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Monday, August 15th 2016, 10:00am

gameforge/runewalker can aways suprice us either bad or good :D



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Monday, September 5th 2016, 4:18pm

After observed status on few servers (including Germans) situation is:
"Not possible to take main Healer spot as any combination P/X for something more then pillar" Most of good geared Priests already quit, realy rare to change combo! after 5-6 years build character is hard to handle with pain to abandon it and start build new one!
Many peopel can say: But priest was too easy to play GH,GH,GH bubble, Soul Source = done boss is dead!
but is Druid much hard for play? Don't think so! with habit for heal and use 2 debuff skills on boss is nearly same ans Priest!
With swap macro priest can out heal 12 ppl in any ini especially p/r with less then sec GH cast but ....... BUT ppl want druid coz of debuffs on boss 17,7 % less magic and physical defense is a lot!
Need to understand me right! this is not for nerf Druids ! question is: How to make Priests needed in endgame party again!
Without make Druids useles (i dont insist for make NEW IMBA healer!) we have to make both healers NEEDED in party ^^
so is question to give simple think to priests:
Skill similar to Weakening seed and Withering seed......
a bit different but still IMPORTANT!
like "Increases all damage on the target by 5.0%..15.0% for 10 seconds. "
or just make buff similat to WD/S but for raid not just foryour group:
"Temporarily increases your and your frendly targets in range 100! Physical Damage by 300.0 + 15.0% and Magical Damage by 300.0 + 15.0% for 30.0 seconds."
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Tuesday, September 20th 2016, 2:46pm

Both priest and druid need work, as it is now a healer is just measured on buffs it can provide in instance, basicly if you have druid/warrior you are in, if none is available another combo will be in and half the time he will be asked "when do you get (druid) warrior?"

It's a pain to quest, its nearly impossible to run mirrorworld instances, farming eoj is not even an option because every single quest in new zone requires either killing mobs or get items in heavily populated area's of the map.....

If i bring up these complaints every single time i get answers Like "it's a healing class, youre not supposed to kill", "healers got it easy, they can get into instances with gear from 4 zones lower", "healerstats are cheap", "you dont need proofs", "get magegear!", "with a swap macro you can heal with a priest" (especially like the last one.... as if you gonna get invited with your swapmacro versus the other guy with awakenings of wild.... i see "LF d/w or any druid party ready to go"... never seen "LF priest with swapmacro, party ready to go"...)

Yes, im aware druids and priest are healers, are you aware they need to quest too to get endlevel?

Yes im aware d/r and p/m with magegear is much better at killing mobs but hey im aware too of the fact a MAGE with mage gear is even better... you just gave me a valid argument to reroll or change main class, not an argument to keep playing a healer! (i dont see the advantage to cheap healer stats if you gonna need a second set with expensive mage stats... yes you can farm bagstats but thats just like i said... YOU can... a healer needs, well, atleast bagstatted mage gear and an appropriate second class to farm them lol)

Im aware alot people will disagree with me and come with a load arguments on how priests and/or druids are good as they are now and what is wrong with me, im also aware most of them do not play a healer as main class.... (i dont even play a healer as main anymore, my main is a champion/rogue that doesnt see much instances for the simple fact im usually needed to play either warlock/mage or mage/warlock because there's even less players who have either of those as their main... afterall, whats the use of pro-gear and stats on a (de)buffer when you can run as pro w/m or m/w....

There was a time healers in this forum were mostly discussing why their priest or their druid was better then the other (someone quick! open a thread "my swapmacro p/r outheals your d/w anytime!") but nowadays its either silent or you get silenced really fast mostly by people who dont even play the class or think they have an argument because they have a healer alt (an alt they made in the first place for the fact they either didnt want to share proofs from worldbosses or because no more healers available or atleast not that highly valued d/w)

Any main healer, please tell me you have an easy time doing mirrorworlds, tell me you are floating and jumping with joy when running past those poor roguemages, warmages and wardenwarriors burning through their phirpots like crazy when questing, while shouting to them : "haha! you should have chosen a healer class! cheap stats, free heals, never out of mana and pro buffs!"

