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Saturday, October 1st 2011, 9:37am

[Guide] Free to play guide

Want to be powerfull, but you think there is no way besides pay to play or spending lots of time? Guess again.
In this guide I will show you tips&tricks to the F2P way.

This guide contains info on:
-Special Events

Minigames and Shell Items
Once you reach lvl 50, minigames will help you a lot. The reason being, Phirius Shells.
There are special merchants (Phirus vendors). These sell pretty good gear for 200 to 300 shells (the higher shell cost, the better gear and stat will be)

You can use a purified fusion stone to extract that stat from it (which will result in the destruction of the item mind you.)
Stat them on your own gear, or if the stat is not to your liking, sell it.

Now there are 4 minigames, each giving shells upon finishing (CoT being only exception as it gives xx shells each round you finish)

Ancient Treasure
Recommendation: ****

Doable at ANY lvl, the objective is to not get spotted and light all 3 candles. You cannot use your regular skills but will get a special set of skills from NPC
Where: Sascillia Steppes, but can be transported to there from Kat Rojo in Varanas Central
Reward: 30 Shells, guildresources, runes. Recipes rarely.
Special Reward: Parts into constructing a 30 day Infernal/Abysmal mount.
How to get special: Complete within 6 minutes.
Note: Collect the stone along the way. 5 Stones = 1 medal, which you can exchange with the npc of the game for special rewards, the best being imo the 5 medal one which is extra backpack space.
Other notes: Despite invisibility, you still have to deal with aggro. Higher levels have less aggrorange so its much easier to do at 50+
Time taken max: 10 mins

Course of Terror
Recommendation: *****

Logic game. The point of the game is getting all the keys in the round (4 rounds total) and going trough the portal in the end.
Where: Varanas Central, Malatina
Reward: 50 Shells max. Various pots/stones/recipes/mount tickets/materials/Ghost cards.
Special Rewards: AT Charges/Instruments/Better mount tickets/Ghost Cards/Special Recipes
How to get special: If round 2 is completed with more then 9 minutes left, you can then go on to try and complete the next rounds within 3 minutes to get a special key after finishing.
Note: Ghost cards are used to getting titles. I believe its 50 for the first one and 100 for second one.
Time taken max: 15 mins

Malatina Survival Game
Recommendation: **

The objective of this minigame is uncovering all pieces, and opening all chests. Bombs and monsters may slow you down.
Where: Varanas Central, Malatina
Reward: 30 shells. Various pots/recipes/gear. Completion also gives AT charges
The objective of this minigame is uncovering all pieces, and opening all chests. Bombs and monsters may slow you down.
Special Reward: Titles gained at 1st run, 30th run and 100th run (succesfull)
Time taken max: 10 mins

Goblin Mines
Recommendation: *****

Simple, kill the monsters and open the chests at the end. Can be done with a party (and is encouraged since the monster can hit hard if you aren't good enough yet)
One boss appears at end (evelyn) and each goblin you kill makes the other goblins stronger
Where: Silverfall, next to auction house (goblin in disguise guy)
Reward: 50 Shells. Random mats/3 AT charges/Goblin Badges/Pots/Master repair hammer.
Special Reward: Once in a while you get special version where the time limit is 15 mins instead of 30. A NPC at the end will give you an additional reward. (Temp pet/transformation potion most common)
Note: Badges are used to getting titles. 10 for first one and 100 for second one (needs first one). The 2nd title will give you a transformation skill (gobin warrior). Then the 3rd title (unlocked after first 2 titles) cost 250 badges.
Time taken max: 30 mins

Thats a total of 160 shells a day.

