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Thursday, July 10th 2014, 3:17am

Agree with cike. Hell I'd even be happy with a good look promo providing it actually had nice aggs in got once. Would even pay more then 1 diamond if I had to :D oh and an item to remove looks from wardrobe please :P


Friday, July 11th 2014, 1:02pm

I would like to see those on promo again:

Clear Breeze Rogue Set (both female and male) Link
Shadow Scout Set (both female and male) Link
War Dragon Warrior Set (both female and male) Link
Blessed Knight Set (both female and male) Link
Acolyte Mage Set (both female and male) Link
Dark Flame Priest Set (both female and male) Link

ehh and with nice price pretty please :thumbsup:

Anxel P/S/R/K/W, Aurora


Monday, July 21st 2014, 7:13pm

rock potion sale please!! im low on these for sw :D:D


Monday, July 21st 2014, 8:52pm

Yes please the skins!!!!
Lix (Aurora) angry and retired customer, fed up with gambling to obtain what is necessary to play this game


Tuesday, July 22nd 2014, 6:41am

can we get single adv. aggs back?


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Tuesday, July 22nd 2014, 8:20pm

I want the fairytale event titles to be avalible in IS.

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Wednesday, July 23rd 2014, 12:58pm

I would rather give an npc again to get them. Everyone would rage about having to pay for them. Not to mention they would be overpruced. Its gameforge after all :D


Friday, August 1st 2014, 1:48pm

Int and stam pots 20% please!!
Gingerbread/Santa and however you spell that reindeer :D and no I can't wait till xmas for them :D


Wednesday, September 17th 2014, 5:32pm

bump, just a reminder this thread still exists:

post away if you want to be completely ignored by the itemshop team ;)



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Friday, September 26th 2014, 11:42am

New furniture for houses,new looks and mounts - all that we need to be happy :P
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Friday, September 26th 2014, 11:47am

Return the taken furniture please too! :) (yes... we noticed.)
I think many "developing" alts miss those. And BTW even a few mains at least.

I don't think it's pointless of topic, even if non concrete possibly. Some furniture WERE and vanished; some gone allegedly forever (maybe unless we request and they listen?) and yes, I know also others went to other section, but yes, some (non event ones) definitely GONE totally. I personally wish those back. I think others too. You don't like some in coins section? Ok there is dia section WITH bonus and you should IMO have some basic ones in coin section still - no problem.

It also seems even p2p seem to like all furniture on either COINS OR DIA (WITH RUBY BONUS) sections instead of the non basic only in the ruby one. (An option would be to bring the non basic furniture into dias AND rubies section possibly in a way which the dia section with ruby bonus is NOT LOSING ANY/HURT and basic furniture are still available for coins too?)

Anyway AFAIK nobody likes to lose good furniture from ALL sections. Such as the best tp/storage and visuals which were available regularly...
Why did you do that? I hope not to sell more orbs to p2p (or some overpriced IS non best furniture instead of the basic coin ones which you took/to make life even harder for the already struggling f2p) which are allegedly losing too from the change like us the f2p.

Being awkward in my words in this post, I still think it's important to express what I try to, and hope the message is getting through mosly. Emphasized what I think to be the main idea but clarification/elaboration stays.

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Friday, September 26th 2014, 1:08pm

Give us wheel of fortune "spin tickets" I wanna waste some gold on it but the diamonds need to ne on my account and not my seller! Make it so my seller can send me a spin ticket and I pay in gold. Tyvm :D


Wednesday, October 8th 2014, 11:51am

Nice to see this thread has been completely ignored like almost every other suggestion thread on forum... We haven't had a good mount sale now for almost a year lmao, last time runedisk was sold was last Christmas, do we really have to wait till then...? Ignoring all the stupid transport offers beastly offers and all this junk that no one cares about...

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Wednesday, October 8th 2014, 4:41pm

I want a offer with all perfect plussing stones, +6, +12 and +16 (+20 no please), i never see +12 perfect stones for level 90 items.

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Friday, October 24th 2014, 12:53pm

Make the most wanted actually the most wanted. Since this promo comes about once a month, take the top 10 most sold items and put them in the shop for a 33% discount(excluding special promos ofc)


Friday, October 24th 2014, 1:24pm

older titles

I would like to see older titles like:
blessed one
have you never seen a bad guy before?

titles who have been in offer, maybe newer players and chars like them too. At least i would.


Sunday, October 26th 2014, 7:12am

Todays 140 percent Dia-Proma not installed :(
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Monday, November 17th 2014, 2:44pm

Old thread but! Bummppp!!

Rock guardian potions, giant guardian, donichuka, gingerbread, Santa potions sold all year round for rubies, maybe 10 each, expensive enough to not be spammed but enough so people buy them when they need!

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