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Friday, May 3rd 2013, 11:18pm

Review of siege titles - Vanguard path


So here I got finally after many years the last of the siege titles available, first in Macantacth server (and maybe first than other servers too)

I enjoyed playing sieges a lot although have endures many cheats, exploits, lags, etc...

So i thought I could do a bit of a review of the siege skills i got in the way

I followed vanguard path whenever it was possible

Mad rush:

20% speed for 10 secs is pretty sweet

Exquisite armor:

first party buff 5% mdeff/pdeff for 20 seconds for party, useful as it stacks with everything

Fire training:

10% attack and casting speed for all party, first pearl in vanguard path. Only problem is lags pcs of many players and they will beg u not to use it


pushes nearby enemies ( they must be very near ) a tiny bit
only useful to throw enemies from floating islands in sw. Otherwise useless

Soldiers, charge!:

one of my favourites. 20% runing speed for whole party for 30 seconds! not to mention +7% def bonus. I use it everywhere, doing events, minigames, in sieges ofc, or just runing from one place to another. It's been always in my skill bar

FLame bomb:

So here we start seeing problems. All siege skills like set skills seem to have a hidden negative % modifier respect normal skills or maybe they just forgot to tune them like other skills. Add the damage modifier to aoe attacks and the fact as priest i dont have fire mastery, it hits pretty low. Is it useful though if u have low level 3rd class to own all those little pests in savage lands. Also use from time to time in goblisn or to aoe traps buried underground in sw (not enough to kill them sadly, no matter u have t10 +16 shackles and 80k matt)

Sadly my only aoe as priest and it sucks

Soldiers, attack!:

10% casting / attack speed for all party plus 5% patt/matt. Similar to fire training, less laggy and stacks with it. U'll want to have one of this in every boss fight

Enchanted stone protection:…tone-protection

for 20 seconds u recover 6%hp every 4 seconds ( so 30% total) and u get damage reduction of 60%. Sadly u cannot move or attack or do anything else. So it's pretty useles skill unless u are stranded in sw far from your party and u can find a safe place to be a sitting duck for 20 seconds.

U also get transformed into a big tomb like the ones on sacillia which is quite cool (use with transformation potion go get some lols around u )

Tactical smash:

How did i get this melee skill following vanguard path is a mistery to me. Physical aoe, 30 seconds cooldown, and has the same damage reduction (or forgotten damage tuning) than flame bomb. I'm caster so i never use it

Spreading chill:…spreading-chill

says 450 water damage and it does like 25% damage of a 550 water damage ice blade. 7% chance of some aoe damage just doesnt make it less useless

Midnight ritual:

Reduces pdeff/mdeff of target by 10% for 15 seconds. If u already have someone making soldiers attack, soldiers charge and fire training this adds too in boss fights. But u will just probably just rather wait for your m8's soldiers attack to finish and cast your own.

Good thing is though that cool down is significally shorter

Ironblood will:

The star of single person buff. Increases your damage by 20% for 15 seconds. Stacks with everything else and serves as an extra burst skill. Damage increase though is not noticeable in character screen so i'm not sure if it is included in the regular damage formula or just added behind. I guess its in the formula cause my IB goes from 140k crits to 170k crits. Any strong burst dps class will love this

Healing wind:

increases healing u receive for 15 seconds. FOr a late late siege title is very unimpressive, only tank would use this and he/she would just use another more useful siege skill anyway

WIthering flame:

Last siege skill which i was really craving for. 5000 fire damage (instant skill) should (even including hidden damage reduction and lack of fire mastery) should do a bit more than my regular ice blade (550 water damage, also instant). Sadly it does... 5000 flat damage. Another broken (and reported) skill, and ofc totally useless
the -25% healing received adds really nothing. This should be a big punch in sieges every 2 minutes and its just a big laugh.