Special Events

Daily Event: Tempest Height
Recommendation: *****

The objective of this event is killing the monsters and collecting the chests. Mysterious chest can be opened without keys, while Ancient ones do require keys. 10 waves total starting out pretty easy but getting harder with each wave.
Where: Obsidian Stronghold Tempest Heigh (the pole) at 10:00 or 18:00 GMT
Reward: Pots/gear/recipes/mats. Better rewards include: Transport Runes/Megaphones/Marking Ink/Illusory Hair chests/Convenient Mailboxes/Ancient Chest keys.
Special Reward (aka Ancient Chests): Better chance of getting itemshop items, as well as getting chance at others items such as Agggegators/golden repair hammer.
Note: Chest can contain Strange Crystals also. Exchange 20 crystals for 1 key at various NPCs in Varanas East and Obsidian Stronghold (trading square)
Time taken max: 1 hour

Siege War
Recommendation: ***

Battle with your guild against other guilds crosserver.
Where: Press G> Battle to see if you guild has signed up, then at 19:00 Gmt the siegewar starts and u can press G> Battle>Enter battle
Reward: Depends on how well you do, but possible rewards are : Guild Packages/Gear/Orbs/Badges
Special Reward: The winners get better packages then the the losers. Also the best get more packages.
Note: Very buggy, but you always get something even if you lose. Also dying doesn't result in debts/dura loss, only results in a temporary HP debuff.
Time taken max: 1 hour

Andor Training Range
Recommendation *****
Where: Varanas Central Plaza, Kate Whesker
Highly recommended if you are in a guild as its by far the best way to get guildrubies, and good amount of guildrunes and other resources. Still recommended if you aren't, as the mats do sell, and not only that you have a chance of winning Transport items. At the time of the writing it doesn't really matter how well you do as the rewards seem totally random.
You have timed mode, and arena mode.
Timed: Unlimted waves, 6minute timer
Arena: Unlimited time, 10 waves.
Both include their own special titles to obtain.
Reward: Guildresources
Special Reward: Transport items, by exchanging certificates.
Note: Lvls do no matter at all, but it does cost 30 phirius tokens.
Time taken max: 1 hour

Festival Events
Recommendation: (differs per event)

Every now and then a special event comes along which can earn u some free itemshop items. As of the writing of this guide, the Story event is going on, with rewards being Special Titles/Mounts/Fireworks/Bankspaces/Pots/AT Charges. It often worth doing the work for it, but each festival is different and has different rewards as well, but most of the time definately worth the trouble (plus its something refreshing from the daily grinding)

Justice Event
Recommendation: *****

Located in Tergothen Bay, Rorazan and Chrysalia, you can do Public Events here, marked with a Red Exclamation Points. Once the Regional Event starts (15 minutes cooldown), and you turn in these quests, you get points. The max amount of points is 6000 GLOBAL. You get justice Energy based on your ranking (if you turn in 2000 points, and someone else 3000, and you then become second place you get like 20 points for ranking 10 points for the total amount of points, giving you 30 justice points).

If it ends, and you are in top 3, you get access to the Glorious Shop, where you can exchange your shells for a reasonable price. If you end up 1st, you get acces to the special shop, where you can acces the best of items. The items on sale are zone-dependant.

Instances / Farms
Nowadays, I see a lot of people who just started playing, going trough Coo/Xav just to get to 50+ quickly, and immediately expect to get in HoS or something.
Yes, it is possible, but you will not do much more then leeching if you are a F2P.
Instead, try and be a bit more playing the game instead of focussing on ending the game.
There are many many instances in RoM. Try the weaker ones before going for the harder ones first. They even reward you with gear. But for the sake of this guide let me point you out to the best farms.

Kalin Shrine
Located near Obsidian Stronghold, KS is best know for its goldfarming. Simply kill the monsters, loot them, exit (if you use it for pure purpose of goldfarming, ignore the bosses), sell items, rinse and repeat. Pretty easy way to get gold. Lvl 50+

Cyclops Lair:
Easier then KS (though a bit more out of the way) located in Dragonfang ridge, cyclops lair is a good farm as well. You will need to do a prequest for this one before you can enter though. Lvl 40+

Dungeon of Dalanis
Located in the Sewers of Dalanis, it is best known for its memfarming. On normal the 1st boss gives 4 mems. You can decide whether to go just for this first boss or do a full run (23 mems). This instance can be done as many times as you'd like, and is a bit easier/faster then GC easy.
Also, DoD stats are pretty decent, but if you are farming minigames, dirty stat instead of clean stat them if you want to use them. Lvl 50+ (20k hp recommended, due to Aoe's)
Edit: DoD stats are by now outdated as x stats are very easy to get

Grafu Castle Easy
Located in land of Malevolence, its slightly harder then DoD, but if you have a good group faster for memfarming too. Most skip boss 4 (due to being annoying and buggy) and certainly boss 5 (due to being too hard/long) though, so for a proper memfarm b1-b3 for fast runs.

