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Monday, August 10th 2015, 3:23pm

Runes of Magic - an Update.

Now this is information I like. Really hope there'll be more updates, regularly.

Thanks :)
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Monday, August 10th 2015, 3:24pm

Runes of Magic - An Update


sw out of beta!?

Some of the new changes look nice, cant wait to see them! Lets hope their are players left for it :P


Monday, August 10th 2015, 3:30pm

Indeed, a very nice post, looking forward to seeing all of those things :)

Thank you for the update.


Monday, August 10th 2015, 3:38pm

seems we posted same time xD can some GM merge please :P

Thékla did and you are welcome


Monday, August 10th 2015, 3:42pm

This is really exciting! Been waiting for something like this to happen to the game for years. Hoping for more zones (both low lvl and endgame), more races and better balancing of classes. Maybe some new achievements and collectable items around the world and hopefully new pvp arenas/zones/battlegrounds. Not saying these are coming, but wishing that something similar will happen :) Finally some good news at least :D
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Monday, August 10th 2015, 4:07pm

hope better time coming for rom and some old players back 2 :P



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Monday, August 10th 2015, 4:28pm

Now, once the new chapter is released, GF needs to advertise RoM to get new players as well.
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Monday, August 10th 2015, 4:33pm

Thank you for new hope... and please try it without mistakes !!!

(I know it is a dream ...) ;)



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Monday, August 10th 2015, 4:48pm

wow rly exciting news, hope it will bring some lost sheeps back and hopefully runewaker will do smth about the FPS drop in several zones and erm pointdropping

3 new zones + inis and new chapter after those lots to look forward

edit: and add new elite skills or set skills or both :)
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Monday, August 10th 2015, 5:25pm

Hoping for ... more races

I really think more races would be a bad idea, unless they don't come with new classes.

Still, I hope for playable a Capra (melee classes only - warrior, rogue, scout) & Bodo (magical classes only - mage, priest, druid). Limiting them to just those three classes each would fit in just fine with the ingame lore and doesn't allow for odd combinations such as knight/warden. Thus, the only new stuff needed would be skills for the Priest/Druid and D/P combos, which would at 15/15 would gimp their heals a bit so they're not as OP as they sound, but would boost their magical damage.

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Monday, August 10th 2015, 5:41pm

You forgot about champion and warlock ;) also, I would like it to be possible to have a k/wl ;) lol
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Monday, August 10th 2015, 5:54pm

While its really good news, it do make me wonder how long until any of it happens. We've been here through the whole merge situation and its been far too long without anything actually happening.

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Monday, August 10th 2015, 6:24pm

well, i don't see such a revolution in this "update"

There are still very important problems that are not being dealt with preference.

Will Druid/scout return to what it is supposed? wasn't the lastest change an error? What about those skill bugs that have been left behind for a great amount of time? for example, full attack (k/m) that kills you? or that warden's skill damage transfer which says 15 sec and it only lasts 9??
it's been bugged for MONTHS, without a solution. And those skills that have an error in their description? K/M holly light domain, has one description error.

Crypt is almost imposible for the majority of the community, kashaylan bugged. Shouldn't GF try that almost everybody has access to this content? what's the point of playing a game where you cannot access to a certain content, even if you are prepared? 12 people should be prepared to get that content, and if not, you get nothing???

even though i think merges will not solve the problem (more people doesn't mean more competent guild), i think a kind of acceleration should be made in this point. now.

What about implementing a World AH? so that everything could be bought or selled?

SW doesn't have enormous issues, so hope not more than 1 month to exit beta. (just joking, xD)

IS. wait, they couldn't sell everything , and now they will be able to do it? have i lost something in the middle? will the gamble stop?¿ +20 permanent jewels on IS? is this only a new recipe with some objects? just don't trust in this things.

minigames. Fed up with phirius shells. you get your stats, and then? NOTHING! so many people trying to sell that it's almost imposible to get one sold.
Do a minigame with different levels of difficulty: free, daily, where you can obtain a huge amount of Pt. just to solve THE ENORMOUS PROBLEM ALMOST EVERYPLAYER HAS WITH PT'S, WHICH MAKES THIRD , FOURTH AND FIFTH CLASSES ALMOST UNPLAYABLES, due to this issue, YOU DON'T WANT TO SOLVE.

new chapter? nothing new. hope no more unbalanced classes are created.



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Monday, August 10th 2015, 7:31pm

Sounds like good news, but as my foreposter also mentioned there may still be some issues.

SW. I hope that with 'get out of beta' they don't just only change the name from 'SW Beta' to merely 'SW'. I would relish seeing some more competition for example.

And shop, I mainly hope that things will get cheaper. An instance like Crypt simply isn't do-able anymore with regular t7 gear and a t11 +16 weapon. And that is in my opinion already quite expensive. Not to mention that for new players it will be a very heavy (expensive) task to jump in at some point, hence not making the game attractive at all for fresh blood.

Balance: Good job on making the scout useful again (not for all class combinations but ok). Now it would be useful to have a look at the other classes isn't it?

But I'll wait with my final judgement until things really get rolled out (which hopefully doesn't take too long either)

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Monday, August 10th 2015, 8:02pm

Ok this looks very interesting, and am happy to read it.

But as noted above some things still need some attention. Merges are still needed, hope u can prioritise all functions and new stuff and release it when its done please ;)
But the news made me smile about RoM's future, thank you for that SiS ::mrcylinder:

Bluesonss u play the most rare race in a MMO, a male toon! a char with who covers skin, the most rare race available o.O

Offcourse im sceptical if it will work and have to wait till its done, hope u read between the lines in all above posts, cause there are alot feedback hidden in it

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Monday, August 10th 2015, 11:30pm

Bluesonss u play the most rare race in a MMO, a male toon! a char with who covers skin, the most rare race available o.O

I don't get it..

But you gave me an idea, what about a skeleton race? That would be cool, would it not? :rolleyes:
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Tuesday, August 11th 2015, 12:13am

It's good that many ppl here are very exited about this but Why Now? For two months they weren't able to fix an instance not to mention the long time to fix little bugs like NPC/mobs/quests in the new zone and now suddenly everything will be way better because GF took a trip to RK? Did they offered them cookies? Or they got sponsored? Maybe they decided to invest more into this game? I remember Frogster did the same trip. I'm skeptical. But hopefully, they can prove me wrong in the following months. If not, nothing really changed.
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Tuesday, August 11th 2015, 8:29am

For me as retuned player thing that mostly worries me is "new" item shop. I hope that they will not switch into full pay2win. Rom has different way of Shopping than most mmo's I hope that they won't introduce cash pnly. that would be disaster...for me at least.



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Tuesday, August 11th 2015, 8:40am

Isn't this the 2nd year in a row they do a business meeting there in runewaker headquarters? Or the previous one was with frogster?

Is good they get to talk about the state of the game (publisher and developer) but, do they really need to fly to the other end of the world? Shouldn't be like a weekly or monthly internet conference enough?

About the news, they look promising and they should dissipate some doubts on the player base about if the game is in a milking end of life stage or it can still go on for some few years. I specially look with interest this "new shop system" they mentioned (and ofc merges)

Let's hope It will turn out well. Have to say that with gf I feel we get listened much more than with old frogster


Tuesday, August 11th 2015, 3:01pm

We managed to work through a lot of these topics and we'd now like to give you an overview of the coming plans. As always, at this point we would like to remind you, this is planning: changes can and may be applied at any time.
I think this says it all for me.

Let's see if something actually happens first before we get our hopes up ...