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Tuesday, December 4th 2012, 11:03am

[Guide] Autumn Banquet Festival

Hello, everybody.

I am back again. Since I learned you like my Pumpkin Festival guide I decided to translate all my event guides. This is the second piece from my "collection" - Autumn Banquet Festival guide.
Feel free to contribute with ideas, experience or information.
Enjoy! :)
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Tuesday, December 4th 2012, 11:04am

Versions of guide:

Version 1.0
- initial version
Rhaegon - Warlock/Mage 75/59

Orlice - Priest/Scout 71/62 - resting now


Tuesday, December 4th 2012, 11:04am

Autumn Banquet Festival

You can enjoy a short time between Halloween and Christmas with this funny event and collect some guild resources as a bonus.

Collect 20x Autumn Banquet Voucher and trade it for Autumn Banquet Blessings Package.

Autumn Banquet Blessings Package:
3x Spaghetti Bolognese
3x Hand-Picked Cranberry
1x Golden Ostrich - Pet Box (7 Days)
1x Golden Ostrich - Pet Box (30 Days)
1x Golden Ostrich - Pet Egg (Permanent)
1x Backpack Ticket III (7 Days) or Backpack Ticket IV (7 Days)
1x Backpack Ticket III (30 Days) or Backpack Ticket IV (30 Days)
1x Tasty Cuisine Package
5x Skill Potion
1x Scorpio Pet Crystal

+ 15x Water Element

As an additional reward you obtain an Elemental Crystal:
Guild Ore Mining (1500)
Guild Timber (1500)
Guild Herbal Medicine (1500)
Guild Rune (400)
Guild Stone (10)
Guild Rubies (200)

You can restart this event for one Transport Portal Rune (you will get two Autumn Banquet Repeat Tickets).

Also if you complete activity 5. Egg Thief you will obtain one of the following buffs:

Acclaim of Prayer (Increases intelligence by 200.0, wisdom by 200.0 and stamina by 200.0.)
Acclaim of Dynamism (Adds 200 to physical damage and increases it by 1%.)
Acclaim of Magic (Adds 200 to magical damage and increases it by 1%.)
Acclaim of Blessing (Increases strength by 200.0, dexterity by 200.0 and stamina by 200.0.)
Acclaim of Vigor (Adds HP by 1000.0 and increases maximum HP by 1%.)
Acclaim of Fortification (Adds 500.0 to attack strength and increases it by 1%)
Acclaim of Energy (Adds magical attack by 500.0 and increases it by 1%)


1. The Roast Ostrich Feast

There are tables with festive food in following locations. Click on them and you will receive random buff for one hour.

Locations: Logar, Varanas (Central Plaza), Silverfall, Obsidian Stronghold, Valley of Preparation, Dalanis.

Ostrich Leg Meat
Crispy Wings
Exquisite Cupcake
Vegetable Salad

Culinary Expert - if you get all the buffs; you will also obtain 5x Autumn Banquet Voucher (just once)

[B]I. Silverspring

2. Provision Collection

NPC: Provisions Supervisor (in front of the Varanas Bridge)

Deliver supplies from Peerston/ Maidge's/ Dorian's Farm to Provision Supervisor. Supplies from Peerston give you 2 points, from Maidge's 5 points and from Dorian's 10 points. You can carry only one supply at time, so consider which tactics is better for you. More rounds for fewer points or few well rewarded rounds?
Activity starts when you pick one of the following speed buffs:
Normal Acceleration Blessing: increases your movement speed for 65% for 30 minutes
Provisions Courier's Acceleration Blessing: increases your movement speed for 90% for 30 minutes
Provisions Courier's High-Speed Blessing: increases your movement speed for 120% for 30 minutes; it costs one Transport Rune
If you choose the first or the second buff, you will receive debuff called Fatigue during your journey. When your Fatigue reaches level 100, you will be slowed for 10 seconds (Exhaustion debuff). Fatigue can be lowered by passing Water Buckets which you can find next to the activity NPCs and along the path.
Time limit is five minutes.
Remember, this activity is for running, not for riding the mount. Also some speed buffs don't work (like Nobodies Rum), but Unbridled Enthusiasm and various titles do.
If you are lazy or short of the time, just start the activity and do something else (e. g. some other event activity, you just can't change channel). When your countdown ends, you will get 2 vouchers.

