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  • "tsjilp" started this thread

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Tuesday, March 21st 2017, 1:12pm

Tempest Heights event

The improved drops (adding runes I - X) in loot made Tempest event alot more appealing but alot people actually don't go there anymore because of several reasons.... and for the people that do go there regularly it's often too crowded and not worth the time unless you go for the free drama....

High levels only interested in X runes will rush to last 2 maybe 4 waves so event is over in 30 minutes or less and most chests just evaporated because new wave started....

Low levels just wait untill chests are lootable, several high level's that arent geared well enough dont even bother killing themselves, they just loot other peoples drops....

To change this for the better i would suggest Tempest Heights event is changed to party event like dreamland, meaning several parties can be doing tempest event at the specific event times but each party in their own version of Tempest Heights, low characters can still farm up to the wave they are capable to kill themselves or join any party that will have them along, high levels can find a party that fits their interests and capabilities....

Please make Tempest a nice event again for all!


Tuesday, March 21st 2017, 6:30pm

I like the idea, and the reason also.
Player behaviour is really <bleep> but part of RoM.
This idea and Tempest threat had life on German Forums, and had offical feedback from Saito.

I have to give some bumps i forsee:
1) its exploitable: serverdrops (as Tempest High is atm) limits the overflow, and makes runes in IS still demanded, doing this with alts or more partys then currently people play Tempest High, will be a bump for GF not to change it.
Example: currently 100 X runes drop during event, with everyone running in partys of 6, this could lead to drops of 75 per party, while this would lean heavily for for current playerbase, this would make it hard o add, see PoM-revamp event last time.
2) Timegated: tempest opens on certain timeslots. opening it all time, would require some buggfree coding. (Keeps sarcasm for himself and continues). This would be unatractive aswell, sicne more people can run iit, and more runes hit the server. see 1) , also this makes the tempest high more of an instance instaed of an event.

people working for loot should have dips on loot, if they are to late, then it just has to dissapear. People doing nothing but picking up others loot has nothing to do with gaming. If you fear low level players wont get anything in this way, this can be avoided by parting up, so loot table staysin party.
Then again i am a forum rager, with no commen sense or honor, so why should i use my opinion on ninja's on this part, seems stealing is a bussinessmodel aproved gamestyle.

Then again worldbosses drop PoMs for everyone who gets there first without being in party and without dpsing it. PoM's are Free For All on worldbosses.
If this makes more sense, then ur reading it proper and see a sugestion :P



  • "tsjilp" started this thread

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Saturday, March 25th 2017, 1:13am

No need to open it permanent and repeatable like Dreamland, it's good the event is twice /day, but as it is now any number between one and maybe 20 players or more are there, usually a bit less in the morning during the week but 15 to 25 players in the evening or on weekends the competion due to high numbers of players and same amount of possible looted chests means its usually just a mess instead of a fun event....

Excluding low levels by introducing minimum level requirements would not be fair imho, but a certain number of maximum to player numbers would be helpfull so i would prefer a 6 people maximum with several versions of the event running same time....


Saturday, March 25th 2017, 5:40pm

I didn't say excluding, if there invited to party's (guild / friends etc) then the MMO formula works. I never added requirments for level.
But no one needs to be just for picking up other peoples loot. Graverobbing might be a thrilling kick, but it's not civilised annymore.

Capping the event to 6 would make it more fun, and adds more activity. Allas the point is alting experience or hitting the maximum players in a zone.
Ice dwarf kingdom couldn't handle new players in when it is to populated.
EN or US servers wont hit this cap atm for Tempest height but the German servers could (not all annymore).
If the reward is easy and able to be altable, then people will loose common sense. And it would only lead to removing anything good, closing the Tempest forever, or driving up IS prices more by default.

I actually understand the point your viewing from, on a small server, and in my opinion it would make Tempest height more fun again.
But as devils advocate i also forsee players in abuse mode combined with GF managment.
Tempest should be a fun event, for all servers / players.


Sunday, March 26th 2017, 12:41pm

Hello everyone,

I do not believe it is not possible to find at least a temporary solution.
My question is this: you can not make a statement where they are wary players from stealing and keeping a unsportsmanlike conduct?
I just put a punishment as a ban from tempest if someone does not respect this warning.
You can not solve the problem permanently maybe so, but until the final resolution will be able to do some character unsporting reasoning.