Im wrong ofcourse, there's nothing wrong with druid, there's nothing wrong with priest, im just one of those people who complain about everything, in reality there's a solid player base of healers who really enjoy 5, 6 or 7-hitting mobs, people who can really appreciate the adventure this game offers and who dont like to rush through new content in one or two days....



Tuesday, September 20th 2016, 3:01pm

Imo questing on healer is a lot better now then before, could still use some work though.


Tuesday, September 20th 2016, 4:02pm

Yup questing on healer is fun:
Dps heal, dps dps dps heal, dps dps dps heal, yay got one!
It's a pain to quest, its nearly impossible to run mirrorworld instances, farming eoj is not even an option because every single quest in new zone requires either killing mobs or get items in heavily populated area's of the map.....

why run eoj?, farming baggs on healer? yay run mirror? yes worldbosses cant kill a healer, but healer dps is close to respawning time of dead worldbosses also.
its a lot better then before, just like the new and improved! (tm) item shop.
People not playing there class is brliant, then again enough populated servers to recrute people from who play whats needed.
Then again who is stupid enough to play healer right?
Enough healers quited allready. Several in this post alone.

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Tuesday, September 20th 2016, 4:07pm

I have never had any problem with either Druid(/Rogue in the early days and now /Scout, with low lvls on Warden and Warrior) or Priest/Knight and I've had both as long as they have existed) in terms of levelling. They are also fully healer stat'd and geared (no DD gear). Very occasionally I have to ask a DD for help with the odd Elite or Crown, but no more often than a DD needs help from a healer with an Elite or a Crown. This is a multi-player game and almost all of us are in guilds and have in-game friends to help out.

Yes Druids and Priest kill slower, but they are also far less likely to die while levelling.

I agree the end-game options are too limited but this is as much to do with player attitude as with the game itself. I still also see D/Wd wanted at endgame and I hear P/K is once again of use in newest ini (though I have no personal experiance of that).


Tuesday, September 20th 2016, 4:19pm

Hitting cap isnt that hard, the easy daillys help out the boring extra leveling.
But unless hitting cap and playing a bit of sw or ini, theres not much content for healers. They can life without, they are functional enough, but think people should be able to be motivated to keep playing. And the ftom combos isnt good example to keep healers bussy also (yes just shot down another brilliant GF idea down).



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Tuesday, September 20th 2016, 7:34pm

Sure D/Wd is a viable option, it's prefered for magic damage so any party high on magic dps classes will be happy with you, but even as D/Wd i seldom find myself in a warmage, knightmage, dominated party....
D/R is viable too, for lowering critresist on bosses, but although i can run on that combination it's just not asked for unless for a few rare occasions it's needed for 1 boss.... and mostly because no d/w there ;)
There are exceptions, but for the rule the one and only prefered healer is D/W, anything else just is occasional, like Vale of Rites needs 3 healers, yeah on first boss so what youre gonna do the remaining time till party is ready for rerun?
As for "not having problems to quest" there is not a single class combination that cant complete quests with a bit of gear and sometimes a bit of help.... i just stated questing on healers is a pain, now im not a masochist so i would applaud any change for the better. Further more i think alot healers allready quit or rerolled because of that, and Caladin, honestly you cant tell me you prefer to quest on any of your healers compared to your warrior/mage, let alone running mirrorworld..... :)
As for farming EoJ : any not (in)directly killing quest is most likely to be abused for scripts (bots), its logical gameforge chose not to add this type of quests in the new zone, but my appeal to fairness for classes that have a hard time killing is just as logical.
Over the years the game has changed, i dont think it's unreasonable to adapt certain classes to be more up to the task, especially if that could prevent more healers from rerolling or quitting....