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Monday, April 8th 2013, 2:47pm

Ch/R budget tanking guide

Welcome to the Champion/Rogue guide. I would like to give credit to RhazeCain from US forum, whose guide served as a basics for this one. You can find his original guide at
I am not registered at US forum, so was unable to ask him about permission to use his guide L, I hope he won’t feel offended.

As the title says I intend to speak about “low budget” way for ch/r. I am used to "low budget" guides from other games, thus I want to try if something like that can actually work in rom too.
The guide is not a theoretical work. I actually described the way I built my ch/r. And before anybody ask, no, you can't reach end game by following this budget guide. But yes, you will be able to tank kbn hm (at least 1-3, never got further). And yes, you will be able to hold aggro over those warmages. Tbh since the nerf they aggro is just so low :D

Getting Started
All the general new player advices apply: start your housekeepers as soon as you can, get a Holy pet and level it, get at least 1 TP bonus furniture for house, and spend some time raising weapon skills.

For the early levels, you will want to focus on offensive abilities mostly – assuming that you will be primarily questing or solo. Much of the skill use advice & TP assignment suggestions here are meant for later when you have a regular group doing challenging instances. You will have the opportunity to reset talent points later, although it’s not exactly easy, so don’t stress too much over it.

You can level rogue first or champion first or roughly together. Once you start hitting around lvl 50 or 55 though, Champion needs to be leveled first. Some of the Rogue general abilities are incredibly important, so you want that level that as much as you can.

You should be dual wielding. Hammer goes in main hand. Yes, 2h lets your skills hit harder. But dual wield gives additional item to stat, additional hits to trigger Chain Drive & Forge, and additional rage gain. Your offhand hits provide pitifully small damage however. This leads to ignoring damage on offhand weapon & just getting a fast dagger with stats. I used to use hammer, axe and dagger as offhand both with and without raid rune, and so far I can say, that the faster offhand, the better.
For the low budget go for No Return from KBN normal first boss if your guild can farm it, or just buy the Worth Sacrifice from hm. Not many champions are around, so both are very cheap.
For even lower budget go for the lvl 70 meme hammer. Even with this hammer you should be able to hold agro over most of the players.
For offhand get a Dim Light since it is quite cheap to get one hd, or just use any hd weapon which provides you with patt as ghost stat.

On to Statting
This is the part when I am actually getting to the “budget”.Thanks to the hammer mastery and our lvl 70 elite, ch/r doesn’t really need a lot of patt for holding agro. (I am at 35k ub in shield form atm and with t10 Worth Sacrifice I am able to hold agro even without lvl 70 elite.)
Champions are using chain gear, so we will get plenty of patt from the gear, thus we don’t need to stat it. Just 1-2 */patt stats per item is enough.
In general you want to stat stam/str/def/hp.
Most of the tanks won’t use str/hp and str/def, so those stats are very cheap, which means just go for them. Not only they are almost the same as their stam equivalents for us, they also provide us with some additional patt in the shield form as well as great deal of patt for questing. Another cheap and great stat is stam/str. Stating stam/stam is the best think tank can actually do :D

Most of the guides are saying go for this and this stating, but this won’t be my case. Budget build is about using whatever cheap stats we have atm, or can afford. Thus if you will get a piece of equipment with 6x */patt on it for a good prize, just go for it, and stat 3 items with str/stam/def/hp only. There are plenty of stats from this combination, so it won’t be hard to get them.
In the case your budget is slightly higher and you are actually aiming for aoth set, I would recommend not to use */hp at all, but stat as much stam/str as possible instead.
Stats as hp/patt, patt/def, hp/def are not the best one we can use. Try not to use them. At least try not to use them too often. One or two won’t ruin your build, and they can be used as fillers.

Try to aim for 400k def and 50k patt full buffed (without lvl 70 elite).Based on the experiments with zodiac pets I would say hp is not that important, and anything between 200-300k would be fine. I can’t speak about kob hm 4+ bosses, but for everything else those values should be enough.

