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Tuesday, October 3rd 2017, 10:03pm

ELLE in lands of Malevolence

I have done the quest Blue Eyes in land of malevolence for ELLE the singing box. When I turned in Blue eyes ELLE was supposed to give me the quest "Desire to Restore Memory" instead I was able to pick ELLE up off the stone slab and its now in my inventory. I cannot place it back on the slab and when I query ELLE she goes "Lala, lala ELLE is singing" and nothing else. I have placed a ticket in support but since Blue Eyes is done they say its working as intended, but ELLE does not offer me the next quest and support says I need to ask other players for HELP!


Tuesday, October 3rd 2017, 10:40pm

You can't place down Elle at the same spot after a finished quest. The next quest is somewhere else, like the ghost town (if you haven't been there). Just walk a bit around, you will figure it out :)
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