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Saturday, September 15th 2012, 3:27pm

Tanking problems?

Do you suceed to tank ?
I've got problems with aggro. Especially with groups of mobs.
Can you share your experience with me?



Saturday, September 15th 2012, 3:31pm

Are you a knight a warden or a Chapinon, what is your secondray class, what skill do you use, what buffs do you use, explain the problem in more detail please... :D
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Monday, September 17th 2012, 8:39pm

As Fixi just said... your class combo, weapon, (shield), stats and your skilll rotation.
Then we can help :P
I am honest and say what I think, if you don't like it its your problem.
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Tuesday, September 18th 2012, 12:14pm

Well, because we are here in champion section, I would say that op is champion :).

I can speak only about ch/r, but so far I can tell that tanking mobs are pain in the... There is only one skill Shock Strike with aggro multiplier and it is rage based. So far the only way I have figured out how to keep an aggro over those crazy dps is to forbid dps from attacking for a few sec.

You have to pull mobs, take a few hits to gain rage, step back and use Shock Strike. This is in theory, however in my runs dps are doing whatever they want to. I am mostly runing AC, and there is no tank needed for mobs at all :D.

Boss fight: during countodw take whatever short time buffs you are using ( I can post a list of mine when I will be back home if needed). Just be sure to have enough rage for Rune Energy Influx and Shock Strike. If you have maxed both skills, decent weapon and Hatred X, this should kick you to the first possition in aggro. During the fight keep Shock Strike and Rune Energy Influx on cd. The fillers depend on the combination, but Forge + Rupe Pulse while under Chain Drive effect should be fine for any.

All in all I am ch/r with 50k patt, 340k def, 150k hp without short term buffs and unicorn. My mainhand weapon is Hero's Steel Mallet t9 +16, also I have 2 Hatred X.


Monday, October 15th 2012, 12:10pm

So, as I already posted in this thread tanking mobs for Ch/r is quite problem, cos of no non-rage aoe.

So I would like to ask other ch/r to share their experiences with this class, or any ch/p to share theirs.

Acording the elite skills, ch/p seems to be better for mob tanking, but what is the real situation?



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Tuesday, October 16th 2012, 3:58pm

Ok so since we've established that ch/r has problems tanking, i would like to know if any other champions also have those problems, and also which combos do not have problems. Glancing at elites, ch/p and ch/w look tanky, but i have been wrong before so any first-hand info would be welcome :) ty
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Wednesday, October 17th 2012, 7:52am

I would say ch/r and ch/w are the same. (ch/w even worse imho) The reason is they both have no non-rage aoe which is a big problem for me, cos the pulls in KBN are really masive.
But here I have to say I came from mana based classes, so I am really not used on rage system, and maybe some skilled warrior could handle this much better.

At the moment I am playing around with ch/p, already got the priest side to 40, so in next few days I am hoping for some testing runs in KBN. After that I will write my impression from this class as well ;)



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Wednesday, October 17th 2012, 9:03am

To fix rage problems use VN cape or rage potions ?
I am honest and say what I think, if you don't like it its your problem.
Akimbe slacking k/p/w 80/76/6x


Wednesday, October 17th 2012, 11:40am

That can be solution, but I guess not for me :D. I don't have the VN cape, but I am already using the rage potions. First of all I don't like drinking potion while mobs are runing to my dps and healer and also those rage potions have much longer cooldown that I would like.

That is why I switched to ch/p who has mana based aoe which should provide me a headstart. But as I already posted I am still a noob with rage-based classes, so this all can change in the future after gaining more skills :D


Thursday, October 18th 2012, 10:07am

I had the same rage problem on mob packs when I was playing W/K. The dps used to wait because in Kawak or Grafu HM they were OS by the trash mobs... I tanked in W/K until Grafu HM (I was lvl 65 and wearing temple gear). For ToSH HM I must say that the rage problem was just a pain in the )*( and I switch to K/R, having 8 hyperactive monster DPS in the team ><

For me the need for rage just brings a lack of reactivity that can be dangerous (not in AC where the tank can be useless >< ). The Champion and Warriors go from 0 in rage and have to up where the Knight and Warden go from full mana and decrease...
However I know a C/R who is quite effective, but he can't play with the dps I used to, he is quite effective on dps a bit lower...


Thursday, October 18th 2012, 11:29am

cashsunrise: would you mind to ask your friend to post here some information about his way of mobs tanking, if he is willing to. Any information would be greatly appreciated ;)