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Sunday, September 24th 2017, 6:26pm

Guild vault permissions

according to my glorius guild leader who lost his forum account, guild rank permissions for vault pages, being enable to reg etc has been broken since merge. they got reseted with merge and they keep doing it every other day after he fixes them. nice job gf *slow clap*

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Tuesday, September 26th 2017, 3:13pm

Happened last merge as well, they all got reset, rather than broken, he just has to redo them.


Wednesday, October 4th 2017, 9:24pm

They are still broken, I need to setting permissions every day cause they continue got resetted :(
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Thursday, October 5th 2017, 4:38am

Hello there,

Guild castle zone is pretty crashy these days and zone resets are needed. Unfortunately on each zone reset the guild bank permissions are going to be reset as well.

Grimthar has provided a workaround here.

Download, rename to .rar, unzip, edit the lua file (notepad++ recommended) and put it in your addons directory. Type /gcs while guild bank is opened.

The ranks go from 10 to 1 while 10 is the highest.

Works only if you're the guildleader.


page1_rank1_view = false -- Rank 1 Last Rank, is not allowed to view items
page1_rank1_put = false -- Rank 1 Last Rank, is not allowed to insert items
page1_rank1_getCount = 0 -- Rank 1 Last Rank, is not allowed to take out items
page1_rank2_view = true-- Rank 2 is allowed to view items
page1_rank2_put = false -- Rank 2 is not allowed to insert items
page1_rank2_getCount = 0 -- Rank 2 is not allowed to take items
page1_rank3_view = true-- Rank 3 is allowed to view
page1_rank3_put = true-- allowed to put in
page1_rank3_getCount = 0 -- Rank 3 not allowed to take items
page1_rank4_view = true-- Rank 4 is allowed to view
page1_rank4_put = true-- Rank 4 allowed to put in
page1_rank4_getCount = 1 -- Rank 4 allowed to take one item
page1_rank5_view = true-- Rank 5 is allowed to view
page1_rank5_put = true-- Rank 5 allowed to put in
page1_rank5_getCount = 10 -- Rank 5 allowed to take 10 items
page1_rank6_view = false -- Rank 6 not allowed to view
page1_rank6_put = false -- Rank 6 not allowed to put in items
page1_rank6_getCount = 0 -- Rank 6 not allowed to take items
page1_rank7_view = true
page1_rank7_put = true
page1_rank7_getCount = 99
page1_rank8_view = true
page1_rank8_put = true
page1_rank8_getCount = 99
page1_rank9_view = true-- Rank 9 vice leader, allowed to view
page1_rank9_put = true -- Rank 9 vice leader, allowed to put in items
page1_rank9_getCount = 99 -- Rank 9 vice leader, allowed to take 99 items
page1_rank10_view = true
page1_rank10_put = true
page1_rank10_getCount = 99

This is not a fix and you have to use the macro again after each reset.
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