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Thursday, February 22nd 2018, 8:26am

Maintenance 22.02.2018

Dear Community,

Today we will perform servers maintenance. It will begin at 08:00 CET, and as usual during this time the servers won't be available. We will inform you as soon as the maintenance is over and you can go back to your adventures in the wonderful world of Taborea. Maintenance may take longer than usual.

The Runes of Magic Team


Thursday, February 22nd 2018, 1:08pm

Dear Players,

The Maintenance is now over and you can go back to your adventures!

[Additional Information]
  • We have implemented patch (patch will be approximately ~403MB). This patch contains various fixes for the instance Sun Temple of Eternal Sleep.
  • Festival will not be changed.

[Patch notes]

The instance "Sun Temple of Eternal Sleep" will be opened.

[Known Issues]
  • Sun Temple of Eternal Sleep:
    • Boss 1: Boss is not attackable after Idolquake.
    • Boss 1: Ability Throw Energy Stone Fragment has no effect while the boss is not attackable.
    • Boss 1: The skill creates large amount of agro.
    • Boss 2: When there is more than one player in the group the boss casts Hunting Seal on itself.
    • Boss 2: Skill Downpour removes Hunting Seal stack by stack.
    • Boss 4: Boss mechanics - Orb adds that boss creates have a too large target box.

The Runes of Magic Team