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Thursday, September 1st 2016, 1:51pm

Trailer event

We recently released the first part of Chapter VII, Legacy of the Soulless.

Now we need a trailer – an exciting, epic, expertly craft video, which shows how magical Runes of Magic can be. And one which highlights another key factor making this game so great: the amazing RoMmunity!

To that end, we're launching a very special project. We're going to work together with you to create a trailer, one we can be proud to watch again and again. The trailer should also provide inspiration to new players to venture into the world of Taborea, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you as they head out on their first adventures.

It's well worth your taking part – in recognition of your creative masterpieces, there are prizes worth over 1,000 euros up for grabs!

And it's not just the winners who'll get a taste of the cream.

Every submission that conforms to the terms and conditions of entry will be entered into a raffle.

  • ‘Video’ category winner: 1x Amazon gift card worth €250
  • ‘Testimonial’ category winner: 1x Amazon gift card worth €250
  • ‘Screenshot’ category winner: 1x Amazon gift card worth €100

Raffle winners:
  • 5x ‘Runes of Magic’ fan packs
  • 5x ROCCAT products
  • 5x Gameforge coupons

Want to take part in the contest? Then take an interesting, epic and magical screenshot or video clip of Chapter VII. Or make a testimonial video in which you explain your inspiration for playing RoM, what you love about it and/or why you would recommend the game to others. When recording a testimonial video, please ensure that the background you use is as plain as possible.

Full terms and conditions can be found below. Please read them carefully (in particular Section 3) to make sure your submission doesn't fall short because of technicalities, such as because your submission wasn't sent from a registered email address (see 3.4.a), or because you used music other than that made available by Gameforge (see 3.4.e)

We're looking forward to reviewing your submissions and are really excited to see the end result!


Thursday, September 1st 2016, 1:52pm


The following conditions govern the course of the Runes of Magic Trailer Contest (‘contest’) as organised by Gameforge 4D GmbH, Albert-Nestler-Straße 8, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany (‘Gameforge’).

1. Participation Period

Participation is possible between 1/9/2016 and 30/9/2016 (‘participation period’). Participation is free and is not bound to the purchase of any goods or the subscription to a fee-based service.

2. Eligibility and Participants

(1) All users (‘user’) of full age with an active account for (‘account’) are eligible to enter.

(2) A ‘participant’ is every user who during the participation period participates in one of the contest categories in accordance with Section 3.

3. Contest Category Participation

(1) The subject of the ‘screenshot’ contest category is the creation of a screenshot depicting a scene from the new chapter of the online game Runes of Magic, plus a description of this scene.

(2) The subject of the ‘video’ contest category is the creation of a video depicting a scene from the new chapter of the online game Runes of Magic, plus a description of this scene.

(3) The subject of the ‘testimonial’ contest category is the creation of a video in which the participant describes their personal impressions of the online game Runes of Magic.

(4) In each case the result must be sent by email to in accordance with the following conditions, and using the respective subject line ([Screenshot] RoM – Trailer Contest), [Video] RoM – Trailer Contest or [Testimonial] RoM – Trailer Contest) (‘submission’).

a) The submission must be made from the email address linked to the account and contain the associated game server and character name.

b) Submissions for participation in the ‘screenshot’ category may be attached in .jpg, .bmp, .png, .gif or .tiff format with a maximum file size of 5 MB.

c) Submissions for participation in the ‘video’ and ‘testimonial’ categories must be made by sending the link to a YouTube video. The video for submission must be saved in high quality and contain ‘Runes of Magic’ and the hashtag ‘#ChapterVII’ in the title. In making their submission, users simultaneously ensure their compliance with the applicable YouTube Terms of Service.

d) The user interface should be hidden in submissions to the ‘screenshot’ and ‘video’ categories. In particular, chat messages and usernames of third-parties should not be recognisable.

e) In as far as videos created for participation in the ‘video’ and ‘testimonial’ categories contain music, only the music made available by Gameforge may be used. Submissions must be unencumbered by third-party rights and comply to applicable laws. The participant shall indemnify Gameforge from all claims made against them by third parties on the basis of or in connection with the submission.

4. Winners and Prizes

(1) Gameforge will draw 1 submission in each contest category from amongst all eligible submissions by 14/10/2016. ‘Contest winners’ are those participants whose submissions are drawn. In addition, Gameforge will randomly draw up to 15 participants as ‘raffle winners’ from all those participants who are not also contest winners. Recourse to legal action in this regard is not permitted.

(2) Gameforge will announce the contest winners and raffle winners (‘announcement’) on their own websites and on Gameforge’s channels on social networks (together the ‘Gameforge sites’) as well as sending notification via an email to the address linked to the respective account (‘notification’) by 17/10/2016.

(3) The contest winners and raffle winners will receive a non-cash prize or prize in digital form as detailed in the contest announcement.