Dexterity you might think is good: dodge, accuracy, Shadow Stab component, and useful on the rogue side when you play that. But it’s actually not worthwhile – not useless either, but not worth statting. There’s +Accuracy gear, the amount of dodge is just too small to matter, and I can’t wear chain on rogue anyway.

For runes you will need Hatred 2x, and as high a rank as you can afford. Raid, Wrath and Fatal are good for your main weapon. Beyond that, it’s about the same as statting, except I added Raid to my offhand for more white hits. I use Block, Aggression & Ferocity on everything (using just 3 runes atm).

Gear considerations
Forget about kbh hm set or world boss set. Those items are far away from our budget. Just go for the purple chain items from kbne, tinc set, meme cape, and whatever accessories you can get. Some ch/r prefer to go for parry/dodge acc, but I would recommend to go for patt/crit for more agro. (Parry and dodge are overrated anyway)

You will want to clean tier armor as much as your budget allows. T6 minimum - it's only 3 additional bumpers over T5 if you do it when originally statting the piece. And that is as far as we will get with low budget. T7 or even t8 would be great ofc, but it is way to costly for this guide. In the case of weapons, main hand t9-10, offhand t6. The main hand weapon should be t10 actually, but if you can’t afford it, go for t9 and stat a little more patt. You wil still be able to hold the agro.

Plussing neck & 2 rings to 16 will give you a huge boost in offensive power via crits.

Skill use
Different tactics for different situations. Listing some common ones here.

Tanking with maximum agro: Here you want Agro first, damage second. You will be in Shield Form. If you have time to prepare before fight (boss), you will want to start with a rage potion, item, or skill, then:

Rune Energy Influx -> Throw -> Shock Strike -> Rune Pulse/Shadow Stab.


Rune Energy Influx -> Shadow Pulse -> Throw -> Shock Strike -> Rune Pulse/Shadow Stab (if long range to start).

Rune Energy Influx is the short term buff that can more than double all agro gained. Sure, it costs time to cast it, but the effect is worthwhile since Agro is your primary goal.

Throw is in here because it’s basically a freebie – damage and no global cooldown.

Shock Strike is your highest agro ability thanks to the bonus with Shield Form.

Rune Pulse is only to be used with Chain Drive. It will be available most of the time, but if not then Shadow Stab is your next best option. Just keep spamming these 2 abilities until REI/Shock/Throw become available again.

As a potential modification to the above rotation, you could turn on Rune Overload somewhat after the fight starts (assuming it is going to last a while). The problem I have had with that is that the rage generated in combat usually isn’t enough to support both REI/Shock Strike and Rune Overload. If you can make the rage work, it would be a nice improvement.Since I am using dim light as offhand with raid rune I can actually manage the Rune Ovrload on the whole time, but it requires small realtime adaptations in the rotation.

Tanking Multiple Targets: You have several options here, and they may be dictated more by rage availability & cooldowns than anything else.

Death Arrives ->Rune Energy Influx-> Rune Overload: This is the favorite of mine. An area around you gets hit repeatedly over ~15 secs (or whenever rage dries up). Rune Overload without Death Arrives can work in some situations, but usually it is short for me. You can walk around and continue with other attacks while this goes on. 5 min cooldown for Death Arrives, 1 minute for Rune Overload.

Rune Overload without Death Arrives can be good if you have a steady source of rage, but I find this rare.
Kinetic Burn: An area around you gets hit repeatedly for 6 seconds. This one has higher DPS output than Rune Overload, but fixed duration and you cannot use other abilities while it is going. Being stunned/knocked down during Kinetic Burn can interrupt it. 1 minute cooldown.

Agitated Whirlpool: You become the most agro, but zero damage. Good in some situations, but not so much when other people have only tiny amounts of agro (beginning of encounter). 5 minute cooldown.

Level 70 elite: If you are aready at 400k def and +- 200k hp, any skilled healer should be able to keep you alive most of the time. So run around with the elite on. BUT be prepared to turn it off during massive pulls.
If your healer is not able to keep you alive during the whole fight, or if you are just slacking half of the fight (cob 2nd) turn the elite off after first 10-15 sec of burst.

