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Wednesday, December 17th 2008, 6:21pm

Treasure Hunter's Quest - Walkthrough

There are two mines near Pioneer's Village. Twilight Mine to the west, and Hidden Valley Mines to the south.

For Treasure Hunting Quest Stage 1:

Go to the Hidden Valley Mines. Working your way to the far depths of the mine, you will find a large room wth a dirt pile. That dirt pile is what you must open to complete your quest. If you cannot open the dirt pile, you either finished the quest and do not realize it, or do not have the quest.

Return to Narfas, and get stage 2.

For Treasure Hunting Quest Stage 2:

Travel to Moongorge slightly north-east of Logar. You must work your way to the very end of the cave near the Yellow Portal. There you will find the dirt pile for Stage 2.

You will receive a treasure box that informs you to get Mr. Pumpkinhead to open. Mr. Pumpkinhead is Justin, who is standing just outside of the entrance to Moongorge. Once you speak with Justin, he will give you a new quest to Make a Key.

The Key Quest:

1. Special Ore: Go to the Twilight Mines which is west of Pioneer's Village. There you can loot the 2 ore you need.

2. Special Elixir: For this part, Justin tells you to get Mrs. Marlan to make you the special elixir. She is located near Helen at Helen's Farm east of Pioneer's Village.

3. Kill the Fire Newts at Moongorge for some Newt Juice.

Once you collect all 3 components to the quest, return to Justin. Next simply (Right Click) the treasure box to open it, and receive your items. Return to Narfas.

Narfas will then give you a quest to place some items in a pond for the Water Dragon.

The Water Dragon Quest:

Narfas will give you some items, so make sure you have room in your inventory. Next travel to Moongorge. At Moongorge, DO NOT GO INSIDE!

Go ontop of the cave entrance to Moongorge on the left side. The second puddle of water has something under the water. Open it, and the quest completes.

Return to Narfas.

The Treasure Hunter's Quest Stage 3:

Go to the Dead Tree Cave in Serviana Woods west of Logar. The dirt pile is again at the very end of the cave. There you will find Narfas necklace.

Return to Narfas.

The Treasure Hunter's Quest Stage 4:

Go to Barren Caves in the far north of Logar. Naturally, as is the running theme, the dirt pile you need is at the end of the cave. Unfortunately, there is an obstacle in your way this tme.

The 4th dirth pile is guarded by the Elite: Anglie. Here, you have 3 options.

1. Just kill Anglie, and loot your pile.
2. Wait for someone else to kill Anglie, then loot your pile.
3. Save the quest till you get the quest to kill Anglie, and complete both at the same time.

After Stage 4: The Howling Mountains Biggest Treasure

Once you complete stage 4, Narfas will give you a treasure map. (Right Click) to read the map, and accept a new quest. Before you accept the quest, look carefully at the things listed. The last part is the most important, it's the actual coordinates for location of the treasure!

The treasure is located at: 50.3, 36.6

It's a dirt pile next to a tree in a bunch of bushes.

Once you find the treasure, you return to Narfas. Narfas will give you another quest in which you must listen to Narfas' story. Just click on Narfas, and listen to the story to complete the quest. Next you will get a quest to go to Varanas and meet his/her grandpa Marisus in the Hall of the Eye of Wisdom.

Update - 12-21-2008 - DeusViator's First Addition

After this you have to go and kill 10 Cow beetles, 10 Sharpwing Dragonflies and 10 Caravan Members then go to Berol (Council President of Varanas) to accept the reward. Don't run off straight away though as Berol is approached by another Couciler flanked by what appear to be 2 zurhidon members (not sure on that one yet).

He then asks you to go and spy on these, which consists of yet more talking to people. After this you have to go and give a book of coucil records back to the guy you got the quest to kill all the beetles etc. from (bit of a change of tack?) and from there to go find some guard in the central plaza.

This guy gives you a secrecy treaty to sign (right click on it in your backpack) and sends you to go and bury badges with some dead guard captains by forsaken abbey. Head to the graveyard just outside the abbey and mouse over each of the graves untill it comes up with garrison soldier's corpse. Interact with this and it will give you the name of the guardsman burried there. Simply right click the badge of the respective guardsman and they will come alive and you will have to fight their body. They are at lvl 14/13 but it does not actually matter if you die at this point because it marks it as complete anyway.

I've not yet managed to find Captain Franzid's tomb but i've not checked actually in the abbey yet, only in the graveyard outside. Anyone already know where he is? if not i'll keep looking

EDIT: Just found a second instance in Forsaken Abbey, possibly to do with this or maybe something completely different. I'll try and check it out tonight.

EDIT2: I found it, the third grave is actually just outside the gates on the left if you're looking from the abbey.

From this, go back to the guard in central plaza and he asks you go back and thank the eye of wisdom members. The Eye of Wisdom guy tells you to back off when you tell him about the mysterious guys and sends you off on a quest to grab a rune from a spider in twilight mine for his dumb student. Grab the Rune and take it to the guy who is at the caravan just north of the mine. He then wants you to test it out by fighting him. Simply talk to him again and tell him to begin the test then kick his ass(He's at level 14). Take the desired reward rune before he decides that he wants more bloody runes so you have to go back to the spiders and get 5 of them. Once you've got these he now wants another fight. He's gone up a level this time but should still be piss easy.

Now he wants some answers about runes so sends you back off running to his master. Unfortunately his master seems to like this thirst for knowledge and as a result we have to go get 3 more runes. One from a copper-shell beetle, one from a Colourful Ostrich and one from Yuri. I'm not certain if the rune from Yuri is a certain drop, i got it first time but others may not. After that it's back for another test. Instead however, some girl runs up to him and shouts at him for using the runes. It seems he is soft in the head as well as in his magic as he decides to give up using runes and sends you after the girl with a bunch of flowers. She's in Varanas West side so head on over there. Now it's Spring water that you're taking to Salond... These things never end.

He now tells you to come back and see him if you are lvl 18 (which you most probably are) so we'll just carry straight on. He sends you up to infiltrate the zurhidon camp in the far north-east of silverspring. You need to kill disciples till one drops a hint ( which for some reason has a picture of a key :S) and then head to the back of the camp to free the Eye of Wisdom's old agent, who has been tuned into a frog...

Apparently the zurhidon are close to finding a legendary sword that can control the world and found it inportant enough to turn this guy into a frog for it. You need to go back to salod with this information so it's another long walk back to Varanas. You're now sent all the way back up to kill some tangea wanderers/stragglers to make a cure for peeno. Peronally i'd leave him as a frog just for the comedy value but unfortunately the game doensn't let you do that.

Update as of 01-05-2009 - DeusViator's latest addition.

Here's the next part of the Walkthough for you.

After you get the cure head back to Salod in the Halls of Wisdom and grab some summoning stones to give to Helly Gaden's Father, somehow named Fels Gorden. To find him literally just head into the house and up the stairs. As soon as you give the stones to him zurhidon appear and kill him, although he come back to life seconds later (bug or something?). He sends you to find marisus with a clue about the legendary sword. Finally it says that the sword may be hidden in Alsan so your next task it to go and find Gudisen at Quilana camp just inside aslan.

Finally there is something to do other than being a messenger boy as this guy tells you to go and check in the valley dwarves cave just north of the camp. Head to the back of the camp where there are two books to interact with. Once you interact with one you attacked by 2 zurhidon shouting about how the scriptures are not to be nicked. Grab the other one too and head back to the guy at camp. Now you need to head and find a guy called Sheetrag in Hunter's Encampment.

He will tell you that you need to find the second half of the documents and that the goblins have probably nicked it, so head just north-west of his position and kill goblins till one of them drops the desired book. Now you need the manuscript translated so you need to go and find Witch Doctor Eno in Silverfall. This guy can seemingly read the text but before he actually tells you what it says you have to pove yourself to the water god or something of the like. The totem you need is just on the other side of the river and i spawns a lvl 23 Water God Messenger whom you have to kill.

