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Friday, March 18th 2016, 4:53pm

The Mirrorworld

A Hidden World in Taborea

For centuries, people in Taborea have spoken of the legend of the Mirrorworld.

Is its name familiar to you yet?

Legend has it that there was once a tragic love affair between the elf Fensay and the dragon maiden Naranis. Born of their tryst was a special child, an infant that united the powers and talents of its parents united within it, but which was horribly disfigured. Naranis realized the necessity of warding her daughter from evil. She created a replica of Taborea and found sanctuary there with Venadis. The young girl grew up under the guardianship of this solitary Mirrorworld, and spent her time drawing the most arresting pictures. The concentrated energy of the Mirrorworld breathed life into these imaginary creatures she depicted: the Cenedrils.

Historians have been able to decode a message which suggests there is more to this legend – the Mirrorworld actually exists!

Are you ready to join the expedition to explore this parallel universe?

Getting Started
Hagris Rya in Varanas is searching for brave adventures to recover the powerful Cenedril Images. Whoever gains possession of these images can unlock their secret powers.
  1. Talk to Hagris Rya, learn more about the Mirrorworld and join the exploration team.
  2. You can get the first quest, “Memento to the Mirrorworld”, from Aylin Shina:
    You'll receive 3 Elven Island Transport Stones. Teleport over there and find the Clandestine Merchant. Visit him on three distinct days (they needn't be consecutive). Complete the quest on the third day and then report back to Aylin Shina.
  3. Accept the second quest, “The Mirrorworld Beckons”. You'll now have access to the Mirrorworld via a new interface.*

*It is possible that you'll have to log back in with your character first.

In the top left next to the image of your character you'll find a new button with which you can bring up the Mirrorworld menu.

[1] This bar indicates the day of the week (S = Sunday, I = Monday etc.).
[2] This is one of three available instance groups, each containing two distinct instances.
[2a] Here you can see how many times the instances in this group can still be entered.
[3] Clicking on the “Transport” button will take you to the relevant instance.
[4] Click on the blue hourglass to receive new entries to all of the current instances.

The Cenedril menu can be opened from an extra button in your character overview (“Options” > “Character (C)”. From this menu you can summon, equip and improve your Cenedrils.


Certain hearts can be looted in each instance. Once you have collected 50 identical hearts, you can summon the related creature. To do this, open your Cenedril Backpack and click the “Summon” symbol.

Click on slot I or II in the Cenedril menu. Then open your Cenedril Backpack, select the creature you'd like to equip and click on the shield with the crossed swords.

The chosen Cenedril is now active. Two Cenedrils can be active at any one same (slots I and II).

Cenedril Menu

[1] Skill available when both Cenedrils are equipped (slots I and II)
[2] Items required to rank up a Cenedril
[3] Items required to level up a Cenedril
[4] Buttons for ranking/leveling up
[5] Information on the active Cenedril

Leveling Up
Cenedrils can be leveled up using items from the equivalent Mirrorworld instances.
These materials consist of:
  • Mirror Fragment Energy
  • Cenedril Image Pieces
  • Mirror Ink
  • Image Restoration Scrolls

Once you've collected enough materials, you can click on the “Up” button [4] with the orange arrow to level up your Cenedril.

After a certain level it will be necessary to improve your items by fusing five lots together. For example, if you fuse 5x Normal Dynamic Image Restoration Scrolls together you'll receive 1x Good Dynamic Image Restoration Scroll. Then to get 1x Rare Scroll, you'll need 5x Good Scrolls etc.
The Cenedril's stats will be improved with every increase in level.

Ranking Up
A Cenedril's first rank consists of 10 levels, and ranking up unlocks 10 further levels. Each mirror creature has a total of 10 ranks, i.e. 100 levels.
In order to increase the rank, you'll need more hearts which can be looted in the various instances.

As soon as you have equipped two different Cenedrils, you'll unlock a special skill. Different skills can be unlocked depending on the combination of creatures in slots I and II.
At the moment, Cenedrils from groups 1 and 2 can only be combined with others from the same group. Combining ones from different groups, such as Bendor and Mayi, is not possible.

Group 1: / Group 2:

The NPC Forkas Garry in Varanas has some items he'd like to trade with you. To trade with him you should look out for Mirror Shards in the Mirrorworld.