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Thursday, June 14th 2012, 8:20am

Craft festival guide link

I couldn't find any information on our forum, but there's great guide on us forum, so i'll just give you a link:

It was developed on basis of previous crafting festival, but looks that those information are valid also for current one too(i'm pretty convinced that current event adds some new stuff, but guide to parts that are repeated from previous festival is still good starting point).

Here's original guide quoted(just to backup great work):

Quoted from "Dollars"

[INDENT]The Crafting Festival has come to town! For all those who didn’t want to work on those pesky crafting skills because on the huge time sink they can be, this festival is for you! You’ll still need to put in some effort to get from 1-15, but it only costs gold and your time to get from 15-55. Going from crafting level 15-55 will only cost you ~4m and ~10 hours of your life!

Additionally, there are recipes which can only be obtained during this festival, but sadly, many of the ingredients are only available during the festival, as well.

Have fun playing with your tools!

[Craft Festival Guide v 0.3.3 by Anrii]
Updated: 07/26/2011


- ( vendor NPCs Alber, Birdie, Fiona, and Mizner are working again!

- ( vendor NPCs Alber, Birdie, Fiona, and Mizner are bugged and do not offer recipes or materials.
- You can follow the bug thread here.


The Craft Festival

2011 Craft Festival event dates:
- June 16th to July 26th (~25 days of playable time, we lost two weeks to an oops)

Activity and Quest NPC’s

Dalanis, Abandoned District
- Alber [Artificer’s Guild] (65.5, 67.8)
- Birdie [Artificer’s Guild] (64.6, 67.3)
- Craft Festival Cashier [Artificer's Guild] (64.4, 65.2)
- Komol Damal [Artificer’s Guild] (
- Mojo Caffey [Artificer’s Guild] (61.2, 65.8)
- Momo Paladis [Artificer’s Guild] (63.7, 67.5)
- Nobo Yanag [Flea Market Host] (65.3, 65.1)
- Salami Panini [Artificer’s Guild] (60.8, 67.5)
- Whitewater Nick [Artificer’s Guild] (60.8, 66.5)
- Yasha - Artificer [Artificer’s Guild] (65.2, 66.0)

Varanas, Central Plaza
- Burton [Artificer's Guild] (51.3, 55.1)
- Craft Festival Cashier [Artificer's Guild] (51.3, 56.5)
- Craft Materials Merchant - Alchemy [Artificer's Guild] (51.3, 55.5)
- Craft Materials Merchant - Armor Crafting [Artificer's Guild] (52.9, 56.8)
- Craft Materials Merchant - Blacksmithing [Artificer's Guild] (52.2, 55.9)
- Craft Materials Merchant - Carpentry [Artificer's Guild] (51.7, 55.6)
- Craft Materials Merchant - Cooking [Artificer's Guild] (50.3, 56.4)
- Craft Materials Merchant - Tailoring [Artificer's Guild] (53.1, 56.4)
- Fiona [Artificer's Guild] (50.1, 58.1)
- Mizner [Artificer's Guild] (49.9, 57.0)
- Nolika (52.2, 57.1)
- Sloan Krug [Artificer's Guild] (51.5, 56.9)
- Yizzi - Artificer [Artificer's Guild] (50.5, 57.4)

Varanas, Lower City East
- Archibald [Artificer’s Guild] (43.0, 22.8)

Varanas, Lower City West
- Ailes [Naughty Boy] (30.6, 35.8)
- Harriet [Artificer’s Guild] (34.2, 38.8)

Activities and Quests

Activity: A Mission from the Craftsmen
Activity NPC: Yizzi - Artificer & Yasha - Artificer

Description: Come to either Yizzi or Yasha once you hit level sixty (60) and become a Master in a crafting skill.


Alchemist Master
- Recipe - Dancing Perfume

Armor Crafting Master
- Recipe - Miniature Movable Armor

Blacksmith Master
- Recipe - Assembly Kit Gear

Carpentry Master
- Recipe - Handmade Table with Sheena's Dishes

Cooking Master
- ? [highligh](What? No love for the cooks?)[/highlight]

Tailoring Master
- Recipe - Exquisite Handmade Clothes

Notes: These are the only event NPCs I cannot interact with, so I’m relying on the community for information. This information is still incomplete, so please let everyone know what you get from Yizzi &Yasha.

Activity: Artificer’s Helper
Activity NPCs: Alber, Birdie, Fiona, Mizner & Sloan Krug (Start/End)

Description: Sloan Krug will do a server announcement that she needs help, so head to Varanas and talk to her. She will tell you which item she needs. You can get the recipes and supplies from Alber,Birdie, Fiona, or Mizner, but you will need to have the correct skill level to create the item. The event will last for only thirty (30) minutes and can be completed only once a day.

