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Sunday, February 12th 2017, 4:04pm

more diamonds

Since all servers are becoming less and less populated I think it is time to consider a change regarding diamonds.
I get that dia promos are good for GF when these two conditions are met;

1. There are appealing offers in the Item Shop when there is no dia promo running
2. A server has enough diamonds to sustain in between each diamond promo.

I can say for my own server it is very hard to get your hands on some diamonds (without spending real life money).
For the first point I can say that (ever though we got a new Item Shop) no offers are really appealing these days
(so one wouldn't think that he's got his money's worth out of it when buying outside promo).

A server can't sustain when there are no diamonds on the market (especially since less people want to invest in
a declining game). I doubt a server merge would fix this issue.

So I think it's time to up the amount of diamonds you get in promo (+200%?), or just remove the promo part altogether
and boost the amount of diamonds you get without promo, a counterpart would be decrease all diamond prices but that is way harder to balance.

Maybe even consider bringing Cedric back in some shape or form (maybe certain number of dias through IS for first logged in char per account)
so it can't be abused the way it has been in the past). Also a gold sink wouldn't be bad for the game. Or maybe add some gold hammers
and purified fusion stones as a reward to some minigame (like old mirrorworld).

I know alot of people with insane amounts of gold to burn, just nothing to spend/invest it on/in.


Sunday, February 12th 2017, 6:00pm

Cedric already has a built in failsafe to stop alt abuse, same as gift NPCs.

You can set a minimum and maximum level that can trade, sure if someone has the effort to make multiple ALTs to high level(90+ seems fair) then let him recieve more from Cedric. But the majority of players don't have tons of max level chars, so setting it to level 90+ would stop a large amount of alt exploitation.

Easiest way to balance itemshop is to simply lower the prices of some items, not the amount of diamonds recieved. There are some items that are sold that are ridiculously priced, and it's clear that it was decided by someone with no clue on the game. As well as creating more desirable sales that make players want to spend their diamonds and buy more, if someone is sitting on 6k diamonds but doesn't need anything, they won't spend them.

There is threads on every forum for items that players would like to see, all of it was ignored like usual.

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Sunday, February 12th 2017, 9:19pm

or the +90 lvl thing cenre suggested can be used for dia selling in game? like it was possible on ah before. Make in game dia selling possible again but with a +90 lvl requirement for both seller and buyer so rich ppl would buy dias for both themselves and for f2p ppl.

as far as i remember the reason they banned selling dia on ah was gold sellers with real money spamming world chat? lvl requirement would solve that and gf needs to understand it needs f2p players as much as paying players

think i dont have to mention how slow gifting on IS is (espc for multiple items like puris and tickets which are prolly the best sellers) and it only allows dia selling when seller is online, one day on ticket happy hour promo the seller is off and ppl cant buy them.

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Monday, February 13th 2017, 10:22am

Yes but i think Cedric had some kind of bug where people could reset the daily cap, and a few people would clean out Cedric in the morning.
Atleast thats why I thought they removed him.

Maybe easiest way is to reprice the items in the Item Shop per item, least effort however would be increase diamonds.

For what challenger suggested; I think 90 is a good number. I don't think though, that only allowing diamonds on the AH would increase the amount of diamonds that are being sold by very much. You would run the risk that people would just stack up on diamonds.
I think it's worth trying out during some sort of trial period.


Monday, February 13th 2017, 12:34pm

Cedric became an issue when diamonds were put back on the ah, since it allowed people to buy diamonds on an alt and send to their main. As for resetting the limits, never heard of this bug, nor seen it, and I've played on three different servers. But I feel like most likely it's not a real bug, since I'm almost certain that Cedric would give you a player flag limiting the use of the NPC after you did your trades, will check later when I'm home.


Wednesday, February 15th 2017, 2:26pm

You are approaching this from the point of view of someone that doesn't want to spend real money on diamonds. GF want to boost diamond sales, not reduce them.

The problem for you is that people who do spend real money on diamonds have very little, if any, reason to sell those diamonds on the in-game market. They certainly don't need the gold these days.

If GF make it easier again to get diamonds with gold, they will simply reduce their income because the current diamond for cash buyers will simply spend their stockpiles of in-game gold on diamonds 1st and then spend real cash on diamonds.


Wednesday, February 15th 2017, 5:09pm

Gameforge trying to boost sales makes them do a very poor job at it,(only need to look at how bad the itemshop is to see this)
Whilst you are correct that people would spend gold for diamonds - it would not happen in the quantity required to make much use from them, originally you got 15 diamonds from cedric per day, for 20k each, later reduced to 3 diamonds at 100k each. Considering if they introduced cedric in, chances are that diamonds wouldnt be in the AH, 3 diamonds is virtually useless, and with a level restriction on the npc, it doesnt flood the servers with free diamonds. At least i doubt a level capped player getting a pfs every 7 days is game breaking. Now ofc if they were offering 100 diamonds per day, for a level 1 char, you would be correct, but what my suggestion was, would limit the flow of free diamonds to an amount that benefits the community, whilst still giving gameforge the main source of diamonds into the game.

Also i feel like if there was more ways to get free diamonds, more might be willing to spend some real life cash, i feel that a lot are not interested, when they know that they can only get them from gameforge at an extortionate rate.


Saturday, February 18th 2017, 4:33am

I find it strange that people find the diamond prices extortionate under Gameforge when they were so much more expensive under Frogster and you needed more to buy stuff.

I have often commented that the item shop model is loaded to front end income, the problem for any older item shop based game (from the point of view of the hosting company) is that is very hard to generate a significant income from the game after about 2 years. No-one has yet found a successful answer to this problem.


Sunday, February 19th 2017, 5:45pm

They made some items cheaper, like the 3 most wanted items specials. But the buying more stuff isnt entirly correct.

Gearing race and higher plusrate (and you cnat get the last +20 for every item in normal offers, just spinning the wheel). Gear isnt t5 and +16 annymore, even with the higher stones dropping, you will still spend more diamonds to get to smae level as Frogster IS times.
Offcourse in frogster u didnt relly on just burst, so not everyone needed perfect gear, which was a bit cheaper.
Adding more diamonds sounds nice, but gameforge allready removed the 2 week cycle of bonus dias years ago for a reason, or the anniversairry specials. They have more reliant offers now. Which actually means your never screwed on missing the one best dia specials, they are all the same.
Adding more dias to regular offers isnt the market, its the whales they buy anyway. And endgame must be supported, so the formula is stil working.
Supply and demand, and to be quite cynical: regular players or vetarrans arent the demanding ones, 1 whale outdoes a server of regular players.

Itemsshop sugestions has no use, so why should the suggestion of easier diamonds have use?
and btw dont forgetpeople panic if there come more specials, like the end is near! and doomstuff and something something dark side.

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