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Sunday, April 10th 2011, 9:59pm

Horse rental vs Permanent mount, the F2P guide

For a relatively new player, I've spend a fair share of my time on those forums reading about dias, F2Ps, P2Ps and so on. There seems to be a general consensus that permeates through most of the threads and it is that if you had to buy 1 thing from the Item Shop it has to be the permanent mount.
Not only that I disagree with that statement, I'm frequently amused by comments of people claiming to be F2P but having paid for their permanent mount as if it wasn't a big deal. Well but, it is. Most people wouldn't have even dreamed of having so much dias in gold by the time they leveled to 50.


1)Getting around by a rented mount is much cheaper than you might have thought
2)Permanent mounts are overrated
3)Your dias are better spent elsewhere


-Let's assume that your average Joe plays 8days a day maximum (despite the addiction that this game is :D , take into account that he has to sleep, go to school/work or take holidays away from his computer)
so that's 8/2hr = 4horse rentals a day (3000g ea)
4*3000 *31days = 372 000g a month

-And what our P2P pays as in-game currency?
199dias, assuming cheapest mount (no dyes, no 2-seater, no riding over the water)
on Cedric's exchange rate:
199d*20 000g = 3 980 000 gold total

-Third step: we divide the total cost of a permanent mount to the cost we pay monthly for a rented horse, or
3 980 000/ 372 000 = ~10.5 months
That's right, it takes 10 and a half months for the permanent mount to pay itself in value.

So there goes our 1) myth - that rented horses are hellishly expensive, they are not. The high numbers with which the game works is just playing tricks on our perception.

From mathcraft to a guide:

So how do we beat P2P to their money?
Simple: Secure a mount before the 10 months have ran out.
(To paraphrase what another player have said on the forums: Why pay for something that is already in the game?)
How: Firstly, while you are leveling, don't forget to check your gift bags:
-on levels 2, 20 and 30 you get a free 1-day mount
-on levels 40 and 50 you get a 7-day one
Late-game (it shouldn't take longer than 1-2 months depending on your playstyle/time investment) just go for the free 30-day mounts from events/mini-games (ex. Ancient Treasure Hunt <6min reward).
By that time you should be pretty used to vouchers and rentals so a 30-day mount would seem like permanent one :P

Mention-worthy notes:

1. The figures used in this guide and the "exchange rates" may not be 100% accurate. They are just used to illustrate a point.
2. It's true you can buy cheaper dias from players. But even if you are not afraid to be scammed the point still stands,
ex. if we assume 1dia costs 15k (that's considered cheap on Smacht),
then it's still 5+months time in which the mount you bought with $$ will become a better investment then rentals
3. Regarding argument 3), in my opinion, items found under the "upgrading" tab should be prioritized - refining jewels, up to+6 and above, weapon/armor drillers and so on. And if you are playing on a PvP server, costumes are a viable pick as well.


The guide was aimed mainly at new players who live by the idea that you *must* pay real $$ for a permanent mount in order to progress in the game.
For people who work, have high disposable income and want to invest some of their money on convenience items - by all means, I'm not judging you decisions.
For the rest - one thing to keep in mind, the leveling part is the cheaper part from the game :). So don't be afraid to pay that 3000g to the stable master and enjoy the ride!


Sunday, April 10th 2011, 11:40pm

Don't forget about cheap memento/honor mounts (6 mementoes+200 phiriuses per week).


Monday, April 11th 2011, 1:16am

There are also horse rental tickets from minigame with 1week chance.
My suggestion: For starting - bag mounts till 50 lvl and horse rental tickets. In meanwhile - making sascilla minigame - it drops about 1 x 30 days per week.
Also memento ones.
But...when you become middlegame player 300 dias is nothing...and then you realise that you wanna spending ingame money for fun also.
As i remember my 1st i-do-wanna item was perma mount 2 years ago, even if 4kk sounded sooo ridiculous :P
And since i played and play for fun - was farming trash and gathering mats for mount :P
Atm gold for 300 dias is farmable in several hours for 55 lvl person.


Monday, April 11th 2011, 1:44pm

agree 90% - ok for 7 days , 30 days
but come on rental ? 2 hours ? you in middle of nowhere, running to some instance with friends and so on and your mount expire


Monday, April 11th 2011, 3:29pm

Yea, this 2 hours one are just ridiculous. Before i got mount on an alt, i was running around with stacked horse rental tickets :P


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Wednesday, April 27th 2011, 8:47pm

Sorry to necro a thread, but has anyone ever noticed that the 2hr horse is dearwer than buying 8x 15min ones?
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Thursday, April 28th 2011, 7:43am

My suggestion to new players is to use horse rental tickets, a good stack of them in backbag. yep, they duration is random and cost a bit in AH.

That's what I use on alts :P They are quite easy to gain in masses from the Malatina course of Terror. Sure the stack takes one inventory slot, but it's so much easier to be in middle of Dragonfang outbacks when your mount runs out...

Ancient treasure hunt is truly nice way to gain a 30 day mount, only downside is the couple bound key items, so you cannot farm the rare pieces with other chars and the randomness :( Along the process, you can ensure to have 1 extra BB page.


Thursday, April 28th 2011, 10:46am

my suggestion : get a 7 days with honor points and phirius (you can get a 7 day mount every 2 days) and yep you do not need to be cap lvl OP player
600 honor points and 200 phirius


Thursday, May 26th 2011, 8:54pm

Make a friend who plays the game longer and borrow some gold from him. I did this when i hit 50 back in chap 1 from my guild leader. Its a good investment that will stay with your character through all the upcoming content.
Once ull be able to run CL or start farming DQ items for selling than u can repay quite fast.

Its about 1.5 - 2kk gold for a mount, make sure u buy when they are on offer (some 65/70% speed one).

You should be at around 1kk by the time u hit 50 if u dont spend so u dont need that much extra (from quest reward and loot drop selling). Until 50 I personally used just 2 hours mounts - that works great for leveling sessions.

Also dont forget that u get some free 7 days mounts out of ur leveling package. Make sure u use them most effectively and dont open next leveling package before ur other mount expires.
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Friday, May 27th 2011, 9:27am

I'm still having 2x7 Days reindeers, 1 30 days frog, 2x 7 days unicorns from Events. Another good help. :)
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