5 x Craftsman's Appreciation [SS]
2 x Craft Festival Celebration Certificate

Notes: You’ll need a minimum crafting level of 15 to participate in this event, as well as hope the requested item is low enough for you to create. If Sloan Krug is asking for an item you can't make, try another channel. I've been lucky a few times by changing channels. Sometimes they are the same item.

The Craftsman's Appreciation are used as currency to purchase rare crafting supplies from the Materials Merchants around Sloan Krug.

one (1) Craftsman's Appreciation can be exchanged for one (1) rare crafting component.

Craft Materials Merchants sell:
- Large Universal Potion [SS]- Alchemy
- Silver Ore [SS]- Armor Crafting
- Lava Crystal Iron [SS] - Blacksmithing
- Breathing Wood [SS]- Carpentry
- Selected Mushroom [SS] - Cooking
- Fancy Ribbon [SS] - Tailoring
Event times: (The event happens every three (3) hours)

02:23-02:53 PST
05:23-05:53 PST
08:23-08:53 PST
11:23-11:53 PST
14:23:14:53 PST
17:23-17:53 PST
20:23-20:53 PST
23:23-23:53 PST

Quest: Nolika's Research (NO Gold, NO EXP, NO TP)
Quest NPC: Nolika

Description: While adventuring, collect twenty (20) Southern Fernsdropped from random mobs and five (5) Sticky Gumsfound on Broken Branches east of the Vanaras entrance.

5 x Nolika's Experiment
1 x Craft Festival Celebration Certificate

Notes: If you get EXP from the mob you have a chance to get the Southern Ferns.

Activity: Flea Market
Activity NPCs: Komol Damal, Mojo Caffey, Momo Paladis, Nobo Yanag (Start/End), Salami Panini, &Whitewater Nick

Description: Talk to Nobo Yanag and offer to help. He would like you to exchange an item he no longer needs for one he does, so he wants you to go talk to the other vendors and see if you can barter for what he wants.

2 x Craft Festival Celebration Certificate (Success! \o/ )

1 x Craft Festival Celebration Certificate (I give up! Click the buff off.)

Notes: If none of the vendors have exactly what you need, barter with the other vendors until you can get the required item. The Flea Market Attendance Certificate Buff will tell you which material is required if you forget.

Here is a comment from Perelynn you might find helpful:
>> Originally Posted by Perelynn<<
Figured out how to make Dalanis quest better. I come and take the quest. If I cannot exchange the item I'm given for what is needed, I exchange it for what I can and drop the quest. The next day it may happen the quest giver will need what I exchanged. It just happened to me: the quest giver wanted Crystal Reflector which I had from yesterday. I just exchanged Universal Glue to whatever was available to have the change, and then gave the reflector to the quest giver. Got 2 certificates. Yay!

Activity: The Great Production Leap
Activity NPC: Alber, Birdie, Fiona, & Mizner

Description: Alber, Birdie, Fiona, & Mizner sell recipes and supplies which you can use to level your crafting skills without the need of production runes. It will only cost your time and gold.

- Going from 15-55 in a craft without the need for production runes!

Notes: I’m guessing on this one, since I couldn’t find another activity which matched the Patch Notes other than what these NPCs could do. Alber and Birdie in Dalanis sell the same recipes as Fiona andMizner in Varanas. The recipes will take you from 15-55 in all the crafting skills except cooking. I’m assuming they think we use our maid for this now.

The following six (6) quests start and finish with Burton, they are simple and quick.

Quest: Alchemist's Commission (25 Gold, 12 EXP, 1 TP)
Quest NPC: Burton

Description: After accepting this quest you will be told what color potion they want you to mix. By using the four (4) color potions on a table to Burton’s right, choose the appropriate colors when mixed will give you the correct Mixed Potion. Give the completed Mixed Potion to Burton for your reward.

Please help the alchemist mix Pink Potion!
- White Potion
- Red Potion

Please help the alchemist mix Aqua Potion!
- White Potion
- Blue Potion

Please help the alchemist mix Pale Yellow Potion!
- White Potion
- Yellow Potion

Please help the alchemist mix Orange Potion!
- Red Potion
- Yellow Potion

Please help the alchemist mix Green Potion!
- Yellow Potion
- Blue Potion

Please help the alchemist mix Purple Potion!
- Red Potion
- Blue Potion

3 x Unicorn Tail [SS]
1 x Craft Festival Celebration Certificate

Quest: Armor Crafter's Commission (25 Gold, 12 EXP, 1 TP)
Quest NPCs: Burton (Start/End) & Ailes

Description: You need to find one (1) Precision Fortified Iron and a naughty boy named Ailes. Head on over to Lower City West and have a little chat with him. He fits the usual naughty boy trope, and will give you the Precision Fortified Iron if you can guess what other ore he’s holding. You’ll have thirty (30) seconds to make the correct choice. Just keep on talking to him until you get the correct ore and quantity. Return to Burton for your reward.