Sunday, March 26th 2017, 5:17pm

Unsporting behaviour, even if it ruins gameplay isnt a gamebreaking offense. This is sadly the reason why nothing can be done about it.
Chests are server drop in an open world, so it works as intended. The reasoning for reporting ninja's has no use, they could only reply "works as intended"and "fight less grab your loot if thats the important thing to do"

I do not agree on this way people are able to behave, but here is not what i find correct or you. The GM's cannot enforce it with banns, since it isn't illegal.
It was intended for crowded servers, so all people could get a chance, even if they were to late or couldn't kill.
This is not the current state annymore, and the rune update made Tempest viable again, and not another time slotted mwua thingy.

Fairplay would be as Tsjilp sugested, so only a party goes in and people can get help from higher levels, so no level is excluded. And people all could try to run Tempest high.
This could work perfectly for EN / US / Esp / FR servers, however the German servers are more populated and another thing.
Sadly this points out also the weakness in design, as long as other servers could abuse/exploit it, it wont happen for smaller servers who really could use it.

There are manny good suggestions, or changes whcih could increase Taborea's fun again for all servers, or make Tempest height a bit less frustrating and option for <yup sarkas would sensor this, saving the trouble> behaviour.

and i hav eto correct myself; it was not saito, but rakymos who answerd in the threat:
Wie geht euer Server mit Sturmhöheleechern um?


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Monday, March 27th 2017, 1:26am

Feedback regarding Tempest Heights has been forwarded weekly.

The conclusion of this are the following points:

- This is an open loot instance
- Even after killing mobs and bosses this open loot rule doesn't change

However the usual rules still apply, which doesn't allow:

- Insults
- Harrassment
- Disrupting other groups of players
- Declaration of War (forcing PvP onto PvE players)

Runes of Magic Game Administrator - EN / Replacement - FR - I do not speak french

ToS | Community Guidelines | Support - Questions and Answers


Tuesday, March 28th 2017, 5:31pm

A possible solution against the crowded tempest height runs might be to limit daily access by once. The event times and everything remains, however people who run it in the morning are not able to run it also in the evening so the ones not able to run it in the morning have their chance to have a decent event time as well. But if everyone behaves and keep in mind that we play this game together, not alone, I don't think any change should be necessary.


Wednesday, March 29th 2017, 12:22pm

1st of all let get something clear Tempest is not event for low lvls period.
2nd like Liche said make tempest party ini of 6 ppl and limit acces to 1 per day why not make it like hall of survivors or goblim mine
when you hit timer ini is open when hit 0 ini kick you out and you cant enter anymore simple as that.
Exploit tempest isnt that easy as it seams since to get to XX chests you need alot fighting after that colecting chests so it takes time.
Also most ppl dont do tempest 2x per day so limit to 1 per day wont change to much


Wednesday, March 29th 2017, 1:15pm

Tempest change was always never going to end well, open world content in the past proved traumatic(vn drama was ridiculous if anyone is old enough to remember it still) Maybe rather then changing tempest into party based ini, change it so you require a minimum level of the killed mob to loot a chest. Would not stop high level leachers, but generally in the past it was usually low levels i saw in my experience, and such a change is much easier and quicker to implement then runewaker redesigning the entire zone.

Also i disagree, tempest was originally designed for low level playets and the first 10 waves are still designed for that, the issue is now that every player there wants the higher waves and skips them, therefore making tempest not suitable for low levels, and i would assume is why some low levels(not ALTs aimed for stealing) take chests.



  • "tsjilp" started this thread

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Tuesday, April 4th 2017, 10:12am

Throwing money into a crowd never ends well ;) So i can only advice not to implement events that work on that mechanism, human nature and group behaviour is much harder to change then any game....

But allthough its not directly a change to Tempest event, the reason for people to go to tempest is mainly because of the runes that drop. Perhaps make rune drops in instances better quality, a level IV rune on hardmode bosses in the latest instances just is ridiculous....

For farming runes there really is no alternative, sure dalanis events can give runes with slightly better quality but it's still based on level 57 character level, same for the samoge quest and treasure hunt minigame, rune reward is higher value but the tier is just so low its only usefull to feed the trashbin....

Im not saying it should rain X runes in higher zones, but tier 1-3 runes are just outdated.... the game evolved but tier on rune drops only followed in Tempest event...



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Saturday, September 23rd 2017, 12:16pm

we should bring this up again, crowded server is good but th is awful in vidar atm, a guild who is deeply loved(!) by all aurora makes it even worse

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