 1 on my main character, when I was up to 4 yesterday evening, but alts on the same account have gone up to 5.



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Sunday, March 24th 2013, 1:41am

Quoted from "haplo1101;4588943"

I've logged in this morning, and the frog mania buff for event certs has reset to 1 on my main character, when I was up to 4 yesterday evening, but alts on the same account have gone up to 5.

OK, I have something to comment here, but I can't make it eloqeunt, sorry ahead.
The answer to the above poster is only above the big gap in this post, after that I left other less related comments regarding frog mania. Feel free to skip :)

A frog mania (which is applicable to all chars at level 20+ "on main class") day starts when dailies are reset. I think it's on 05:00 GMT / 06:00 CET. The buff you get on 1st frog mania day's login lasts for 24 hours. Login / char switch ofc takes time. This may lead ofc to sad consequnces such as players racing with each char because of a too early login after daily reset on 1st time...

Note: staying logged in on a specific hour, does NOT count as a log-in on that hour. Which as well might make people especially afraid of a crash on some specific timings after daily reset time on this event, as a crush may "require" a new (possibly 1st) log in to a char.

The time you get the new buff and raise it (assuming it's not 5. if it is 5, it will stay 5 in the following case: ) is BETWEEN DAILY RESET TIME and the 1st time of the day (after daily reset time) which you logged in on the previous frog mania day... (if none / no buff in effect, you get a level 1 buff.) which might leave a very narrow window to get this buff raised (or stay 5) without reset, and which anyway make the window narrower and narrower on each day within rasing phase so to speak. (BTW, after tommorow I temporarily give up keeping chars on 5, only since I came in par with almost daily reset timing now on all beside two chars... Which means I will start from level 1 again.)

Once you miss this narrow window on one of your chars, you start again from 1 on that char. (as if it was the 1st frog mania day but without 1st day's pet gasha :P)

...Not to the above poster, I can personally say this frog mania is really a frog mania :P
It makes people race nervous, hating it (and yet using it like addicts to gain benefit) and I am ALMOST SURE it's not what you intended when you meant one / 1st login per day... :( a similar issue we had on a prrevious event with fireworks btw (same reset/login time window method), but now in a way it feels worse as it feels like the count matters more.

As if to make things complicated, the wheel of fortune resets in a different way (and it also looks like some players like myself missed the 1st), which makes one visit anxiously all chars unneededly again and again just to check if all stupid things were done, just for some seconds each, afraiding to login on 1st time too early or narrowing the window too much by a too early 1st login in a frog mania day, yet being afraid to miss the upper limit for raising buff level, or, instead, having to have a calculator-like brain remembering when the hell each thing is reset for each char (as it differs on wheel of fortune) and when the hell the narrow frog mania window is about to end for each char... don't forget we have other tasks to do, especially in event time but not only.

You don't want nervous players who (legitimately by your encouragement!) create bogus activities (login too many unneeded times to all chars, or waiting too much, even hours, before 1st login to any OR ALL chars just because of an arbitrary stupid reason) just to gain benefit due to strange / unknown / tight timing reset issues, and who have no time for anything else IRL and in game..., and are slaves of dailies and unneeded activities. Making players that nervous will also not give you money. You want real activity (yes I know you want. You think activity is money), so add real value without being seen as too greedy (yes, off course I know it's reasonable to get money for your hard work on your game. This is a matter of other topic though), and treat players with respects. I am almost sure most of your players get suggestions on other games now or have got such a while ago.

Yes, I know you meant well and just gave us gifts for an event...
I know you didn't have to. I know we get a fortune of this event...
But was it worth it or we are just addicts who might also just snap out and quit? please help in making the event more enjoyable with less "punishing", unreasoably timed elemets. Some of us, me included, just don't know when to stop. (Luckily I have only 2 accounts :P)

Events (and the idea itself too) are really nice, and yet some things might be overdone and make it a bit bitter tasted.

I think the gasha works as the frog mania meant to, in a way... no complication, no time window - just you get a BONUS for 20+ level logins once per a "calendar" day :) (no login - ok, tommorow is another day). The consequence effect of seqeuncial / serrial logins was a nice theoretical addition in frog mania, yes. But this window time limit was totally unnecessary. Do you want still to have a reset timing to start the day? ok, nice, but stop this foolish timing windows (from daily reset untill previous buff ends) else you quickly come into an absord. And yes, it would be nice having all "daily activities" reset at once anyway, (this beside the point of broadly discussing the daily quests by self) at a known hour.

If you meant people to sleep etc and this is why you reset the frog mania day in daily reset time and added this foolish buff timing window, I am sorry to say this didnt work as intended and only made things messy.

Update: It could be I was mistaken and the buff is 25h instead,
this gives some time and is much better, making it possibe to keep logging in on time without troubles. I AM NOT SURE OF THAT - tommorow I will know.



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Sunday, March 24th 2013, 6:13am

Hmm. Probably my mistake in the above post...

It looks like we possibly have 1 more hour! (25h buff?)

I can't be sure so don't count on it... but if it's so I am glad, it changes the picture much.
Tommorow I will know more and will probably be back to edit.



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Sunday, March 24th 2013, 10:13am

The buff lasts 25hrs. The day resets at daily reset time. Afaik, the buff increases to 5 with each logon if within the time period..........and on the next login it resets back to 1. Example, yesterday I had 5 toons with a 5 buff and 1 with a 4: today I have 5 toons with 1 and 1 with 5.

That is probably the intention or my timings were a bit out today :s

But really, is it such a big deal?

XD : on second account I have maintained 3 '5' buffs. My advice is just take whatever free stuff you get and be grateful :))
Today is hug~a~Dwarf day. :D
Just watch out for the 'crotch meets face' issue. O.o


Sunday, March 24th 2013, 3:20pm

Once buff reaches 5, it stays at 5 as long as u log in within the 25hrs, it doesn't reset to 1 unless u log in outside the 25hrs.

25hrs is measured from ur 1st login on any given day btw.