0 - 30 points - 2x Autumn Banquet Voucher
30 - 40 points - 3x Autumn Banquet Voucher

[B]3. Lost Ostrich Egg[/B]

NPC: George Makov (in front of the Varanas Bridge)

Get 5x Ostrich Egg from Bandits who are wandering around the Twilight Mine.

Ostrich Salvation Package (randomly 1x/2x/3x Autumn Banquet Voucher)

[B]4. Autumn Banquet Event Questline[/B]

This one is super easy, just go from NPC to NPC. Every time you complete a quest, choose second choice (Give up the reward and help …). Main reward is waiting for you at the end.

Anoraf Laiken (Central Plaza)
Neurotic Chef (Lower East)
Anoraf Laiken (Central Plaza)
Jarer Laiken(Lower West)
Marian Gerry (Logar)
Iana Gerry (Guild Hall)
Anoraf Laiken (Central Plaza)

3x Autumn Banquet Voucher

[B]5. Egg Thief[/B]

NPC: Chamo (Varanas Bridge, closer to the city)
Kardly Auck (Silverspring, 36.2, 86.6)

You will be ported to the south of Silverspring where you can talk to Kardly Auck and start the activity.
NPC Kardly Auck transforms you to the ostrich and you have to pick up as many eggs as you can. Eggs are located at the nearby farm.
Eggs are guarded by Farmers. If you will be suspected by Male Farmer, quickly use your first new skill (Speak). Female Farmer can be distracted by using the second skill (Jump). The third skill (Kick Egg) can be used if you need get rid of suspicion, but you are going to lose all your eggs, so it's up to you.
Sometimes, debuff Suspicious (level 10) shows up and you will be stunned, just use Speak ten times in a row for freeing yourself.
Time limit is two minutes.

1 - 20 eggs - 1x Autumn Banquet Voucher
21 - 30 eggs - 2x Autumn Banquet Voucher

[B]6. Ostrich Code[/B]

NPC: Ostrich Nurse (in front of the Varanas Bridge)

Talk to NPC, she will explain you what to do. Talk to one of the ostriches when you are ready. Ostrich will tell you what he needs for three times but because you can't speak in ostrich language, you just will see weird code (*!********-#-# for example). Nevertheless, NPC taught you some ostrich words so use them.
-# = feed
#- = sing
*! = break dance
** = flying kick
'* = feign death
Also, new action bar with five skills shows up on screen. Each bar represents one emotion (1 = feed, 2 = sing, 3 = break dance, 4 = flying kick, 5 = feign death).
Time limit is one minute.

This activity is really a mess. Ostrich's line disappearing too fast plus if you are not sure about symbols and don't know which skill is which you will be desperate. But don't give up, just practice every day and it will be easier and easier.

12 points - 1x Autumn Banquet Voucher
16 points - 2x Autumn Banquet Voucher

[B]7. Ostrich Caravan[/B]

NPC: Lorence Hollow (49.5, 67.7, near the spot where the road is turning to Forsaken Abbey)

This activity is going on six times at day (11:10, 14:10, 16:10, 18:10, 20:10, 22:10). There is a notification in world chat 10 and 5 minutes before this activity.
Talk to NPC and you'll get new action bar with skill Herding Ostriches. Some ostriches show up after a while. Choose one of them (or more) and lead him with skill up to the Varanas Bridge. Just follow the way NPC walk and don't worry about very long breaks. He apparently is older guy and needs them; just wait for a while with him.

1 ostrich - 3x Autumn Banquet Voucher

[B]8. Collection of Cinnamon Leaf[/B]

NPC: Fez William (Varanas Central Plaza)

Collect 10x Cinnamon Leaf from mobs and give it to NPC.

