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Saturday, April 15th 2017, 7:40pm

New Patching System

My suggestion is to change patching system.
Why ?
Patches are too big and not adequate to changes in the game files.
Patches from version 6.5.2 for example to recent version is almost 7 GB in size, and changes in files maybe 200 MB or even not !
Maybe it's high time to think about xdelta patching or something other ?
If you can't do anything with it , please forward it to developers of the game.
I think RoM community will very appreciate this idea.


Saturday, April 15th 2017, 8:09pm

Patches are huge because runewaker are lazy, instead of packing the files from the data.fdb, they simply put the entire data.fdb contents into the patch, therefore making it 400mb + if any change is made to data.fdb(basically every patch)

Very dumb idea for people with slow internet, downloading 400mb just for a 10mb change. Especially when festivals are the only change, 400mb for a festival change is dumb, should be less then 5mb easily.

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