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Monday, March 29th 2010, 10:11pm

Lvl 50 elite quest - wardens

Soul of the arkana: warden
This one is a bit confusing, so bare with me.. You need two wardens for this one.
Anyway, the npc spawns two big crystals, blue crystal on the left and red crystal on the right. If you click on the crystals, you will see they have 10 buffs on them, the red one has positive buffs and the blue one has negative buffs. These buffs have to go to 0 one by one, so you get one buff off one crastal, then one off the other crystal, it has to go like this : left crystal 9, right 10.. left 9, right 9.. left 8, right 9.. all the way to zero..
This is how you do it.. The firts warden sends his pet to attack (ctrl+3) the left crystal and goes under the right crystal, after around 10 seconds that the crystals were spawned each sends out a burst of energy that puts a buff on you and your pet. If your pet is under the left crystal it will have a negative energy buff, and if you were under the right one you will have a positive energy buff. At this point you have to run under the left crystal while your pet is still there, this will cause a wave of energy that will take one buff off of the negative (left/blue) crystal (wich now has 9 buffs), as soon as this happens order your pet to cancel attack(ctrl+4) and follow you (follow must be on), you have to go behind the crystals so you dont get in the way of the other warden that is about to repeat what you did, and watch out not to be in the cast range of the crystals. There is a cooldown buff on you at this point, so you cant go under crystals again until the buffs ware off because you will recharge the crystals. As soon as the first warden took one buff off the left crystal an got out of the way, the second one sends his pet to attack the right crystal and goes under the left one. This has to be done really fast, the pet and warden have to be under their crystal before the crystals send out another burst of energy. When the second warden gets the buff he runs under the right crystal and his buff and the buff of his pet send out another burst of energy wich takes one buff off of the right (red/positive) crystal. As soon as this happens, the second warden orders his pet to cancel attack(ctrl+4) and gets out of the way as soon as possible, he goes in front of the crystals, near the NPC that gives you the quest. Now each crystal has 9 buffs on them. The second warden now has a cooldown buff, and the buff on the first warden wares off. The first warden now goes under the left crystal (his right) and sends the pet under the right one (his left) and repeats the same thing. The main problems that can happen are the pets not to respond in time, so use keyboard shortcuts to be safe (ctrl+3 and ctrl+4), and you have to remember that if you have any kind of buffs on you or your pet, dont go under the crystals because you will recharge them, you can skip a few rounds, there is enough time.

If you wardens dont feel like reading this, whisp me and i'll help you do it..
Ferumsservant, Siochain..
Please feel free to correct me if i made any mistakes..
I hope this helps and that its not too confusing =)
Many thx to Imbrol for helping me with this one, couldn't have done it without him =)


Wednesday, March 31st 2010, 9:59am

I had no idea how to do it until friend of mine explained and helped me finish this quest.
You actually don`t need 2 wardens or pet at all. My friend helped me and he was druid and I didn`t use any pet. It took few tries but It is much easier like this then using pets.


Wednesday, March 31st 2010, 10:57am

lot easyer if you have a group o f 6. but like you say its easyer if you have person rather than pet