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Monday, May 14th 2018, 2:18pm

Patch - Crafting Festival and bug fixes

Patch - Crafting Festival and bug fixes
A long time ago, the world was very chaotic. Nations were engaged in an endless war, and the people didn't dare imagine what tomorrow would bring. Many families were impoverished and displaced.
After a long time the war finally came to an end, and the craftsmen who had been forced to produce weapons used their skills to help the people. All of the craftsmen were happy to be able to stop making weapons and contribute something to the people. They worked hard to make people happy.
By working from before dawn until late into the night, the tireless efforts of these craftsmen improved the lives of the people in a short six months. In order to keep the Craftsman Spirit alive, future generations of craftsmen from all over show off their own work and learn from each other every year at this time.
Every time this season comes around, the craftsmen work tirelessly to show off their crafts in order to fulfill the "Craftsman Spirit" that has passed down over the years. These craftsmen who are usually busy working are even busier during this time...
Many events are waiting for you, come and help the craftsmen and enjoy the festival and the flea market!
[Festival Overview]
  • Festival Activities conducted in Silverspring and Thunderhoof Hills.
  • Festival Manager NPCs will be located in: Varanas and Dalanis City
  • 5 Main Festival Event Tasks
  • 6 Sub Event Task
  • Reward NPC in Varanas City and Dalanis City
Helping Hand of the Craftsmen
  • Event type: craft items
  • Start location: Varanas City
  • Event location: Varanas City
  • 8 timeslots each day: 2:20 am, 6:20 am , 10:20 am, 2:20 pm, 6:20 pm, 10:20 pm
  • a broadcast will be sent out when the event starts
  • Event ends after 30 minutes
  • Event Target: assist the Craftsmen
The Great Production Leap
  • Event type: level up crafting skills
  • Start location: Dalanis City
  • Event location: Dalanis City
  • Event Target: increase crafting skills
Ronika's Research
  • Event type: collect items
  • Start location: Varanas City
  • Event location: everywhere in Taborea
  • Event target: help Ronika to collect
Flea Market
  • Event type: collect /get items changed for other items
  • Start location: Dalanis City
  • Event location: Dalanis City
  • Event target: Help Nobo Yanag to collect items
A Mission from the Craftsmen
  • Event type: collect items
  • Start location: Varanis City
  • Event location: Varanis City and Silverfall
  • Event Info: 6 Sub Quests
    • Armor Crafter's Commission
    • Alchemist's Commission
    • Blacksmith's Commission
    • Carpenter's Commission
    • Cook's Commission
    • Tailor's Commission
  • Event target: get quest item by killing monsters, collect items
Spinning power
  • Related NPC: Abu Laruel
  • Location: Silverspring, near Bridge to Varanas
  • Event Info: After registration you will need to enter the quest area and complete the mission (you will need to control the Energy Acceleration of Nucleus with different kinds of buffs to get Nucleus move around in the circles).

[Bug fixes]
  • Sun Temple of Eternal Sleep:
    • Boss 1 Golem Guardian: Sometimes the boss became invulnerable which prevented the use of Throw Energy Stone Fragments.
      • Boss 1 Golem Guardian:The Boss is always attackable now. The Boss won't take any damage instead of not being attackable at all.
      • Boss 1 Golem Guardian: "Throw Energy Stone Fragment" will now create 100.000/500.000/4.000.000 aggro (easy/normal/hard)
      • Boss 2 Darkfang: There was no announcement for Shadow Hunt skill.
      • Boss 2 Darkfang: "Shadow Hunt" was always centered on the boss instead of a random player.
      • Boss 2 Darkfang: "Downpour" now removes all stacks of "Hunting Seal".

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