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Tuesday, April 9th 2013, 7:58pm

[Quest Chain] Clash of Good & Evil (Merdhin Tundra)

I figured this might come in useful since we sometimes can lose track of the main quest chain in zones.

This time around, it didn't seem to do anything funny/weird but I wanted to post it anyway.

Here we have the Name of the Quest & the Quest Giver for Merdhin Tundra.

  1. Time is Up - Sigourney (in Chrysalia)
  2. Unable to Fly - Marcy Kaleen
  3. Holy Tree Sapling - Iswan Giant
  4. Separate Investigations - Iswan Giant
    & Missing Investigator - Adamile
  5. Demon's Request - Adamile
  6. Is it guidance or a trap? - Alahna Dikat
  7. Consciousness Restored - Alahna Dikat
  8. Gushing Ice Flower - Nynke
  9. Purify the Holy Tree Sapling - Nynke
  10. Help from the Dragons - Adamile
  11. Echo's Resonance - Iswan Giant
  12. Matter Report - Panilor
  13. Indiscernible Meaning - Callaway Kalume
  14. Aide's Night Speak - Callaway Kalume
  15. Ceremony Preparations - Aliess
  16. Finding Hope Deep in Consciousness - Sabinda
    [INDENT]Slight Bug Here: "Nynke" becomes "Panilor" when asleep?[/INDENT]
  17. Accidental Arrival - Iswan Giant
  18. Ceremonial Fire - Sabinda << 2 Magic ring rewards
  19. Disoriented Holy Tree - Sabinda
  20. Former Brother-in-Arms - Sabinda << 2 Physical ring rewards
  21. The Usefulness of Herbal Knowledge - Casboger << 2 Magical earring Rewards
  22. Air Strike! - Aleish Podin << 2 Physical earring rewards
  23. Cleaning up the Mess - Saigo Kalony
  24. Little Effort - Bird Nest Fern (Do NOT discard the Unconscious Woman)
  25. Convoy In Trouble - Jenny Fokas
    • Do Well and Have Well - Tigen Sila

  26. Emergency Defense - Ashley Sud
    • Talk to the Ashley Sud to spawn the relevant mob.

  27. Diffuse Memory - Kargath Duran
    • Talk to Tiden Sila

  28. The Missing Commander - Will Kanches
    • Talk to:
      • Casey Morriten
      • Banger Celleigh
      • Weybott Stohan

  29. Follow Will Kanches & click him to start a dialogue with Sismond
  30. Truth or Lies - Will Kanches
    [INDENT]Make sure to read the quest![/INDENT]
  31. Storage Cube - Will Kanches
  32. Know Thyself - Will Kanches
    [INDENT]Make sure to read the quest![/INDENT]
  33. Ambush - Jelorya
  34. Rescue Operation - Jelorya
  35. Turning Point - Will Kanches
    [INDENT]Loca-Bug: Pawar Hatta is actually Pavar Hatt[/INDENT]
  36. Wise Council - Pavar Hatt
  37. Bullsey - Pavar Hatt
  38. All Prepared - Will Kanches
  39. Secret of a Deceit - Sismond
  40. Drafting Countermeasures - Will Kanches
    • Select the NPC's & right-click the letters:
      • Hettie Giant (in Shador)
      • Lashana (in Angren)
      • Ronick (in Kalon)
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Monday, May 6th 2013, 9:41pm

So does that mean the current quest finish at 'Drafting countermeasures' until the new zone is open?



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Tuesday, May 7th 2013, 8:32am

Quoted from "Yrcanos;4632953"

I'd imagine Inferiority's post would be longer if it continued further.

I think you are absolutely right Inferiority don't look like one that stops in the middle of something before he is done i mean :D


Tuesday, May 7th 2013, 5:06pm


Quoted from "Yrcanos;4632953"

I'd imagine Inferiority's post would be longer if it continued further.

I see sarcasm is alive & well in RoM - sigh.........


Thursday, December 19th 2013, 4:38pm

Is it guidance or a trap? I've to find outbreak sacred tree and bring it to sismond. I walked all Kentiaru and found nothing, any clue?


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Thursday, December 19th 2013, 7:23pm

For "is it a guidance or a trap" the thing you need to click is in front of Sismond. If you come from Rorazan zone side into the map, enter Kentiaru, go up ramp on right side. On the platform go to the left (left next to a kind of building. Around the corner to the right you will see Sismond and in front of him the thing you need to click. When you clicked, directly talk with Sismond and transport with him. Otherwise get tons of regens on you as you will get 1 minute dot on you that drains hp fast. It will go away after you have been ported by Sismond :)
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Thursday, November 13th 2014, 4:09am

Just want to add the name of the last Lord Aren: Jeno , you can find him at Danalis palace. before main gate of palace, platform on the left. (information from US forum).
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Thursday, November 13th 2014, 10:55am

Just want to add the name of the last Lord Aren: Jeno , you can find him at Danalis palace. before main gate of palace, platform on the left. (information from US forum).

*IIRC* One of those is/should be auto completed for you nowadays, maybe it's Jeno. The quest was fixed before I did it or tried to (should be now too but we can't be sure in RoM) so I didn't have the issue.

One who has this quest should look at quest description. If one lord is "pre-completed" it's also noted there.


Thursday, November 13th 2014, 1:32pm

It was only auto completed when it was bugged. Not anymore.


Friday, November 14th 2014, 2:35am

ya, I just did that quest with my alt, it was confirmed that its no longer auto completed for Lord Aren. Now you need to hand in 4 letter to 4 NPC. On and off I did saw ppl shout in hoto for help to look for Lord Aren.
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