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Monday, April 1st 2013, 4:12pm


Well..couldn't find any thread about this class combo, so i need to open one.
So all can join and help ppl to play better with this imba class combo.
Mainly i opened this thread to ask some balancing and fixing on this class.
Big problem at this class is that you can use only rage, no energy/focus.
Rage accumulation is easy but what to do with mob(s) to aggro them without rage?
Ok, you can use enrage and get 20 rage (15 real cuz you will loose 5 right after using skill) and use 1 skill like Rune Energy Influx for aggro and do normal attack after to gain aggro, but normal attack is almost always miss, or do Arc Strike (5rage) but no aggro, anyway all that is too slow (2-h hammer have speed 3,2). Anyway even if you can do rune energy influx + arc strike, you must target other mob to aggro him too, but hey, aggro with what, where is rage? Ok, champ have imba skill like Agitated Whirlpool, but wth 5 MIN cd, just lol.
All will maybe say get cape and use before fight to gain 100 rage, or use dod set skill to pimp rage or pots, but there is cd on all that, really hard to play with that kind of tank. So, Champio/warrior need some kind of rebalancing, some skills that can be spamable, etc no cd, 5 rage + aggro, or smth, dunno, make it more playable because it is imba class just way lack of skills for spam/aggro for mobs/pats...

Please tell if you played with this class combo and have some experience. :)
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Tuesday, April 2nd 2013, 1:18am

I played with this class for a while, but than I went ch/r because the rage problems.

While I was working on my gear and I needed Shock Strike to hold the aggro on mobs, I always started the fight with white hit, or with Rune Pulse followed by white hit. And it was working quite fine for me.

Also you will have to use all the rage generators, you can get. And yes, it is hard to play like this, but not impossible ;)

Also you may consider going 1-h hammer + tali. 1-h hammers are faster, and the difference in aggro is not really significant.
Tbh last time I did this calculation, 1-h hammer + tali were better than 2-h hammer in the meaning of aggro.

I wish you all the luck, and keep us informed how are you doing ;)