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  • "PinteaHaiducul" started this thread

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Monday, July 8th 2013, 8:07am

Lvl 80 Wd/S stating

I will start this topic, first, because i dont want a "guide" aproach like use 6x str/patt and secondly because i want to see other experianced player's opinion. Due the game mechanisms and Ini stats drops (which is badly scr**ing the str/patt users) i never can get my items "perfect stated".

Now i use:
3 x str/patt (dragon, frost, elemental) - all shells as, remains hadly drops and in cob and beth i never saw str/patt (in plenty of runs).
1 x sta/patt (elemental or mist) - in beth hm sta/patt seems to drop at a good rate
1 x patt/max HP (mist) - scout stat ftw but i think i like more the extra patt (instead of str/hp) as i can buff to about 20k Str
1 x str/sta (mist) - if no reds r avalable seems to balance best (str/patt red r very rare on ilsitir, i got just 2 in all my gear)
ofc, at a close look u can have same output with extra sta/patt and str/hp instead of last 2, but i like this combo... How do u do it ? Does anyone uses still 2x Str/hp or other instead of sta/patt ?

Pls, personal XP based answers, not theoretical one that cannot be applied cause stats r simply not out there :)
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Friday, July 12th 2013, 3:00pm

Well as for bedim probably best would be as you have mentioned 6xstr/patt, but it will get your HP really low. As for me I am currently using 4xStr/Patt 2xSta/Patt and it seems, to be most effective (of course assuming you have access to the best stats).

Otherwise would go probably same (lower values) eventually switch sta/patt on patt/hp if second one would give me reasonably more patt (so without loosing much buffed HP) maybe will look for some more HP as Sta/HP or in extreme bad situation Sta/Str.

You have to remember, that different servers have different stat access. Even different guilds on same server. So asking others on forum can be pointless.


Tuesday, July 16th 2013, 9:01pm

im drogas from isiltir, warden.scout ofc...i stat 4xstr/patt, 1xstam/patt and 1x str/stam...thats probably best for wardens

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  • "PinteaHaiducul" started this thread

Posts: 91

Location: Bucharest, Romania

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Thursday, July 18th 2013, 8:45am

go away.. u sold ur weapon to npc... not qualified to give advices :)

Now, srslly, i asked about useable stats, stats u find (almost) all the time. I know I can stat 6x str/patt if I get 3 red ones ...
to stat 4x str/patt on Ilsitir all the time is close to imposible (str/patt mist dropped a wooping 1 time in 40 runs and red ones are simply not outthere) unless u plan to use lower bigone/eternity or the XI stats... When was the last time you ever saw str/patt remains (nobody goes to kbn) eclipse (cob closed but stat was not droping anyway) mist (i saw 1, omg, i saw 1).
And, to make things more interesting, i have a record of 23 consecutive fails on shells, and still counting (i included 3-4 str/hp as fail for me but really the amount of str/dex and str/mdef is overwhelming)
Skill before Gear = Ini is clear !!! Gear before Skill = the end is near !!!
Wd/S, Wd/W, W/Wd - Illsitir