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Monday, July 15th 2013, 7:19pm

[Guide] Ancient Treasure Ruins Minigame

Mamn00n from the US forums, posted this over there and I thought it might be useful to share it with you all.

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This is a video showing a few tricks on how to complete the Ancient Treasure minigame.

Hope you can learn a few things.

Also proof of completing it in under 4 minutes and getting all the stone fragments.

Some tips in letter form:
  • Hide works amazingly well on the outer areas, and the inner area.
  • Don't snipe the dogs, snipe the archers (the ones that fear you)
  • You can charge right through area's if you have the buff to remove the ghosts, and keep going, they will de-aggro and run back.
  • If you get 15s invuln use it to get through archers and get 1 of the 3 magic towers + a buff.
  • If your a strong warrior or rogue just auto attack the dogs down
  • If you are in a tight spot and need a ghost removing buff, chain the target following you and get it quick and don't look back. (same applies if you get a trap buff)
  • Escape artist or movement speed increasing buffs will do wonders. 10% bonus from a title and unbridled unthusiasm will increase your completion time remarkably.



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Monday, July 15th 2013, 7:48pm

Might be worthwhile to try again then so thanks for posting this Yrcanos. But still, it's not my cup of tea (too old? too clumsy? probably both :D) so I hope this doesn't detract from my thread here Vary daily quests you get from the quest boards for title xp/rep - pretty please

I mean, combining the struggle to complete that one minigame with the struggle to complete the title xp quests every day is too much for me and from what I hear for many others as well ;)
I may contradict myself but at least I don't contradict myself...


Monday, July 15th 2013, 8:02pm

Thanks Yrcanos, this will certainly help :)



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Monday, July 15th 2013, 10:48pm

Yep, it certainly helped me

Buff up with every tp/xp bonus I have including pets then...

Mala 1 - easy naked and thanks for the tp

Mala 2 - careful with that aoe

GM - if it moves kill it, uber xp & tp for the 60s I run through

AT - possible 10 dura loss if/when I screw up? GTFOff my list of mini games to run

Seems the only thing in this game safe from nerfs is Warmages :dash:

Halitosis - 81/82/64/51 M/P/S/Pet Siochain server

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Tuesday, July 16th 2013, 9:30am

Some more options:
Go there with as low hp as possible, even naked, mobs do %hp damage. This way you can use simple healing herbs/pots effectively.
Also, all pots work, so if you can spare use invi pot and you can run through all mobs...
If you have lower level class than 80 (most probable ^^) and it is level x8 or x9, aggro range is greatly limited, as mobs in there scale by 5 levels. So if, for example, you are level 79 mobs will be 75 (same for lower levels too, 38>35, 59>55 etc.).
Morphling - M87/S85/Wd77
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Tuesday, July 16th 2013, 9:37am

Reading and wondering are we talking about same minigame :O sounds extrem.

Just focus use the helps from chests and learn aggro range safe spots and its so easy.

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