3 x Dragon Skin [SS]
1 x Craft Festival Celebration Certificate

Notes: If you fail the first time don’t worry you can do it again. On my second guessing attempt the ore was the same but the quantity had changed.

Quest: Blacksmith's Commission (25 Gold, 12 EXP, 1 TP)
Quest NPCs: Burton (Start/End), Archibald, & Harriet

Description: Head over to Archibald and get an Ice Crystal from him. He’ll give you three (3) Ice Crystals and inform you to see Harriet to cast the needed ingot. Visit Harriet and he’ll make you one (1) Ice Crystal Ingot. Take the completed ingot back to Burton for your reward.

3 x Colorful Iron Sand [SS]
1 x Craft Festival Celebration Certificate

Quest: Carpenter's Commission (25 Gold, 12 EXP, 1 TP)
Quest NPC: Burton

Description: Collect ten (10) High-quality Wood from Suspicious Wood Piles located in the southern half of Silverspring. When complete return to Burton for your reward.

3 x Spiritwood Branch [SS]
1 x Craft Festival Celebration Certificate

Notes: There are plenty of Suspicious Wood Piles just outside of the Varanas entrance.

Quest: Cook's Commission (25 Gold, 12 EXP, 1 TP)
Quest NPC: Burton

Description: Time to go fishing! Err wait, when did we get fishing? Anyway, head on out to the Lake of Magic Mist (~ 42, 35) in Silverspring. Along the banks you’ll see a School of Fish, click on them and POW you’re fishing! Collect Lively Fish and cook them at the Burning Fires located around (44.8, 42.8). You can burn the fish so you may have to go back and get more Lively Fish. Once you’ve cooked up three (3) Delicious Fish return to Burton for your reward.

3 x Secret Spice [SS]
1 x Craft Festival Celebration Certificate

Quest: Tailor's Commission (25 Gold, 12 EXP, 1 TP)
Quest NPC: Burton

Description: Collect ten (10) Black Boar Furs from Black Boars in the southern part of Silverspring. Return to Burton for your reward.

3 x Silver Feather Silk [SS]
1 x Craft Festival Celebration Certificate

Notes: Black Boars are very common non-KoS mob which are close to the Varanas gate. Black Boar Furs seem to have a 100% drop rate.

General Commission Quest Notes:

The Alchemist, Armor Crafters and Blacksmiths quest are all completed within Varanas.

The Tailors, Carpenters and Cooks are completed in Silverspring.

Crafting components obtained through these quests:
- Unicorn Tail [SS] - Alchemy
- Dragon Skin [SS] - Armor Crafting
- Colorful Iron Sand [SS] - Blacksmithing
- Spiritwood Branch [SS] - Carpentry
- Secret Spice [SS&#8195;] - Cooking
- Silver Feather Silk [SS] - Tailoring

General Event Notes:

Alber, Birdie, Fiona, & Mizner have the ability to raise your crafting cap without the need to complete the crafting quests. This would be a great time to get your crafting skills up. You can level your crafting skills from 15-55 for about ~4m gold and no runes in ~10 hours! These numbers will be smaller if you use crafting bonuses.

The Craft Materials Merchants have a limited supply of material which are restocked daily. Check a different channel ,if a Craft Materials Merchant runs out of stock.

You can only make one (1) Purified Crystal once every three (3) hours. (#32)

Exchange six (6) Craft Festival Celebration Certificates [SS] with the Craft Festival Cashier to receive a random recipe or potion.

