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Thursday, September 29th 2016, 1:08am

General Class questions for two new players starting together


A friend and want to start RoM together. This means that we'll want to start in the same area (= same race?)
He will probably roll as mage. Because of this i'm thinking to go more into a "tanking" character to complement eachother (he does the damage, i take the damage). So i'm geussing to go knight? It's not assured that we'll ever reach the levels to go with raids, but it can be fun to work towards it and if we ever get hooked, we might as wel grab the "right" class at the start. I'm trying to get more knowledge on the forums but alot is from 2015 and seems outdated, So my qeustions are:

1. What would be the best combination for Mage in the long run (for dps). The forums tell me something in the likes of Priest or Scout? is M/P or M/S viable as dps should we want to go into raids?

2. What are the current best tanks? I'm geussing knight. But i seem to see some things pointing towards Warden?
2.a If knight is better, what secondary class should be picked? I see K/S, K/P and K/W come up the most. Does it come down to a personal preference, like if i wanna participate in a raid, it will not matter if i'm K/S, K/P or K/W, or do most people prefer one combination? What would be better in terms of playing with my mage friend, seeing i will need to do damage and being able to stay alive.

2.b Should warden be a better pick, the same qeustion applies, what would be the better class, which is prefered etc.

3. What server should we start on? We do not speak German, altough reading it could be possible (we speak dutch, speaking is bad, but reading is understandable to some extent). Some forums say it doesn't matter if you choose German or English, but i wanna be sure. Also, we are not into PvP, so a server with guild activity for PvE is advised.

Thanks alot for the awnsers!

Kind regards



Thursday, September 29th 2016, 7:53am

I would pick k/w or wd/w. K/w is a tank and wd/w is a tank/dps. As for best mage combo. Only viable one is m/w for dps. As for server, I guess Aurora/Agenor are about the same population wise now a days.


Thursday, September 29th 2016, 8:10am

Only viable one is m/w for dps.

m/w is gonna suck for general questing/leveling though (especially since it's mainly burn oriented and is near m/nothing in terms of usability before you get some of the later elites). i'd stick with m/s, then pick warrior up as 3rd down the road if you decide you need the extra dps.



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Thursday, September 29th 2016, 2:30pm

Hi. For the mage question i can say he should go m/p since the self heal will help you and him a lot during questing.
as best "mage" dps its either m/w ( to be rly strong there in endgame he will need a 2nd set of gear beside his main mage gear with full str/sta stats on it to swap to that gear quick to use 1 buff which gives int out of str and sta to gain massive magical attack ) or he should go w/m ( melee mage with constant high dmg output while m/w breaks down to very low dmg output after burst when buffs ran out )

i started as m/p then went m/w then to w/m and then i made this str/sta gear to play m/w again ( didnt like it so i play w/m again now )

you can actually take all 6 classes of your race sooner or later ( item shop class expansion ticket )
Wizgoth / Ancient Fossil that started RoM september 2009 8o


Friday, September 30th 2016, 1:56pm

A more important question is the race, because you cannot get additional races at the moment. If you choose dwarf, this opens up the road to Mage/Warlock and Warlock/Mage, both wanted as supporters in the later game. You can still have Priest and Warrior on a dwarf for the advantages mentioned by the others; leveling more than two classes requires some persistence, though. As for having the same starting area, whichever starting area you have, you all go to the same further areas after a few hours of gameplay, so that should not determine the race you choose.

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