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Tuesday, December 15th 2015, 1:52pm

Vidar's Guildlist

Guild Name [Link*] [website**]
Short description
Contacts: (who people should contact within your guild regarding joining, issues, and war)
Requirements: (please provide any requirements for membership that you may have)
Language: (What is the primary language of your guild?)

*add a link to any threads you have on the guild forum
**add a link to your guild website.


Friday, December 18th 2015, 10:44pm

Guild Name: Girlz
Short description: Friendly and laid back guild with zero tolerance of any sort of drama. All level players welcome alts too. Its a game... youre supposed to have fun... right?
Leader: Aliera
Contacts: Join ingame channel called "GirlzFriends"
Requirements: Be a decent human being
Language: English

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