Possible Rewards from the Craft Festival Cashier:
- Ability Elixir (7 Days) [005/100 Charges] [SS]
- Aisha's Crystal
- Barrier Elixir (7 Days) [005/100 Charges] [SS]
- Beserker Elixir (7 Days) [005/100 Charges] [SS]
- Broken Icebound Guardian
- Broken Turtle Shell
- Damaged Fan
- Dead Taylin Fishbone [SS]
- Elemental Hammer Ball [SS]
- Giant Crab Pincer [SS]
- Holy Light Elixir (7 Days) [005/100 Charges] [SS]
- Ice Plain Mammoth Tusk
- Muscular Elixir (7 Days) [005/100 Charges] [SS]
- Octopus Limb
- Perodia Tree Branch
- Poisonous Scorpion Leg
- Recipe - Aisha's Crystal Ornament [SS]
- Recipe - Androlier's Head Ornament
- Recipe - Aok Prayer [SS]
- Recipe - Aqua Work Sword
- Recipe - Asja Hammer
- Recipe - Atom Hammer [SS]
- Recipe - Bailey Bow
- Recipe - Blackhorn Back Ornament
- Recipe - Blessing Potion [SS]
- Recipe - Bloodfang Sword
- Recipe - Bloodthirsty Claw Ornament
- Recipe - Blue-Green Heart [SS]
- Recipe - Blue Ribbon Walker Riding Equipment
- Recipe - Braised Pork [SS]
- Recipe - Bright Day Wand
- Recipe - Butterfly Copper Axe
- Recipe - Carving Orange Blade
- Recipe - Craft Battle Axe
- Recipe - Craft Crystal Staff
- Recipe - Craftsman Hand Axe
- Recipe - Craftsman Rivet Armor
- Recipe - Craftsman Tooth Sword
- Recipe - Dur Craftsman Dagger
- Recipe - Edge Striped Jacket
- Recipe - Elegant Harp Ornament
- Recipe - Extravagant Striped Robe [SS]
- Recipe - Fine Senior Apprentice's Iron Chest [SS]
- Recipe - Fitted Duel Armor
- Recipe - Fried Porkchop
- Recipe - Functional Erudite Adept's Iron Chest
- Recipe - Functional Senior Adept's Tailoring Chest
- Recipe - Geometric Rose Axe
- Recipe - Gift Potion [SS]
- Recipe - Gilt Barrel Hammer [SS]
- Recipe - Green Envoy Clothes
- Recipe - Green Feather Bow
- Recipe - Green Forest Rogue Set
- Recipe - Green Thorn Power
- Recipe - Green Wing Guard [SS]
- Recipe - Hairyfoot's Chef Hat [SS]
- Recipe - Heavenly Dragon Set
- Recipe - Hemming Sword
- Recipe - Ice Plain Mammoth Sample
- Recipe - Ice Stone Green Hammer [SS]
- Recipe - Imperial Guard Armor
- Recipe - Introduction Light Set
- Recipe - Ivy Hand Axe
- Recipe - Jade Battle Axe
- Recipe - Jade Breeze [SS]
- Recipe - Jade Green Protection
- Recipe - Light Engraved Armor
- Recipe - Mantz Knife [SS]
- Recipe - Mysterious Potion [SS]
- Recipe - Neep's Scorpion Leg Ornament
- Recipe - Netherweave Broadaxe
- Recipe - Octopus Arm Ornament [SS]
- Recipe - Original Boulder Hammer
- Recipe - Ornamental Rose Hammer
- Recipe - Pork Ribs
- Recipe - Profoundly Mysterious Potion [SS]
- Recipe - Purple Breastplate
- Recipe - Purple Soul Guardian Sword
- Recipe - Red Sun Guard
- Recipe - Redda Knife
- Recipe - Rippled Purple Axe
- Recipe - Royal Decorative Armor [SS]
- Recipe - Sample of Perodia [SS]
- Recipe - Sealer's Totem Flag
- Recipe - Simple Junior Craftsman's Tailoring Chest [SS]
- Recipe - Shamrock Feather Bow
- Recipe - Skillcraft Raid Axe [SS]
- Recipe - Spinnaker Knife
- Recipe - Stardust Multiblade
- Recipe - Steel Soul Craft Armor [SS]
- Recipe - Sweet and Sour Yellow Croaker [SS]
- Recipe - Thunder Craft Robe
- Recipe - Tool Hammer
- Recipe - Trophy of Taylin Fishbone
- Recipe - Trophy of the Icebound Guardian [SS]
- Recipe - Uguda's Hammer Ball Ornament
- Recipe - Wave Stiletto
- Recipe - Wing Prayer Staff
- Recipe - Yusalien's Shell Ornament
- Ripped Chef Hat [SS]
- Silent Harp
- Soulless Androlier
- Viking Sapphire Mount (7 Days) [SS]
- Windbreak Elixir (7 Days) [005/100 Charges] [SS]
- Wit Elixir (7 Days) [005/100 Charges] [SS]
- Worn Flag

<insert all your other recipes!>

Patch Notes 4.0

Contributions are welcomed and encouraged!
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Thursday, June 21st 2012, 9:11am

The times are then 00:21 , 03:21 , 06:21 , 09:21 , 12:21 , 15:21 , 18:21 , 21:21 for sloan krug *dutch/german time


Thursday, June 21st 2012, 9:47am

Quoted from "Dollars"

Alber, Birdie, Fiona, & Mizner have the ability to raise your crafting cap without the need to complete the crafting quests. This would be a great time to get your crafting skills up. You can level your crafting skills from 15-55 for about ~4m gold and no runes in ~10 hours! These numbers will be smaller if you use crafting bonuses.

This year there are additional recipes for level 55 and 65, however to get materials you have to pick 'What's new this year?' (or similar) in npc's dialog to access second shop with materials for those new higher level recipes.
It's not cheap but still much easier than leveling crafting in normal fashion.