(4) The non-cash prizes will be dispatched by a delivery service provider (‘service provider’) commissioned by Gameforge from 24/10/2016 and requires the communication of a valid postal address (‘address’). The digital prizes will be allocated via an email to the respective contest and raffle winners’ accounts.

(5) The non-cash prizes are deemed to have been awarded to the winners by Gameforge with the handover of the prizes to the service provider or the dispatch of the email to the respective address.

(6) A cash disbursement, payment of the prize in goods, or the exchange and/or transfer of the prize to third parties is excluded in each case.

5. Rights of Use

(1) Gameforge grants users the right to take screenshots and make in-game videos in accordance with these terms and conditions, in addition to using the music made available, as long as this is used for the purposes of participating in the contest. As far as necessary, this encompasses the right to edit and copy the products intended for submission, and the right to upload a YouTube video.

(2) In as far as the submission constitutes an original piece of work in terms of copyright, the participant grants Gameforge rights for the purposes of presenting the submission on the Gameforge sites and for the creation of a trailer in which clips from selected submissions appear, as well as the non-exclusive right to use these for advertising purposes (‘usage’) free of charge and without limitation of time and place. This includes the rights of exploitation and reproduction, as well as the right to make the submission and derivative works publicly available and grant single usage rights to third parties, in as far as this is necessary for its usage. The participant agrees that the nicknames detailed in the submission when used in the contexts of its usage is sufficient evidence of their authorship.

6. Declaration of Consent

In the case of a win, the participants consent to the notification, announcement, and the email communication required for organising the contest, as well as our forwarding their address to the service provider.

7. Data Privacy

(1) Gameforge will collect, use and process the personal data of the participants required for holding the contest solely for the purposes detailed in these Terms and Conditions and in accordance with data protection regulations.

(2) Further information regarding Gameforge’s handling of personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy.

8. Disclaimer

(1) Gameforge, its bodies, employees, and subcontractors are liable exclusively for wilful intent and gross negligence, regardless of legal basis, and in cases of ordinary negligence, only for the violation of essential contractual obligations and limited to foreseeable damages, as far as not precluded by other compulsory statutory provisions.

(2) These limitations do not apply for the loss of life, personal injury or damage to health.

9. Other

(1) In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the Standard Terms and Conditions of Use and the game rules also apply (together the ‘rules’).

(2) The participant agrees to these rules with their submission.

(3) Should a participant infringe upon the rules during the participation period, their eligibility may be revoked.

(4) Gameforge reserves the right to end the contest at any time, if for technical or legal reasons its proper execution cannot be guaranteed.

(5) In the event that any individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions become ineffective, the remaining provisions shall remain effective and binding. Statutory rules shall take the place of the ineffective provision.


Thursday, September 8th 2016, 11:56am


We would like to clarify some of your questions regarding what kind of music participants are allowed to use for the ‘video’ and ‘testimonial’ categories.

It is allowed to:

· Submit the video without the music.

· Submit the video containing music from the royalty free YouTube Audio Library.

· Submit the video containing the in-game Runes of Magic music.”


Thursday, September 8th 2016, 2:32pm

Due to recent events we would like to elaborate on article 3. (4) (d) of the terms and conditions:

d) The user interface should be hidden in submissions to the ‘screenshot’ and ‘video’ categories. In particular, chat messages and usernames of third-parties should not be recognisable.
  • The UI can be easily hidden by using the CTRL+ Z key combination.
  • However, in some cases it might be necessary to see the UI, e.g. if you would like to show certain features of the game. It is then exceptionally permitted to display it. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that the chat is not visible and that you do not infringe any rights of third-parties in other ways.
  • Before recording the video we would recommend you to go to “Functions > System (Esc) > Interface Settings” and to uncheck “Show Player Names” etc.


Tuesday, September 13th 2016, 8:15pm

Video Specifications

Since we plan to create one trailer out of all your creative and great work, we need some common ground. Therefore, we would suggest to stick to the following specifications:
Format = Full HD (1920 x 1080)
Framerate = 60 fps


Thursday, October 27th 2016, 3:06pm

Winners of the Runes of Magic Trailer Contest


First of all, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who took part in our Runes of Magic Trailer Contest! We really appreciate the effort and we are excited to see the end result to which you contributed.
Our Media Production Team is currently working on the final trailer and we should be able to present it to you in the beginning of November.
To shorten the waiting time, we will show you the creative masterpieces that made it into the draw (meaning that they didn’t infringe our T&Cs).

Let’s start with the contest winners.

Contest winner in the “video” category: Fianait

Contest winner in the “testimonial” category: ryuzakİ

Contest winner in the “Screenshot” category: Anith

Spoiler Spoiler

Raffle winners





Thursday, December 29th 2016, 2:00pm

Dear RoMmunity,

Here's a massive THANK YOU to everyone who took part in our trailer contest! We were thrilled to see so many creative entries.

Now we’re proud to present the short film which our media department put together from your videos. We had loads of fun with your submissions – now we hope you’ll enjoy our little video too!

The Runes of Magic Team