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Saturday, June 30th 2012, 1:28pm

[Quests] Village of Dorris, Lipuden Valley & Sardo Castle (Magical Reconstruction)

Quest Guide
the Village of Dorris,
Lipuden Valley
Sardo Castle

(Part of the Magical Reconstruction quest line)


How to not screw up your
Magical Reconstruction quest line
in the southern part of
Redhill Mountains.

Having read several posts where people have managed to miss/lose quests around this part of the Magical Reconstruction quest line, I figured a short guide might be of help.

Note that many other quests will also be available around this area which will award a large amount of XP but this little guide covers only the sequence of quests & sub-quests in the southern half of Redhill Mountains.

  • Proceed to the Village of Dorris
  • Excluded
    • Help drive away the doomsayers

  • Search for Sanchies Matin
  • Collect Anecdotes
  • Drive off the monsters
  • Help clean up the trash
  • Speak with Ammator
  • Go to the Lipuden Valley and investigate
  • The Source of the Pollution and Monsters
    • Monster's Wish
      • Monster's Past

    • Search for the Documents
      [INDENT]Items collected:
      [INDENT]Torn Up Document
      Experiment Record No. 374
      Experiment Record No. 118295
      Moth-eaten Document[/INDENT](Do not discard these items - you will need them later!)[/INDENT]
      • Reunite with Morrok
        [INDENT]Morrok takes: Experiment Record No. 374
        Morrok goes on a big wander...
        [INDENT]Story & exposition
        (It's safe to go away to hand in "The Source of the Pollution and Monsters" - He hunts on a loop.)[/INDENT][/INDENT]

  • Findings in Lipuden Valley
  • Who is Axel?
  • Organize the Gathered Information
    [INDENT]Axel takes:
    [INDENT]Torn Up Document
    Experiment Record No. 118295
    Moth-eaten Document[/INDENT][/INDENT]
  • Interrogate Them!
    • Inquire about the expert corpse collector
    • Inquire about the corpse superintendent
    • Ask Mayor Ardama Cassidy

  • Mulling Over the Situation in Sardo Castle
  • Request to meet with Lord Jacklin Sardo
  • Getting the Cold Shoulder
  • Take off their clothes!
  • Mission Impossible
  • Scour the area
  • I can only rely on you...!!
    • A familiar helping hand
    • Futen Whitehorn's News
    • A Brief Goodbye

  • Leave this cursed place!
    • It looks like half a wyrm (must have completed this to get "Leave this cursed place!")

  • Invite the envoy to a meeting
    • Traditional Dorris Treats
      • The Flavor of a Special Treat
      • Proud Rib Fillet
      • The Wild Taste of Mushrooms

  • Expose what's really going on
  • Armistice Treaty from the Special Envoy (activates quests from Letitia Gygax)
    • Survivor's Request (completing this completes "Armistice Treaty from the Special Envoy")
    • Just stick your hand in and fish around
    • Unfulfilled Wish

  • Attend the meeting between the two kingdoms
  • Truce
  • Disrupt the Sardo Castle Preparations
  • Describe the event
    • An Explanation to the Mayor
    • Ask Ammator Pellts for help
    • A Heartbreaking Fact

  • Awaiting the Lionheart Knight Reinforcements
  • A Long Time to Wait
    (Comes from the Lionheart Knight in Sardo castle just before the path through to Tergothen Bay)
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