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Saturday, March 9th 2013, 4:49am

CHamps aoe dmg..?

Want to ask how much endgame champ Aoe hits?

Especialy Imprisonment Pulse !!! Its main hand based dmg benefit mainly?

Like 76/50 ch/wl weapon dmg 8k patk 32k ub with foods and 30% elite hited near 60k paatk but aoe almoust not changed. And aoe hits 20k if crit 45k. and its feeling that champs dont have burst skill kinda :(

While 62 lvlv mage/warrior 3k dmg 27k maatk on burst hit 58k thunder storm if crit.
K m/w there is uber crit skils and dmg, but still mage 27k vs champ 60k and weapon is better too on champ and it cant hit more on aoe?

Even s/wd 17k paatk 3.8k dmg if crit hits near aoe hits enar champ dmg.

Mailny tested abit on DOD and silverspring mobs. Couldnot test in kbne mobs with mage cause resisted all aoe.

So from what benefits champs aoe? Any endgame champ can write some tips?


Monday, March 11th 2013, 9:35am

Hi there,
I have to agree that champions don't have "burst", but who cares? :D They don't need it ;) Well, I play ch/r as a tank, so I am not that much interested in dps.

Imprisonment Pulse is a main hand weapon dps based aoe skill, and the only aoe I never use on champion. Imho this skill shoud be used because of the slowing effect, not due to high damage.

As a dps I would go for Kinetic Burn if tank can hold the aggro of whole group of mobs.

Also Rune Overload is great aoe skill if you can manage your rage all the time. Especially in boss fight Rune Overload can significantly increase dps.

And at the end:
you didn't write the lvl of your skills, which is very important if you want to compare them
you didn't mention if you are using hammer on your ch/wl.
This 58k thunderstorm is during burst or outside of the burst?
I am not sure for DoD, but in silverspring there is almost no difference between 20k and 100k patt/matt, cos both values are way over the defence of mobs.


Monday, March 11th 2013, 9:53pm

Ok, plan is to use it on tosh bugs to farm tp. Thats why im asking about aoe dmg.
And skils is lvl 65 i think on champion.

Yes on mage/warior its on burst 58k thunder. but its only 62 lvl toon with bad gear. still it hit on crit alot more then champ.

what i want is to see, if any dps champ can post screenshot or tell how much Imprisoment pulse can hit.
Else im realy not motivated to gear up that dwarf. Maybe r/ch then for fun if i ever lvl up 2 class so high or r/wl.

With 70 lvl elite ofc you are beast. without it so so.

or how much rune pulse can hit on kbn or cob boses in dps state.

y i hear ch/r is good dps and tank but never seen them in action.


Wednesday, March 13th 2013, 10:40am

Yesterday while I was buffed after instance run I tried few things on low level mobs.

As a m/p outside the burst my thunderstorm (lvl 72) hits for 100k if crit.
As a ch/r in dps mode I hit for 40k with Imprisonment Pulse (lvl 0) and 120k with Rune Overload (lvl 70).

My ch/r is mostly tank stated while mage is pure dps ofc.

So as I alerady said in my first post, if you want to use aoe as a champion, go for Rune Overload and Kinetic Burn.