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Thursday, December 15th 2016, 3:16pm

Winter Events

The Advent season is upon us and the first snow is falling over Taborea. People across the land are making preparations and getting into the festive spirit…
But new adventures lurk around every corner in this land of magic. This year is no different, as wild monsters walk abroad once more, and we plan a host of exciting events and competitions.

So get your weapons polished up ready, and come by regularly to find full details on all our winter events.


Thursday, December 15th 2016, 3:17pm

Fun in the Snow

The snow has fallen through the night, covering Taborea in a soft blanket that sparkles in the rays of the rising sun. Children waking to this piping cold rush out into the deep, cold fleece with peals of laughter to join the great snowball fight. But their good-natured missiles occasionally go astray, hitting monsters who lash out furiously and prime themselves to attack.
Can you protect the children? Earn yourself a boost event in reward!
Between December 16th at 09:00 server local time and December 25th at 23:55 server local time you will gain +100% Experience from quests and mobs, +250% talent points from mobs, and a +100% boost in drop rates.
Between December 26th at 00:00 server local time and January 1st, 2017 at 23:59 server local time you will gain + 200% Experience from quests and mobs, +500% talent points from mobs, and a +200% boost in drop rates.
Please note that between the two phases of the boost event, there will be a few minutes when no boost is active.


Friday, December 16th 2016, 3:18pm

While Taborea glitters under the cold mantle of winter, the people are busy preparing delicious feasts and sharpening their weapons. Meanwhile, what with the Snowflake Festival and New Year’s celebrations, even the most ferocious monsters are getting into the festive spirit. In fact, they’re carrying presents with them that any valiant adventurer can “liberate”… assuming they have the guts to take them by force. If you’re not afraid of diving into the thick of battle, don’t let this opportunity slip away. Defeat the bosses in the three instances listed below and grab the gifts they’re carrying with them – only between 00:00 on 19/12/2016 and 23:59 on 01/01/2017 !
Some monsters in the following instances will reward their vanquishers with extra items – but only on normal and hard difficulties:
  • Bone Peak
  • Madro Troll Nest
  • Vale of Rites
Please note that each monster only carries one gift with them, irrespective of the number of party members involved in the fight.


Friday, December 23rd 2016, 2:52pm

Design a RoM comic and win some great prizes in this international competition!

Here’s your chance to show off your creative skills to RoM fans all around the world – in the international Runes of Magic Comic Contest! Not only do you have a chance to share your comic in the forums and on Facebook, but you can also win some fantastic prizes into the bargain!

Of course there are some rules for anyone wishing to take part:

  • The topic of the contest is “Winter in Runes of Magic”.
  • Your comic must consist of at least four pictures and be sent to in .png or .jpg format.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you draw your comic by hand, create a montage or use graphics software.
  • The comic doesn’t need to contain any text, but we recommend writing any text you do decide to include in English, simply for reaching a wider audience.
  • Your comic should of course be appropriate for readers under 18 years of age.
Get started today! The deadline for submissions is 8th January 2017. After that, RoM players from around the world can vote to choose the top three from the ten finalists! Wishing you lots of fun!


All the submissions should be sent from accounts e-mail address to
Title of the email: RoM Comic Strip Contest
Your community: (example RoM EN)
Your board nickname:
Your account name:
Your e-mail address:
Your server and character name:


1st place: 25 Euro Coupon + *One of the Permanent christmas mounts of your choice
2nd Place: 20 Euro Coupon + *One of the Permanent christmas mounts of your choice
3rd Place: 15 Euro Coupons + *One of the Permanent christmas mounts of your choice
*Sugar Snow Cookie Mount, Chocolate Cookie Mount, Snowflake Mount, Colored Snowflake Mount

