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Wednesday, November 4th 2009, 5:12pm

Contact with the Customer Support - Questions and Answers

Customer Support – Questions and Answers

Question :
Why am I adviced on the forum to contact the customer support ?

The forum is not managed by the customer support, and therefor, can’t be used as communication platform between the players and the support.
The support team also has access to specific tools and databases that are not accessible through the forum.
So, please contact directly the customer support :
- When, for a technical issue, you can’t find anymore help here in the forum.
- When you have lost item shop items.
- When you have any kind of paymet issues.
- When you want to report another player for harassment, bug using, or any other illicite activities.

The link to the customer support is in my signature, or you can just click on the following link :,en.html
If for any reason the link should not work, you can mail the customer support directly, by using the E-mail adress :

Question :
What can I do, so the customer support answers me effectively ?

In order to answer quickly to your questions, or if your asking why you still had no reply to your ticket, or not the wanted answer, or even why they’re asking you for more informations, you should take some points in consideration:

- Don’t write multiple requests on the same problem.
One single request is more than enough.

For example for a missing item:

1. Which items did you loose ?
2. When did you loose them ?
3. What exactly have you done, when they disappeared ?
4. Which server ?
5. Which character ?

The more details you will send to the support at the start of the investigation, the faster your problem should be solved.
Tickets with “the game doesn’t work” or “where are my diamonds” are useless without the proper informations.
For example, you can use this template for a bug report:…766&postcount=1
Or for missing diamonds, tell them when you purchased them, which payment method you used etc.

If you don’t give enough informations in your first request, their first reply will be to ask for more details. You will need to reply, and your ticket will be back in the waiting queue until it will be picked up again by the support team. This time will be wasted and your problem will take longer to be solved.

In lots of cases, when you have one, a screenshot can be helpful, for example when you report a player for harassment. A lot of things can be verified in the customer support’s database, but a screenshot will make the investigation a lot easier and quicker.

- Give an explicit title to your request.

You’re stuck ?
Then … tell it in your title!

A ticket title like “I’m stuck” will immediately be treated while a title like “Help!!!! 911 Help” could mean everything and therefor you might still be stuck for a while, and maybe even longer than your recall cooldown.

You have a problem with diamonds ? Your computer crashed ? Give an explicit title to your ticket, it will shorten the process.

- Stay quiet and neutral.

Insults, spam, writing in capital letters, all these can lead to sanctions, and stop the process of solving your problem.
The support team is here to help you, but it’s not your punching ball. Talking/writing to the customer support in a wrong way is not acceptable and will not help you with your problem.

Why does it take so long to get an answer ?

First of all, you can check the status of your ticket, by clicking on the link and using the password given in the automated answer you will receive direct after your ticket has been sent to the customer support.

Until the first reply the status should be “open”
Once it has been treated, it will be closed. If you still need informations or explanations, you can re-open it. By using this method, the customer support will have access to the complete history of this ticket.

If you didn’t receive the automated reply, and it’s not in your spam/junk mail folder, this should mean that for some technical reason your request has not reached the customer support. In this case, please, open a new ticket. In any case, you must receive the automated answer. But please, before you send a new ticket, check that you have used a valid mail adress.
The ticket is now in the waiting queue, until it will be processed by one of the supporters.
Now you will have to wait. Please note that in case of heavy load of tickets a ticket can take up to 1 or 2 days to be answered.
It’s exact the same when you make a reply, or re-open your ticket, you think that it will be on the top of the waiting queue, but no, it will be in last position:
With each reply/refresh, the ticket is put back in the waiting queue, as the last ticket arrived.
Sometimes, waiting is the only solution. The more information you give from the beginning on, the most efficient will the support work, and most important, they will not have to ask you for details.

Why do I receive only formatted answers ?

It’s totally normal and doesn’t mean that a supporter is not taking care of your problem. Some situations require only fast and formatted answers:
- The first email you will receive after you have submitted your request will be an answer generated automatically by the support system.
This is to show you that your ticket has been successfully sent to the customer support and is now in our hands, or better said, in our waiting queue, until one of the supporter will handle it. At this moment, none of the supporter has seen/opened your ticket.

- You don’t have given enough information, so the support team will ask you for more details.
Since most of the time the same information are needed, there are predefined answers which can be adapted to the situation.

- Due to a technical problem, a part of your message has been cut/is missing.
Missing information, the support needs all the information.

- You’re asking for in game information, and the support is not allowed to give them (spoiler). You will receive a link to the forum.

It’s more efficient, when they don’t have to write each time the same text again and again, it’s faster for them to give a predefined answer, and they can manage more tickets that way.

I have not received any answer to my question/ticket since weeks !

- Please make sure that your email manager doesn’t block the replies from the customer support.
- Check your spam/junk mail folder.
- Make sure that you can receive mails from in your inbox.
- Did you already received an answer saying that your problem will be investigated, please be patient. Some investigations need more time than others.
- If you have the feeling that you have been forgotten, check the status of your ticket. If it’s still open or on hold, then the only thing to do is keep waiting.

The answer of the customer support doesn’t help me further. What can I do ?

Ask for a new investigation/check of the situation.
Stay calm and polite, give them additional informations that could help to investigate the problem one more time.

In cases when you don’t agree with the decision of the customer support, or want one more investigation of your case, please write a mail here :

It’s the third reply from the customer support, saying that my request is incomplete, what does it mean ?!

The problem might be already a known issue, some information are still needed in order to help you properly.
It can also happen, that your ticket arrived in the system/waiting queue, but the text has been cut for some reason. And so, some information are missing (see above).

Credits : Dionaea.