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Monday, February 19th 2018, 9:37pm

DoT's and balance

Actually seems that DoT, Damage Over Time, are a bit(more) useless, I will explain and analyze "why?".

  • As a first aproach we will watch advantages and disadvantages versus a instant of 1s of the same lvl (especially for Spells, magic skills):

+ DoTs apply doble of Attack (Magic/Physical). This is only good against targets with high Defense (Magic/Physical) and if you have more attack you will not notice the difference because of cap of [Attack/Defense] Modifier:


+ DoTs dont suffer penalty of -50% at pvp.

· The total Magic DoTs damage done by M.Damage stat is the same amount of a "non critical" instant spell or "non critical" one second spell (one second natural summoning). That means, with 2x +30 rings, the total DoT damage is 1/3 (x0.333...) of a critical instant spell. If you have good critical chance DoTs are useless. Unless they don't have difference again 1s spended in cast an instant.

- Damage Over Time: they can't be used for instakill or can't be used for kill in short time. Time for healings and HoTs (Healing Over Time). And "Warlocks" have extra problem because of doble duration that do they do half damage per second, at the end is the same amount of total damage (one non critical instant).

- More DoTs can be cleaned, over all, by priest. (I think wl do curses not harmful effects :'D)

- The DoT cooldawn = it's duration, again the same target.

  • In summary:

-> At PvE: to cast them is a lost of dps (it costs 1s), unless you don't have critical chance and/or no summoning speed increased, or the DoT has a needed secondary effect. Then here become useless in most cases.

-> At PvP: yes, they no have pvp penalty. But until it's better do burst damage than over time damage*. Only again special targets can be used.
*You will do 2/3 of a critical instant damage (pvp), intead of 1/3 (pve).

  • Possible Balancings / Improvements:

  1. DoTs apply Critical Damage Moddifier --> then you will do in total damage like a critical instat, doing it like a over time sure critic and no dude about use them when you can´t kill quikly the target. Maybe it will need to apply the pvp penalty. This change (to be a sure critic) in combination with 2xAttack will allow no lose dps when you cast them at late game again a Boss due to you will do a natural summoning cast of 2s in 1s, 2x instant damage, as normal. And you don't forget DoTs cooldown is it's duration.
  2. Add secondary effects to all DoTs
  3. Change the DoT value/skills hiden moddifier with level for compense.

Thx for read, and sorry for my english. :P
Ihope it's help! ^^
Exedrax has attached the following image:
  • Att-Def LogScale.jpg

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