KBN Easy
One of the newest instances, this place is great. Its not that hard for a decent group. Its not really a memfarm as it takes about 30 minutes per run for 50 or so mems, but it does give good stats quite fast (not the best) and all the blue and up items are tier 5 so its great for tiering as well. Simple said, kbn easy offers all the basic goodies, stats+mems+tiering.
Recommended hp = 50k HP (due to some aoe's)

Non-Instance farm
Daily quest items:Guard dog meat, which you need 10 of to do one of the best dailies (the other one being butterfly quest, located in same area) can be farmed. Use droploot pots to have a higher chance of meat dropping. A stack can sell pretty well as some people can't be bothered getting butterflies (butterflies takes about 30 minutes to do 10x). Sell them in stacks on auction house. Other daily items will give you profit as well of course but guard dog meat is the most profitable.
Edit: Theres a better daily now, but u need at least lvl 69 to do it, so butterflies and thus guard dogs are still often done.

Other Stuff

Recommendation: **
Cedric is the npc located in front of the auction house in Varanas Central. Now what this guy does is give you 5 diamonds a day, for 100k. Thats 20k a dia, and often better then what other people are selling for. The catch is, you can only get 15 dias a day PER account. Still worth getting it daily, and if you farming crimson stats/memstats, you need to get dias somehow. Getting 15 a day means you can get a purified fusion stone (non-promo) within 3 days (and have 6 dias spare).
You need to be lvl 30 at least to be able to buy.
Edit: Cedric dropped 3 stars...Simply because he isnt really usefull at all anymore. They nerfed him down to 3 dias a day for 80k total, meaning even the most basic stuff like puries will take a week to get. Its still twice as cheap as auction house dias that was implented during this change, and in some servers even 4x as cheap.

You may not know, but you don't actually have to play the game to make money. And no I am not talking about bots here. There are several ways, among them being:
Guildcastle Farms: Farm ore/herbs/wood, the higher lvl the farm is the more chance of getting better mats.
Jobs (crafting/alchemy etc): buy/get a whole lot of crafting mats, start the process and go read something.
Pets: Pets can craft for you as well, and at later crafting lvl actually start making a profit.

Free Mounts
Mounts cost quite a bit, even when they are on sale. Luckily there are ways to get free mounts, although temporarily.
Course of Terror, normal chest: regular chests have a chance of dropping Horse Rental ticket. They give you a mount for either 15mins,1 hour or 7 days. They drop quite a lot and aren't bound.
Course of Terror, precious chest: You need to have gotten the precious key first, but once you did, you have a chance of getting a Mount Voucher, which will give you a mount for either 7 or 30 days.
Treasure Hunt: Finishing the game with 6 minutes left will have you a chance of opening extra chests, containing parts for a 30-day Abysmal or Infernal mount.
Events: Events goodie packages sometimes contains mounts, and sometimes even pernament ones. Though this requires a lot of luck.
Phririus Tokens: Least recommended way, but basically you can get a mount for phirius tokens as well, but this requires so much tokens that it is better spent on other things (minigames for example). A slightly better way with phirius tokens is to do it in combo with honor points (obsidian stronghold)
Gold: by Lethicia for a good gold vs dias guide on mounts
Mementos: Also not recommended, seeing as mems are better used for getting stats, but if you want you can get mounts with mems from for example Weeping Coast.

Honor Points
Another form of currency is honor points. You get these from battling other players on battlefields (Siegewar for example). They can be exchanged in Obsidian Stronghold for materials/mounts/armour/recipes. I'd recommend going for the materials personally.

