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Friday, September 23rd 2011, 3:05pm

Magic Hub FAQ

Magic Hub FAQ

Q: How can I submit a bug report?

A: 1) In the Magic Hub, open the settings window by clicking on the small "Tool Wrench" button above the Runes of Magic icon.
2) In the General tab, click on the "Found a bug? Please let us know" link at the bottom of the page. This will open the bug report window.
3) In the bug report window, provide us with a short description of the problem, and please include your email and forum username so that we can get back to you. Mark the option "Include log files with my report" to provide us with more detailed information.
4) Press the send button, and then please wait 2 minutes before closing the Magic Hub.
Thank you for helping us improve the Magic Hub!

Q: Does the tool need to be installed into any specific folder?
A: No, you can install it into any folder you want. To choose an installation folder, run the Magic Hub installer, navigate to the options screen (press the options button), and select your desired folder.
If you want to change the location of the hub after it was installed, please uninstall it first, and then use the installer to re-install the hub as described above.
Do not move or copy the Magic Hub into a different folder, it will cease to function properly.

Q: Are there plans to integrate TS3 into the Magic Hub?
A: Yes. We're working hard to integrate the TS3 voice app to Magic Hub. Stay tuned ;)

Q: I’ve installed the Magic Hub, started the tool and then experienced a game crash.
A: OK, first of all we're sorry! This shouldn't have happened...
We test the Magic Hub thoroughly before each release, but since it is still in Beta, there might be some issues to fix.
  1. There is a known compatibility issue with XFire / Raptr that can cause unexpected problems, so if you have these applications installed, please make sure that they have been closed before launching the Magic Hub.
  2. If crashes continue to occur, please send us a bug report so we can track down this bug and eliminate it! (see "How can I submit a bug report?")

Q: Switching between the Desktop and In-Game modes
A: Generally speaking, the Magic Hub has two modes of operation: Desktop mode and In-Game mode.
When launching the Magic Hub, it will first launch in Desktop Mode, just as most other applications on your computer would.
When you launch Runes of Magic, the Magic Hub waits until the game is active.
Once you’ve launched the game the hub and all its widgets will disappear from your desktop and jump right into the game.
You can now use the Magic Hub, fully integrated into your game client. When Runes of Magic is no longer in focus (after Alt+Tabing out, quitting the game or selecting another window) the hub and its widgets will reappear on your desktop.…n-Game_Mode.jpg…esktop_Mode.jpg

Q: The Magic Hub doesn't show up, I can only see it on the desktop.
A: 1) Make sure you're running Magic Hub version 0.21.134 or higher (see "How do I check which version number I’m running?").
2) When launching the Magic Hub please wait until it has finished loading (wait until it’s ready and responsive on your desktop), and then launch the game or Alt+Tab back into the game.
3) If the problem continues, please send us a bug report so we can track this bug down and eliminate it! (see "How can I submit a bug report?")

Q: I click on the record button but get the message: "Recording is only enabled in-game".
A: To start a video recording of the game, the Magic Hub must be in "In-Game mode".
Please see "Switching between Desktop and In-Game modes" for further information.

Q: How do I check what version number of the Magic Hub is running?
A: 1) In the Magic Hub, open the settings window by clicking on the small "Tool Wrench" button next to the main button.
2) In the General tab, click on the “About” button at the bottom of the page. The version number appears at the top .

Q: How do I update my version of Magic Hub?
A: The Magic Hub will update itself automatically – enabling you to concentrate on what matters most - playing Runes of Magic!
When the Magic Hub finds a new update it will download silently in the background. New updates will be installed automatically, the next time you launch the Magic Hub.

Q: How do I know which the latest version of the Magic Hub is?
A: You can find information about the latest version on our blog.

Q: Will the Magic Hub be localized in other languages?
A: Yes, but it will take some time before localization is completed (a few months).

Q: Will the browser be updated to support tabs?
A: The browser already supports tabs. To open a new tab simply press the '+' button next to the existing tab(s).

Q: Which DirectX version do I need to use Magic Hub successfully?
A: The Magic Hub generally supports games that use DirectX 9. Because Runes of Magic utilizes this version of DirectX, you won’t need to worry about DirectX updates. If you wish to use the Magic Hub with other games, please check our supported games list.

Q: I like the Magic Hub! Can I use it with other games as well?
A: Yes! The Magic Hub is optimized for RoM, but you can definitely use it when (or IF...) you play other games as well.
Please check our supported games list for further information.

Q: How about security? Is the use of the Magic Hub really safe?

A: Yes, it is. First of all, the Magic Hub uses https and transfers encrypted data. Secondly, should files of the Magic Hub bechanged by a third party, the program will not start. All in all Magic Hub works along the same rules as other browsers and tools do.



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Tuesday, December 18th 2012, 2:42pm

Q : can Magic Hub be moved to a different spot on the screen as it is interfearing gameplay?