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Sunday, March 12th 2017, 7:55pm

Change stack number

Stacks of some potions, foods, things generally.

Hero stack = 30, make 99, its generally most usefull potion in game. (stack still 30 only after so many years)
Deadly potion = 30, make 99, also usefull potion.
Energy/rage/focus potions = 30, make 99 atleast!
strong stimulant potion = 30, make 99
ancient spirit water = 30, make 99
spellweaver potion = 30, make 99
pdmg/mdmg/patt/matt food = 30, make 99
wedding food = 30, must rise up cuz taking too much space in backpack atleast 99
Blessing of the flower God = 10, make atleast 99 and make it buyable in stacks because you know we are using it much

if someone have something to add, would be nice.

Ralesius S/W/R/M/K 99/99/99/70/70
Ralence Ch/W/R/WL/M/P 99/99/99/99/99/99 dwarf powa!


Sunday, March 12th 2017, 8:08pm

Imo all itemshop consumables should just stack to 999(angels/phoenix/plussing etc), and the rest of the common used buffs should be set to 99. Suggested similiar about 3 years ago, and never got added, but would be a nice addition anyway.


Thursday, March 16th 2017, 3:40pm

Honor points should be between 30k-40k instead of 25k . same goes for shells. should be higher than 1000