I hope this guide helps some of the people thinking they are eternally stuck at being a newbie unless they buy dias. Dias only help, but is not necesarry, in order to become a good player. Once you start statting your gear, you can in turn collect your own gear from the instances instead of having to buy them for often ridiculous prices from other players.
If you have any remarks or suggestions for the guide let me know =)

Additional Notes:
Cedric nerf hit f2p hard. You now have to worry about how you spend stuff much much more.
As such, phirius tokens have gotten more valuable, and you have to weigh down doing either minigames, or save up for tokens shop stuff, example:
7 days of cedric dias buying = 1 puri
4 days of daily quests, no minigames = 1 puri
You can ofcourse use auction house, but dias are very expensive in there so your profit will diminish by alot.
Therefor, my recommendation no longer is statting your own gear, let alone plus it, as this is simply too costly for a f2p, and instead buy outdated, but already statted and plussed gear with what you do manage to make in profits.

Guide keeps getting more and more outdated, cant keep up with all the "economy" changes

Special thanks go to:
[B]Yrcanos: [/B]Pointing out some errors and adding some tips
ExtremiaWd: Some more suggestions
People who made the videos
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Friday, October 7th 2011, 10:09am

Certainly useful for any new player, good job.


Friday, October 7th 2011, 10:26am


course of terror note : ghost cards also can let you buy (need 10) extended time (more 5 min) or transform obstacles in cannons

also will be a good point to include Cyclops Lair also as is a good instance for farm and have lower requirements than KS
non-instance farm : add that not dog meat only worth , many other dailies (also depend on player level) can be profitable

side note : there are ways to get free mounts , u said a bit about infernal and abysmal , can include a miniguide how to get temporary mounts

anyway GJ


Friday, October 7th 2011, 12:38pm

Tnx for feedback.
As for the ghostscards, I think I once read it will lessen rewards if you use them (either it was shells or precious keys), will need confirmation whether this is true or not (I never use them btw seeing as it is easy enough for me as it is, and it isn't really worth buying them with the cards either as you can get them for free sometimes (Malatina's chest) from the precious chests.

I will add a miniguide to it for getting free mounts right away =)
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Friday, October 7th 2011, 2:09pm

Quoted from "xDoFx;3625318"

I will add a miniguide to it for getting free mounts right away =)

Check with the F2P mounts guide here:


Friday, October 7th 2011, 3:13pm

200 phirius tokens and 600 honor points = 7 day mount in OS , NPC near teleporter , mercenary square


Thursday, October 13th 2011, 6:55pm

wish this guide was here 2-3 months ago, when i started playing and those things wouldnt take so long to discover; anyway very useful guide, im sure many ppl will make huge step ahead by reading it


Monday, December 5th 2011, 4:32pm


[COLOR=black ! important]That means in 10 days time you can have 1600 shells aka 8 crimson stats. [/COLOR]

The maximum amount of Phirius shells you can have is maxed at 1000 shells as far as I know. I've had 1000 shells earlier than having enough purified stones to use them, and didn't gain any shells beyond 1000 when I completed Survival Game.


[COLOR=black ! important]Mementos: Also not recommended, seeing as mems are better used for getting stats, but if you want you can get mounts with mems from for example Weeping Coast.

Another reason not to use them, is that they cost 200 token as well beside the mementos. They only last for 7 days, and like xDoFx said, tokens are better spent elsewhere.


[COLOR=black ! important]Treasure Hunt: Finishing the game with 6 minutes left will have you a chance of opening extra chests, containing parts for a 30-day Abysmal or Infernal mount.[/COLOR]

"Chance" is important. I received my first mount core (apart from the contract the only part that is bound) on the 30th succesful game. Maybe I was unlucky, but don't give up hope if you're without your mount after 10 runs. It will drop eventually. :)

Another tip, don't forget that in case you just need 1-2 AT charges to stat your gear you don't have to wait to buy them 10 a pack (or another day to do the minigames). You can buy them from Lehman at class hall 30 tokens each.

Nice guide!


Monday, December 5th 2011, 5:35pm

Arent shell stacked in a new stack when they reach over 1000? (like tokens do?) , can't confirm this myself as I always immediately buy stats with em :P (no sense in waiting anyways)

And yeah for AT game the cores as well as the Spiny thing for the Abysmal I believe, have a significantly lower chance of being looted then contracts/bones. 30 run for 1st core is pretty unlucky though ^^ (i think i myself only have 25 or so succesfull runs (dont like that place is in the middle of nowhere so don't do it that often mysel) but already had enough to get 4 mounts of it. (including 2x abysmal)
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Monday, December 5th 2011, 6:17pm

Quoted from "xDoFx;3780592"

Arent shell stacked in a new stack when they reach over 1000? (like tokens do?)

