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  • "kekereke" started this thread

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Thursday, May 20th 2010, 9:44pm

!Alchemy! - for all Alchemists

i got alchemy on 28lvl, but just recognize that wasted runes and time, because till now made only load of nothing really usable, meant trade able

this production skill is left to himself, blend runes drops on hard areas and is very expensive, but since now with my level 28 I can call myself clown, because nothing trade able made till Potion of Sage +10% stats 600 sec (who needs just about hundred of raw materials and after that got :confused:2:confused: Potions of Sage) ONLY TWO

this stinks hard, must invent some updates I guess, this issue need to be told

of all self made potions i use just, mana and heal ones, witch ones I also can buy for the money that could get by selling these loads of Blend runes

ANYONE GET SUCCESS WITH POTIONS TRADE IN ALCHEMY? or better to sell these runes? Blend runes in my favorite server is priced 1=2k gold

my friend does cooking, and these items is much usable and better, than some potions in my alchemy, he can use about all what makes and gets buffed well, AND NOT FOR SOME SECONDS :D these potions with some second use in alchemy makes me laugh till blood :D

This is really poor, i got mad and after that sad :( of wasted time and runes, this crafting skill is wasted, can someone disagree?

also question: those Potion of Sage+10% applies to regular stats or all character stats(including items)? but answer will not give me back my wasted Blend runes, is there any potion why for alchemy can be usable? I mean it


Friday, May 21st 2010, 2:32pm

The following pots sell for reasonable return:

Invis Pot
Tranquility Powder
Elixir of the Sage
Hero Pot

All of which give 2 pots per crafting.

Sage and Hero give bonus to your character attributes - stamina, intelligence, wisdom etc, not armours.

Getting to hero pot level is horrendously slow and painful. All 51+ potions are broken btw.

It's similar with cooking - there's only a few make it worthwhile.



  • "kekereke" started this thread

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Saturday, May 22nd 2010, 2:55am

and stat poitions apply to regular stats ONLY! stinks anyway, the way alchemy is worth itself


Wednesday, May 26th 2010, 9:44am

I agree that cooking is more in balance then alchemy, it took me a long road to reach the top of it at both craftings but i must say that mine hero potions cost lesser then the dooms banquet but profit are both the same. Frogster also discourage the crafting by give away all kind of combat enhancers like the sweets during the snowflake festival event but also with the new item set skill mana/hp and disbalanced the whole market.
That it cost a lot says more about the prices of the raw materials. Gathering at your self brings the most profit. When i reach the top for alchemy hero potion was 45k
bottom was 10k and now its around 20k. Despite the stats what are conquered with help of the supplies. I think that crafters had to think over why selling supplies against low prices while raw materials and stats are selled for high prices.
To gather and making items cost more time then doing an instance and if you are not high leveled the risk to got debth are the same when you are gathering around places with aggresive mobs.
An advice for beginners, look whats going and made that for profit and use only npc recepts to level.



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Friday, May 28th 2010, 1:56pm

Well this is another nail in the coffin of crafting as a whole and i again i reitterate that runewaker does not really want crafting as on the forums it seems that they are not listening when they quote "upgrade the game" . And yes you have guessed it crafting does not get upgraded or indeed improved.:guitar::guitar::guitar: OH they did with the crafting interface but not the nuts and bolts of recipes or indeed the actual crafted item:weekendfeeling::weekendfeeling: