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Thursday, October 1st 2009, 9:32pm


i am an R/W what weps should i use? dagger axe, axe axe, sword dagger, sword sword, dagger dagger or sword axe?

and do i have to use leather? can't i use chain?


Thursday, November 19th 2009, 9:59am

Quoted from "bendib2003;1031728"

i am an R/W what weps should i use? dagger axe, axe axe, sword dagger, sword sword, dagger dagger or sword axe?

and do i have to use leather? can't i use chain?

You use an Axe for mainhand and a dagger for offhand and you switch them around whenever you need to use: Sneak Attack, Shadowstab (unless you use it for spamming instead of bleed) or Blind Stab, given that you are not in a party with some other rogue (in which case you will be using axe all the time and the other rogue will be keeping the bleeds up so you can use the energy to actually deal damage).


Rogue / Warrior


- high dps
- useful in parties/raids
- bonuses to hp and str
- great for pking ( so far :P )


- totally useless 2/4 elite skills ( Whirlwind mastery, Throwing mastery )
- slower than dagger/dagger ( in case u are using axes )
- low survavibility
Throwing mastery is quite useful, if you know when to use it. Also, survivability depends on what you mean by "survival", as only class combinations with k or p (or druid, in case of an elf) in them have better survivability than r/w due to evasion and defensive formation, if one does not use defensive formation when necessary, then the user is to blame, not the class (whining party members are free to download any addon that removes defensive formation immediately when it is received).


Tuesday, February 2nd 2010, 10:43am

Hi, I have a question: Is it worthwhile to upgrade Nimble? Is the speed increase significant? TIA.


Tuesday, February 2nd 2010, 3:16pm

It seems that increasing speed imply increase of DPS, so yes max Nimble to max DPS. However, I don't know exactly how that % impact DPS value. (if it is +7%, it's quite hard to feel)
Grafu dur clean - Tombe dure 5/7 - Cercle mou 4/5.



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Monday, April 26th 2010, 6:47pm

Hello :) Awesome :) Thanks :) carry on :)


Monday, June 7th 2010, 9:49am

Hi there!
Im from Spain so id like to excuse me abaout my english at first.

I was reading this incredible guide and i tougth i must congratulate the autors for this fantastic work.
Sadly; in Spain we have no too many guides, so we have to read english guides o.o
At least, they´re not germany guides :p

Im working in a spanish rogue guide, and yours will help me a lot.

Thank u everybody ;)


Sunday, August 15th 2010, 1:04am

First of all Thanks a ton this is most comprehensive guide I've read
Secondly RoM is my first MMORPG so I'm kinda noob (may even sound stupid sometimes :P ) I don't even understand few terms like Tank and etc. well but I play solo so I don't think those related to party r that much important.

So here are few of my concerns:
I'm R/W level 14 and 13 respectively.
As a rogue currently I've holy stone honor knife (dagger class) PA 74 MA 51 +15PA (I added sun rune I think) main hand speed 2.0
As a warrior currently I've Superior battle axe PA 149 MA 59 +3 stamina 2 hands speed 3.2 (just got it previously had Mercenary glaive PA 130.8 MA 54 +6 MA 2 hands speed 3.2)

I've some talisman (off-hand) with low attack stats but can't use it, I would assume because I'm not level 16 yet? right?
For Rogue I generally pick gear with dex while for Warrior I pick one (upon quest completion if have more than one choices or while equipping) which has more PA/PD and MA/MD and with chain.

So I assume according to description around this tutorial I'm currently dagger-2H axe build (I made use of staff and sword as well just to raise their level is it totally worthless?)

Does the way I'm going sound ok? or do i need to change something? (I'm looking for more damage than survivability but I'm soloing so need to at least take a bit of it)

While for attacking if I'm Rogue I use
Throw(to lure out) -> Blind Stab (blinding effect) -> Shadow stab to start with
And then until target is dead I continue with
Low Blow + Wound + Slash
is it effective?

and for Warrior
I generally use Blind Stab -> Slash -> Shadow stab -> Tactical Attack
not sure if its good

Thats just battle part which I understand at least a very little bit, now coming to pet, Even if I keep my pet around me while playing through. He doesn't seem to gain any experience Where/How do I suppose to get and equip him for gathering? What type of pet should I have (I read one with affinity to dark element, how do I know that?)
What is item set skill? How do I use it?
Is it useful to improve gathering/profession skills? (I've not been working on them at all)

Sorry for all the question, I would appreciate if someone points me to link to read from or answer my questions directly over here


Sunday, August 15th 2010, 7:13am

I really appreciate efforts taken to create this guide
I would like to add a sections - pets and its uses for rogue and profession (if that makes any difference)
If I find anything helpful I'll respond however I don't think I'm knowledgeable enough to comment on anything

Thanks again to anyone who wants to report :)



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Monday, February 21st 2011, 10:49am

Hello evry1
it's my first time i post on the forum so i hope i get it wright.and plz excuse my english
I have a question to ask : on the long run is R/M a good choice?
i'm a lvl 35/34 R/M and atm i find it kinda squishy and a bit hard to lvl up on each side.i mean i can't pull to many mobs cuz of lack of defence..sure dexterity help but sometimes it's not enough.
As for pvp i can't say anything cuz evryone that pvp-ed me had mooded gear and my gear is clean so i can't say if it s any good or not.
what i'm trying to find out is if at lvl 62/62 i will fit somwhere or not or if i'm just wasteing time with this char and i would be better of starting a nother char.
plz don't avoid my post and any1 who has something to say is wellcomed to say it


Monday, February 21st 2011, 4:59pm

You fit greate to pvp but not as guy who take 1st shot and later kill. It's possible but really hard ;) I know it's unfair to see lvl 20-25 twinkie with 25 k hp or even 10 ;) U can be good as support in siedgewars, in group areas and group fights. You can be good killer (no mater pk killer or hunter killer) whenYou will first spot enemy. LAter You can hit enemy when it's in paralys trap effect. With good gear You can be good dps (not the best) for instances. It's quite funny - r/m have about 6 skills to stun/root/silence enemy and no patt buff or like r/p dodge rate, but to tell true, it is (in my eyes) more nice to kill groups of mobs using both aoe traps then to pvp. Ofcourse it is nice pvp character also and nice debuffer but like You see it now - without greate gear it's squishy.



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Monday, February 21st 2011, 5:10pm

@ Arkadikos
Ty vm for ure opinion..u raised up my moral :)
so in other words i should keep lvling cuz in the end i will se the rewards.


Monday, February 21st 2011, 5:36pm

Only with good gear and never will be best ;) All r/k are hard to kill (but possible:P) and really dangerus and they have this damned buff for patt. So if You attack any buffed guy first remove his buffs by magic breake.
A and remember fireball as rogue is only to kit mobs ;) even throw on the same lvl is better than fireball.