Rune Draw: It may seems that this skill is just a taun in the case you lose the agro, but that is far away from truth. Cos this is one of the best pulling skills and you will love it. The 40 sec cooldown is rather long, but the ability of pulling single mob at a time is just worth it.
Whether you want to pull kulech patrol, can’t deal with 2 guards in cob at a time cos of low dps and no cc or you just screwd closing portal in cob and you have 15 mobs spawned, Rune Draw is your answer.

My TP assignment recommendations (for high level & tank build)

· Runecraft - Solidify: Max (50)
· Runecraft - Fortify: Max (50)
· Finishing Hammer: Max (50)
· Last Line of Defense: Max (50) - not as important, but it's cheap
· Shield Form: debatable, but probably Max (50)
· Rune Energy Influx: Max
· Rune Pulse: Max
· Shock Strike: Max
· Shadow Pulse: Max – mostly because of pvp, not required maxed in pve
· Rune Overload: Max if able
· Runecraft - Diversion: 55+, max after other skills
· Kinetic Burn: 55+, max after other skills
· Vacuum Wave: 25+, just a bit for siege, also handy on CoB mobs
· Overrule: points optional, used for siege
· Rune Growth: 50+ - usefull just before big pulls or during some bosses (CoB 2nd)
· [Rogue] Shadow Stab: Max
· [Rogue] Nimble Hands: Max
· [Rogue] Throw: Max
· [Rogue] Agility: Max (50)

Siege War:
Balloon farming is OK, but you’re not the best class for it: Throw, Shadow Pulse & Shadow Stab is what I use to quickly one-shot stuff.

For most PvP, I use Shield Form. This reduces your attack, but increases HP/Def quite a lot. It also gives you access to Remodeled Body (Phoenix Redemption skill). Not going Shield Form would give you extra attack and let you ride horse easily, but I prefer the survivability.

Use frog potion from your housekeeper or goblin title ability after Shield Form to make yourself a smaller target & less recognizable. The robot is just too much.Actually I always use goblin title ability while in shield form.

I wouldn’t expect C/R to be a top killer in siege, but I find that rogues & light melee classes are often easy pickings (if they don’t outgear you). Casters that kill you fast at range can be bad, but if you get the jump on them or use Serenstum then they die easily enough. Tanks are a long, slow slugfest usually decided by something outside, like traps or other players.
I guess our guild is not as high as RhazeCain’s, but I am usually one of the best killers in sw J

Shadow Stab is my most used attack skill. Throw every time you can (no GCD!). Shadow Pulse to hit them at range. Rune Pulse occasionally. Rune Energy Influx after combat if you’re without a healer (it’s super slow, but every little bit helps). Remodeled Body when you're about to die.

A fun tactic when attacking a trapped area is to hit Death Arrives + Rune Overload & just charge in. Bring friends to back you up. You do a bit of damage to the area and provide the necessary distraction for your teammates to clean up.As and addition you can hit Kinetic Burn as well, and during one Fearless ch/r can clear a lot of traps :D

Out of budget
In this part I will basically describe the gearing process I did. It can’t be considered as end game and I also don’t want to claim, that it is the right one J

My situation: atm I have 270k+ hp, 80k patt and 450k+ pdef fb(using mem patt food and lvl 65 def food, so with proper buffs can go higher). So far I tanked KBN hm 1-3 (only 1st was killed thou) and COB full. I have no problem to hold the agro over one of the strongest warmages on the server. I became stamina addicted so I am trying to use 2x str/stam on my items filled with stam,str/def/patt.