Tokens don't have an upper limit, just a stack limit of 1000.

Shells however have an upper limit of 1000 and a stack limit of 999.

For completeness,
Memento's have an upper limit of 3000 and a stack limit of 999.

I don't know what the limits on Justice is, but I bet it stacks at 999.


Sunday, December 18th 2011, 3:42pm

Added Justice Event
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Monday, December 19th 2011, 2:29pm

Great Job with this guide mate. Thumbs Up. +rep, +1, fantastic.



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Thursday, April 12th 2012, 7:31am

I would recommend adding something about promos as well. Of course, the Frogster one is Score For More I guess, but I mean ones through game sites as well. There's a lot of game sites that have partnered with Frogster in the past to giveaway codes for packages and 30-day mounts. And of those game sites, some don't set a date for their giveaway to expire. I can run across old codes even today for giveaways from a few months or even a few years ago and it will say something like "500 codes left!" lol. The only catch is usually you need to register with that site to get the code, so it might require having a lot of emails or accounts if you want to use more than one code (because if no one else has used them yet, you might as well help yourself >_<).

I would list sites, but I don't know URLs off-hand. It's just more of a general tip to check sites that do giveaways and check for old giveaways that may still be active. Always good to seize those opportunities ;D


Thursday, April 12th 2012, 12:40pm

The problem with that is:

A: Theyre rare
B: Not guaranteed
C: Because ROM is starting to show age, less promos are being done.

In fact, the only promo I heard off and gotten in my 1 year of playing time was the Viking Mount. Because of above reasons, theyré no viable enough imo to be in a guide as a reliable source. (scoreformore is...should add that later)

If you could list sites with working keys that ofc would always be nice, but I just did quick check and couldnt find any :P
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Thursday, April 12th 2012, 2:17pm

Aww Viking Mount :( See there is one that I missed. =/ Was it this one?…mount-giveaway/

Well I'll have a look around a bit later on to see if I can get the URL of the most recent old one (oxymoron? lol).

EDIT: This is the one I had used most recently…runes-of-magic/
If anyone is reading this from outside EU, they have way more left over for US, Canada, and AU…s-of-magic.html


Thursday, April 12th 2012, 5:23pm

It was that one yes, all keys were gone in a matter of days.

As for the links you provided: Key 1 doesnt work (key invalid)+ was only 30 day mount apparently (assuming its ended) and cant test out #2 but is prolly same deal

its too hard too find the good ones out of the crap ones ^^
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Thursday, April 12th 2012, 7:55pm

Interesting because the mount codes were the ones I had been using since resuming play on EU (month or 2). Maybe I linked the wrong website, but I doubt it. I'll post more if I come across them. Used to have a really good endgamer friend that knew all the working sites and stocked up on large amounts of unclaimed codes for himself and myself. Unfortunately I'm now out of contact with this person and they likely wouldn't want to talk about RoM if I tried to bring it up >.<;

Still, it is something that you begin to really look into once you've been playing RoM longer than a year. Free things = take as many as you can get and then some. xD I remember when there were still unclaimed Runesurfer bundle keys from chapter 3 long after the giveaway had "ended", and if you got enough codes, you had the fastest mount in the game for a year or longer. xD It was great hahaha. Same for when there were unclaimed codes for bank space; could have an expanded bank box for a year.



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Saturday, May 26th 2012, 6:07pm

What is the name of NPC in OS where you trade honor points ?

Usud : Warlock 90 / Champion 60, Maher : Mage 85/ Priest 60, Sonique : Priest 85 / Mage 60


Sunday, May 27th 2012, 1:39am

There are several trading for different things, if you port to mercenary square you should find yourself beside them :)


Wednesday, June 20th 2012, 2:17pm

DarkPopulous has created this excellent videoguide explaining all the minigame, check it out now
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