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern the course of the RUNES OF MAGIC Comic Strip Contest (hereafter the 'contest'). The contest is being organised by Gameforge 4D GmbH, Albert-Nestler-Straße 8, 76131 Karlsruhe (hereafter 'Gameforge').
1. Participation period
The contest starts on 23/12/2016. Deadline for participation is 08/01/2017 (hereafter 'participation period').
2. No participation fees
Participation is not dependent on the purchase of goods or bound to a purchase-based service.
3. Participation Eligibility
(1) Every user of RUNES OF MAGIC that is of full age, and who has access to a valid forum and game account as well as their place of residence being located within Europe.
(2) Gameforge employees and employees of companies associated with Gameforge, members of the RUNES OF MAGIC Team as well as their associates are excluded from participation.
4. Participants
'Participant' encompasses all users eligible for participation who submit a self-created comic related to RUNES OF MAGIC (hereafter 'submission'). Multiple submissions are not permitted.
5. Winners
(1) From all permissible submissions, Gameforge will select 10 submissions on 12/01/2017 using an internal jury, and then announce the participants for public voting.
(2) Gameforge will announce the winner on 25/01/2017 on using their correspondent ingame nickname and then contact the winner by 31/01/2017 via email (hereafter the 'notification').
(3) Recourse to the courts with regard to the determination of the winner is not permitted.
6. Prize
(2) A cash payment and/or payment in goods of value, or rather the exchange of or transfer of the prize to a third party is not permitted.
7. Usage rights
(1) With the submission, participants declare that they are owners of the associated rights of their submission.
(2) Furthermore, participants guarantee that their submission does not infringe on any applicable law and does not impinge on the rights of third parties.
(3) Participants freely grant Gameforge unrestricted use and non-exclusive exploitation rights which are unlimited by time or region for the purposes of the online presentation of the submission.
(4) The granting of the usage and exploitation rights also includes full or partial sub-licensing as well as the transfer to Gameforge-affiliated companies in terms of section 15 of the AktG (German Stock Corporation Act). Also encompassed in this is the right for sub-licensing as well as the permission to transfer the necessary rights to third parties, provided this is required for the implementation of the contest and/or the final presentation of the associated submission.
(5) The participant thereby agrees that the nickname they provide may be published in instance of submission presentation and use by Gameforge as according to part 7 section (3) of these terms and that this is then sufficient as indication of their authorship.
8. Exemption from Liability
(1) Regardless of legal grounds, Gameforge, its committees, employees and agents are liable exclusively for wilful intent and gross negligence. However with slight negligence they are only liable in cases where contractual obligations are infringed upon and are limited to foreseeable damages.
(2) These limitations do not apply to the injury of life, the body or health.
9. Declaration of Consent
The participant consents to Gameforge contacting them via email as per part 5 section (2) of these terms, using the stated nickname announced on and they consent to being informed of the win via email, using the email address that is associated with the submission.
10. Data Protection
(1) Gameforge will process and use personal data exclusively for the execution of the contest as well as for the distribution of the prizes in consideration of the German Federal Data Protection Act and the Privacy Policy.
(2) Handling and use of the data for any other purpose will not occur.
11. Other Points
(1) With the submission of the declaration of participation, the participant accepts these requirements for participation.
(2) Alongside the requirements for participation, the general Terms and Conditions as well as the game and forum rules also apply (together 'the rules').
(3) Eligibility can be revoked at any point should a participant infringe on the rules, or if such an infringement can be asserted retroactively.
(4) Gameforge reserves the right to end the contest without any prior notice, provided that its orderly execution cannot be guaranteed, either due to technical or legal grounds.
(5) If any provision of these requirements should be or become ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining points of these requirements of use are not affected. Statutory rules will take the place of the ineffective provision.

Your ROM team,


Monday, January 2nd 2017, 2:51pm

Dear Users,

We would just like to remind you that time is running out to send your Comic Strip art works to win nice prizes!

If you have not started to create your piece of Art yet, do not worry, you still have time until 08.01.2017!

And here is some small Q&A for you:

+What is the maximum file size the pictures can have?
- Artworks should be in .jpg, .bmp, .png, .gif or .tiff format with a maximum file size of 5 MB.

+ Is there a maximum in pixels each picture can have?
- no.

+ Shall the comic strip consist out of 1 image containing framed images in it (Like the image in the announcement) or complementary multiple images?
- Each submission should contain 1 image which contains min. 4 different frames or a collage of pictures.


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Friday, January 13th 2017, 12:02pm

Hello Taboreans,

Today is voting day in Runes of Magic! All comics fans can enjoy Comic Strips Contest`s Top Ten Comics on voting.

Christmas time might be over, but some characters still make an appearance in their holiday costumes! Because Winter is still here!

While enjoying these artworks from our users, do not forget to vote for your favourite piece of art until 22nd of January. It requires just one click .

Good luck to all participants! :)












Wednesday, January 25th 2017, 11:59am

Dear Community,

We would like to announce the winners of our Runes of Magic "Comic Strip Competition" competition!

Fortunately multiple participants are sharing the first place as well as the second place :)

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all participants for their wonderful submissions!

Prizes will be delivered to all winners very soon.

1st PLACE Drena and Rumia with 34 votes

2nd PLACE Aistana - Lyss and Shayleigh with 21 Votes

3rd PLACE Arçarøs with 17 votes

Your ROM Team,

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