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Wednesday, November 13th 2013, 10:16am

HOS bosses has defense up to 38k, and I remember reading something like patt to pdef 2:1 is the ratio since when patt doesn't matter at all. If that is still true, both champions should be over 80k patt in order to do tests in HOS :P

Anyway, weapon runes indeed increase dps quite a lot. Raid is the most important, and also the only one which effect is not fading over time (both wrath and fatal are becoming weaker and weaker with every new lvl cap).

One more thing, was the level of rogue the same for both champions? Mind rogues have Nimble hands as general skill, which increase the attack speed (works in the same way as Raid rune).

Anyway 600k vs 900k seems seems like big difference and imho there was bigger difference than just weapon runes