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Tuesday, December 13th 2016, 10:44am

Patch - Snowflake Festival, new Draco pets and Mirror World adjustments

Patch - Snowflake Festival, new Draco pets and Mirror World adjustments

[New content]

Draco pet system has been added.
  • New Draco pet exchange NPC has been added to Varanas Gate.
    • Players can talk with NPC Alman to learn more about the Draco pets and how to acquire new Draco pets and unique mounts.

  • How to obtain new Draco pets
    • Starting from this patch, after completing festival activities players will be additionally rewarded with the "Draconaris" items.
    • Each kind of "Draconaris" can be obtained during the corresponding festivals:

  • Players can exchange these new Draconaris together with 1 Zodiac pet of their choice to receive a new Draco pet.
    • IMPORTANT: The Zodiac pet will be removed during the exchange for a Draco pet.
  • Example costs of the exchange:
    • Zodiac Pet + 10x "Draconaris" = Newborn Draco Pet
    • Adult Zodiac Pet + 50x "Draconaris" = Adult Draco Pet
    • Legendary Zodiac Pet + 250x "Draconaris" = Legendary Draco Pet

  • Festivals are offering their own unique Draco pets. There are 12 Draco pets in total.
Draco cards have been added.
  • Additionally to the Draco pet, during the exchange players will also receive a "Draco Card".
  • These cards are similar to common monster cards, but in comparison they are giving stronger buffs.
  • Each Draco Card is offering one of four types of buffs:
    • Physical Damage
    • Physical Defense
    • Magical Damage
    • Magical Defense
  • Example of some buffs given by Draco Cards:
    • Newborn Draco pet = Physical Defense + 61
    • Adult Draco pet = Physical Defense + 91
    • Legendary Draco pet = Physical Defense + 152
New unique mounts have been added.
  • Once a player has collected all 12 Draco pets of the same age, they can exchange them for a mount of the same age.

  • Players can exchange them with the help of the NPC "Alman".

[Mirror World changes]
  • The Mirror World instances are no longer organized into the instance groups.
    • Each instance is now treated as stand alone with its own entry counter.
  • The Mirror World UI window has been adjusted accordingly.
    • Division into instance groups has been removed.
    • All available Mirror World instances are listed in the UI window.
    • Players can check which instances will have a free entry in the upcoming days by selecting the icons on the top (S = Sunday, I = Monday etc.)
    • "Teleport" buttons and entry reset icons have been replaced.

  • Entrance allowance system has been changed.
    • Every day a certain number of instances will offer a free entry. Transport button will now display the remaining free entries allowance.
    • For the non-free instances of the particular day or in case that all free entries have been used, the buttons will display the amount of required Mirrorworld Tickets to enter the instance.
    • Mirrorworld Tickets can be purchased with Diamonds by clicking on the entry button. The small purchase window will pop up and players can chose how many Mirrorworld Tickets they would like to purchase.
    • The amount of held Mirrorworld Tickets will be displayed on the bottom of the Mirror World window, as well as it is added to the currency list in the character info window.
  • "Leave instance" button has been added, while being in the Mirror World instance. It is located under the mini-map and allows players to leave the instance at any moment.
    • IMPORTANT: any progress made in the instance will be lost and also the entry allowance will be used.
  • The mini-map preview has been added to the Mirror World instance

[Snowflake Festival Overview]

Zachariel was a Great Mage of the Eye of Wisdom from the time 400 years ago when the Eye of Wisdom was still residing on the Kolydian continent. He was well known because of his benevolent deeds. In the midst of a harsh winter he would provide the needy with supplies.

Once the people of the Eye of Wisdom had come to Candara, they decided to keep this habit in order to foster a peaceful relationship with the local people. When the season of heavy snow had come they would, just as Zachariel had done, wear a red robe and provide the local people with supplies. This gesture helped many endure the long winters and also built trust between the people and the Eye of Wisdom. Soon we were doing this every winter and it became a custom and was named the Snowflake Festival.

After the Phirius Workshops had been set up, they meant to take advantage of this custom and decided to make some modifications to the red robe and thereafter let their people wear these robes while delivering presents to little children. Their actions won many praises from the people and also allowed them to make more money.

The Phirius Workshops taking a fancy to this custom would make the Snowflake Festival an even bigger event in the years to come. Each year more and more people took part in these activities creating this wonderful and exciting atmosphere that we can experience during the winter season nowadays.

  • In addition to the rewards from previous versions, the following NPCs will grand players Pyro Draconaris:
    • Snowland Supply Officer - when exchanging 10 Frost Reward Tickets for a reward, players will also additionally receive 10 Pyro Draconaris.
    • Jack Shackleton - when exchanging 10 Goody-Goody Certificates for a reward, players will also additionally receive 10 Pyro Draconaris.
  • During the Snowflake Festival players can exchange their Sagittarius Pets and Pyro Draconaris for a new Draco Pet: Phoebe Draco.

Collecting Christmas Presents
  • Location: Open world
  • NPC: None
New Year's Eve event
  • Location: Varanas Central Plaza
  • NPC: Jingle Brother - Mark
Collecting Gifts
  • Location: Under the Snowflake Tree in Logar, Varanas, Silverfall, Harf Trading Post, Obsidian Stronghold and Dalanis
  • NPC: None
Goblin Bank Robbery
  • Location: Bank of Varanas
  • NPC: Goblin Robbers
Jingle Brothers Stuck in Chimneys
  • Location: Logar, Varanas Central Plaza, Silverfall
  • NPC: Donichuka
Save the Snowflake Gifts
  • Location: Varanas Gates
  • NPC: Andrew Dell
Adopting a Deer
  • Location: South of Dalanis
  • NPC: Pak Dicca
Snowflake Tree Decoration
  • Location: South of Dalanis
  • NPC: Koli Max
Gift from the Snow
  • Location: Ystra Highlands
  • NPC: Mira
  • Location: Varanas Central Plaza
  • NPC: Snowland Explorer Transporter
Great Snowball Fight
  • Location: Varanas Central Plaza
  • NPC: Paige Gingerbread
  • Event description: Talk to the Paige Gingerbread to be teleported to the event zone where you will have to defeat new enemies! Your end score is determined by the combined amount of how many times players hit the enemies and how many times players were hit by the enemy monsters.
  • Entry times: 00:00-01:00, 04:00-05:00; 08:00-09:00; 12:00-13:00; 16:00-17:00; 20:00-21:00