3x Fresh Ostrich Feast
1x Autumn Banquet Voucher

Fresh Ostrich Feast
This is a great buff for whole party for example in instances etc. Just put the ostrich on the ground and everyone can pick one portion (there are 10 portions at all). It gives you one hour buff (5% HP, MP, attack etc.). Buffs disappear after death.

[B]II. Dalanis

9. Colorful Feather Prayer

NPC: Lavanda Vitt (in front of the Dalanis)

Collect 5x Ostrich Feather from Golden Ostrich around Dalanis.
Put some Ostrich Feed (you got 10 pieces from NPC) on the ground near some ostrich. Then try to lure ostrich to feed (just like a Magic Cavy and trap, but ostriches are way more stupid then cavies). Use Feather Collection Box after ostrich says: Coo-coo!. Use it quickly from two reasons. 1. It fails a lot and 2. you can use it only for 10 seconds (until ostrich is full).

There is chance to get Golden Feather instead of common Ostrich Feather. Use it and you may get Ostrich Mount (7 Days).

1x Autumn Banquet Voucher
Phirius Potions

[B]III. Tergothen Bay

10. Duck Out

NPC: Florent (52.2, 54.1, in front of the Kingdom of Lechif)

This activity is going on four times a day (12:30, 15:30, 18:30, 21:30) and you have to register to do it.
Go to the big green circle and wait for start. You can’t leave this circle or the activity will end.
NPCs will show up around the circle and they start to throw items on you. You have to avoid them. If they hit you, you will be slowed or stunned plus if you are hit by them many times, activity will end.

fail: Moonlight Pearl, Mysterious Potion,...
success: ?

Known bugs:

There are no known bugs in this event atm. Hurray! :)
Rhaegon - Warlock/Mage 75/59

Orlice - Priest/Scout 71/62 - resting now


Tuesday, December 4th 2012, 11:43am

Wooow ty for the effort to make this. Very nice guide!


Tuesday, December 4th 2012, 11:53am

Great one.

Just 2 things I wanna add.

To the Colorful Feather Player event in Dalanis after you place the feed and the ostrich starts eating you can use the box 3-4 times before it starts evading again. It has happened that I get 3 feathers by using just 1 sack of feed.

Just because this happened once though and usually ostriches just hate me, the sacks of feed that you have left once the feathers are collected can be saved and the ones you get next day by accepting the quest again will just be added to those. I know I need more than 10 sacks some days :p

Great job once again. Keep them coming :D
Grilla Wd/S/D
Just Madd


Tuesday, December 4th 2012, 12:38pm

You might as well remove the Scorpio pet crystal from the list though.
+ great guide here mate, thanks.

' Pdef all the way!' - ' Why use gold when we have Potatoes ?!'


Tuesday, December 4th 2012, 12:39pm

if you speak a little french or can translate it, look at


Tuesday, December 4th 2012, 1:28pm

Great job Wanita
One man's lies are another man's truth


Tuesday, December 4th 2012, 1:55pm

Wow, thanks malfou, that guide is REALLY detailed. I guess I try refresh my high school French and translate it. :)
Rhaegon - Warlock/Mage 75/59

Orlice - Priest/Scout 71/62 - resting now


Tuesday, December 4th 2012, 3:15pm

made a sticky of your thread!
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Tuesday, December 4th 2012, 4:51pm

Good Job Wanita, and also
firepowa + ;)

- btw, if u get 24 points with the "ostrich code" game = 3x vouchers
- and if u get 41 eggs with the "egg thief" game that will give also 3x vouchers .. (this was quite impossible before server maintenance since only 4-5 eggs were on the field to play with ... today was easy 'cause of plenty eggs :)
- 1 last thing.. min 32 points needed to get 3x vouchers with "provision collection" ... gave me only 2 vouchers for 30 points

but anyways.. great job again.. also with pumpkin events before. thx


Tuesday, December 4th 2012, 7:44pm

Thank you once again for another helpful guide Wanita :D


Wednesday, December 5th 2012, 7:43pm

Thanks again Wanita for this festival guide :)

i would like to add, from the event in Dalanis, there is a chance to obtain Sunshine Feather which will gave you Ostrich Mount (30 days).