Main hand: Worth Sacrifice, off hand: Dim light.
I am using raid runes in both weapons for max. amount of white hits.
Aoth salvation set (the reason why I use 2x str/stam), tinc earring and lvl 70 mem ring (both earring and ring needs to be replaced). I am hoping for Maze Wall ring, but since world bosses are usually killed when I am at work, I guess I will just go for COB patt/crit one.
I was chosing between kbn hm chain set and world boss set. At the end I decided for KBN HM set, together with world boss lower body. Belt and hands are tinc for now, and I still haven’t decided which items will replace them.
Cloak: I am using aoth valiance cloak atm, that actually replaced lvl 75 one. With Aoth I lost on green stats, but as I know myselve, I would just sold aoth cape if it would be in my bp. Also I tend to use aoth mostly in sw, so I prefer not to use swaping macro. (we all know how lagy sw is)

Ch/R as dps
Since I have no time to write a new guide, just adding some info about ch/r dps I already wrote on US forum.
Well dps ch/r stat a little different from what I described in my guide. You should aim for as many str/patt as possible (some of my dps items are 6x str/patt, but that is way too expensive), beside str/patt you can use stam/patt of str/stam.
Since champions get 2 patt per 1 str, str/stam is the one you should choose imho (not to mention that it is way much cheaper than stam/patt)

As for dps as ch/r, you need lvl 70 elite to be good dps (50% patt is awesome), without it you will be below average.
Since Rune Pulse is still bugged (grrr) and gives no extra aggro in shield form, the best way how to be dps atm is keep Shield Form on 0 (so just small part of your str will be converted to stam) and Rune Pulse will be triggered almost permanently.

Your main skills: Rune Pulse, Shadow Stab, Throw, Rune Overload, Kinetic burn (awesome for trash, usually results in dead ch/r, since most tanks suck at aoe aggro), Rune Growth (well pick this one only if you will dps outside of shield form).
Secondary skills: Fearless blow (should cause a lot of damage, but the dps is not that great at all), Heavy Bash (nice debuff, Personally I am not using it, since tp issues)

There may be some kind of rotation with the champion general skills, but since I am also tank, I have no tp to investigate this possibility.

Weapon: Here really depends on your gear and your party.
1) your gear is low (no aggro problems) / your party burns bosses fast - I would say 2-h hammer will be better (especially if you dps in shield form)
2) your gear is good (hudge aggro) / your party is slower on bosses - go for 1-h hammer and dagger (Dim Light from kbn for the attack speed)

Personally I am fan 1-h hammer and dagger setup, but that is highly based on me being tank and dps and my party performances.

Once Rune Pulse will be fixed, switch to dps outside shield form and level shield form to 50. This will give you possibility to tank most things in the game (depends on gear and tier), maybe even everything in the game :)

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Monday, April 8th 2013, 2:51pm

Any coments and inputs are welcome. For the future I plan to work on the guide, mostly on the "how to improve my budget gear", once I will get there myselve :D
Also I would like to appologize for any mistakes and missclicks, but I created this guide at work, so not really focused on the spelling.


Monday, April 8th 2013, 3:29pm

Great guide, i realy enjoyed it :) I am going to try ch/r. ^^
Davyd - warrior/mage , Siochain


Tuesday, April 9th 2013, 12:58am

I am glad champions from US servers are reading this thread as well :).

RhazeCain: using Heavy Bash in the rotation makes sense, I guess I am just lazy to use it, since most of our dps comes from warmages anyway.
According to stating, I am at 32k patt ub while in shield form atm (switching gear and missing the patt parts) and I am still able to hold aggro over one of the best warmages on server. So I decided to go for 2x str/stam 3xstam/def and 1xstr/def at least at a couple of pieces.

tyrr: 90% of the healers are complaining if they actually have to heal. Just spank them and make them do their job. Besides I would expect them to heal for at least 35k+ UH and 100k+ GH on the ch/r with Shadow Explosion ;)
Anyway, the guide was for "low budget" which means ppl will have aggro problems on bigger mobs, at least from start, before they figure out how to tank properly.


Tuesday, April 9th 2013, 10:19am

Good guide :D


Tuesday, April 9th 2013, 2:12pm

Great guide :) but i will be glad to see youre champion endgame soon :)


Friday, April 26th 2013, 4:49pm

Out of the budget part added into the guide. It is still not END GAME state, just description of my own gear.


Saturday, August 31st 2013, 12:42pm

Few words about Ch/R dps added at the end.