Once that is done retun to the witch doctor. It seems the manuscript was an epic fail and doesn't tell you anything you wanted to know. Therefore the witch doctor gives you a "compass that will listen to ones wishes" in order to find the sword. In order to get it to work though, you need to give it some juice. To do this you need to go and pray at the shrine in the centre of the Lake of Eternal Silence. Just jump in the river and swim over to the central island. once you interact with the altar the same guy as before will appear and spout off some lore about demons and the sword. After this the guy sends you off to instil the power of the forest into the compass, which requires that you head to the Jade Valley. Watch out here as the ents are lvl 27-30 so you may want to level up a bit before tackling this. Once you're confident, head into the valley and look for the essence of jade valley. When you interact with it a goblin will appear and nick your compass. instead of going to kick some goblin ass, you are sent to go and give the little guys a proper burial :S. Don't ask me who writes this stuff. You need to go into the goblin village in the north of silverfall and burn 10 goblin corpses (a simple interaction). You also need to go into Rumpus mine and reteive your compass from a box. The spawn timer is stupidly fast in this whole area (bug?) and as such you need to be able to continuously dispatch of these foes without any sort of break otherwise you'll get nowhere. Once you've done this return to the witch doctor. He says that you need some seeds from a demon vine and fortune dew fom the God of Springs Altar.

This is as far as i have currently got and i need to level up a bit before taking on the next bit.

Big Thanks to DeusViator for adding a large portion of this post. I copy-pasted most of his post into this thread to compile information.


Wednesday, December 17th 2008, 7:42pm

Very helpful thx! Do you have any idea at what level I should be able to kill Anglie?
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Wednesday, December 17th 2008, 8:46pm

after finishing stage 4.....

after finishing stage 4.....nafras gave me "Nafra's Treasure Map"
the item is readable, it contains coordinates and 4 location hints

what i do with this map?



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Wednesday, December 17th 2008, 8:47pm

Great walkthrough...


Thursday, December 18th 2008, 2:38am

I'm stuck there too, didn't write the coordinates and can't reopen it to see them zzz.

Edit : Found it, it's just north of logar, coordinates 50.3,36.6 Not sure if it's different for everybody but that was mines.


Thursday, December 18th 2008, 4:06am

I added the final part of the walkthrough.

Quoted from "Xemfoo;398049"

Very helpful thx! Do you have any idea at what level I should be able to kill Anglie?

Not sure, but you can definitely do it with a group of 2, or 3 at level 12+.

@ DiabloAngelo - thanks, forgot the coordinates, but added them in the walkthrough.



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Thursday, December 18th 2008, 7:31am

The coordinates for the last part is actually listed on the World Search. Should be slightly north of the Windmill.



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Thursday, December 18th 2008, 10:50am

Killing Anglie is a tough fight and you need a party to even get there. If you are in the barren caves and click on the map, you see the whole world!
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Thursday, December 18th 2008, 11:58am

Anglie isn't really that hard, i soloed him with my lv 12 scout without mayor problems


Thursday, December 18th 2008, 12:42pm

Thank you for posting this ;)
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Friday, December 19th 2008, 1:08pm

excuse me but i have a trouble...when i get this quest at Lv 8 i dont do it until I'm Lv 20 i come back for it (my Lv is priest Lv 20 knight Lv1) I cant open dirt pile which you say in your guide and I del it and get it again but nothing change i can do it?


Friday, December 19th 2008, 1:54pm

I abandoned this quest after trying it several times. Strangely.. my son completed it so I think its a user error and not an in game one.


Friday, December 19th 2008, 2:24pm

double post


Friday, December 19th 2008, 2:35pm

maybe it's error because all my friend can do it and they can get a quest to get silverspring'armor but i cant i dont know why be cause we are in party and do same


Friday, December 19th 2008, 3:17pm

I'm not sure, but some things may be level capped. I know that the higher you are, the less your reward is from quest you let go dark green, or worse.

Maybe you need to switch to your Knight to get the dirt pile since it is a lower level.

I know I have horrible times with collection quest I neglect till I'm higher level.


Friday, December 19th 2008, 3:52pm

ty maybe i will change to my knight class to get it


Friday, December 19th 2008, 6:12pm

I got stucked on the quest "Things that go bump in the night"
Can u help me?


Saturday, December 20th 2008, 1:19am

Actually, it's not special elixir, but special oil (im talking about stage-2)


Saturday, December 20th 2008, 3:12am

I cant complete the fourth stage, katrina already got the frog but I'm missing the krafts paper...
I think I threw it away in third stage, thinking I had to throw in the water

but even abandoning and starting again I didnt gained the paper in fourth stage


Saturday, December 20th 2008, 4:33am

Quoted from "mewsosick;404361"

maybe it's error because all my friend can do it and they can get a quest to get silverspring'armor but i cant i dont know why be cause we are in party and do same

I am certain this a game bug. I've had instances where friends in my group (we are all the same level) who can get quests but I can not.