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Sunday, July 26th 2015, 8:25pm

Can't get to Redhill Mountains

By using transport or portal runes, as well as Snoop, we got kicked from the game. Running to there is possible, but using Seeking the Mysterious Crystal (title quest) can't be done. Getting message "Incorrect Mining Site" while being on the right spot (Battlefield).

Server Siochain
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Sunday, July 26th 2015, 9:43pm

Thank you for reporting the issue both here as in our IRC. We have fixed this issue in both Redhill Mountains and Land of Malovelence on Siochain.


Monday, July 27th 2015, 2:36pm

Issue is again back, like always you cant ever fix anything properly.


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Monday, July 27th 2015, 2:50pm

The issue has been forwarded and should be fixed now. If you still experiance problems, don't hesitate to poke us again.

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Monday, July 27th 2015, 2:57pm

was fixed, broke yet again.