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Wednesday, April 24th 2013, 11:11pm

Quoted from "alex12709;4620134"

Tried wd/s, i did.... changed to w/wd, why? Did u use chiron? the stupid guy is buged, i can't make this guy stay at one place using is skills like it's supose to, the brainless horse charge like crazy, i spend more time trying to control him, then actually playing... Do u know a solution for this? If u know then maybe the class is playable again, until then.....w/wd.

I wonder... how many wd/s are there that still don't know how to keep chiron under control after they bugged him... it's just 1 macro.. nothing more... my chiron never ever moves from his spot

/run UsePetAction(3)
/run UsePetAction(5)

Disable counter, set the arrow skills on auto and there ya go... chiron's good to go.

On topic... no comment.. I am wd/s and I don't cry as much as other people when 1 skill gets changed
Grilla Wd/S/D
Just Madd